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Whitney Houston

Coroner Gets Calls, Emails

Demanding Murder Investigation

3/6/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston being removed from the Beverly Hills Hilton HotelThe L.A. County Coroner's Office has received phone calls and emails from people claiming to be relatives of Whitney Houston.

Sources tell TMZ ... the calls and emails were made by several different people, some claiming to be relatives of Whitney and some relatives of Bobby Brown. The calls and emails have a common theme -- the belief Whitney may have been murdered. At least one person claimed to have information supporting the murder theory.

At least one caller offered a theory about a relative who might have done Whitney in, but offered no supporting proof.

The Coroner's Office has not verified the callers were indeed relatives.

The Coroner has already said there was no sign of foul play or trauma, but the official cause of death won't be determined until toxicology results are in.

An official from the Coroner's Office says the investigation is ongoing and would not comment further.



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I agree. And how can someone go from being completely normal, talking on the phone at 2pm with Ms. Burrell, making plans etc. -- to one hour later being dead, cold and submerged under water, no pulse, water cold also. Even if she did mix drugs with alcohol it would take time to digest and take effect, and you would not loose all of your body heat like that. Also, who said the beer can or champange glass was hers, did they check it for dna. Only way someone would go that fast if they were poisoned or received a lethal injection of some sort. I hope they investigate this matter to the fullest. The family is right to demand it be looked into.

963 days ago


Oh for God's sake give it up already! She was an alcoholic drug addict - that's it plain and simple. Jesus Christ she wasn't murdered and she sure as hell isn't a damn saint now that she's dead. She was a HOT mess for along time and didn't give a crap about anything or anyone (including her daughter) stop with the damn murder theory every time one of these wastes die!

963 days ago


I have to agree with them about her death being suspicious. Everyone is just saying "she was a drug addict that killed herself" but what I find strange is that her entourage were in her hotel room when she was in the bath and yet nobody heard anything. Am sure this poor woman would of made a noise when she was sadly dying. Someone could of even put drugs in her drink or gave her drugs when they knew that she wasn't in a fit state to know how much to take and because shes known to take drugs in the past everyone would just think she killed herself and had a overdose. Apparently she was in a lot of debt with her record label and to be honest shes worth more now dead than when she was alive its the same thing with Michael Jackson. Something isn't right.

963 days ago



963 days ago


She was on a food binge. Ipecac induced cardiomyopathy.

963 days ago


Whitney did die suspiciously, everything is not explained away because she had problems in the past. Her family is wise and right in demanding an investigation. It is disturbing how some people here are getting riled up because the family and other people choose to question what was done and what was reported. Everyone wants to blame it on Whitney when that is not the case, and why not investigate the matter. I have never seen so much resistance in my life. Many people are praying for Whitney's family and about what happened and the truth is going to come out whether people like it or not.

963 days ago


I think that she should RIP and if there was foul play the truth will come out somehow. Until then let THE VOICE rest. On a lighter note I was online and found this beautiful tribute video.

963 days ago


It's so clear what's going on here: Insurance companies don't pay for suicides! OF COURSE the family wants it to be ruled a murder.

963 days ago


BORING, BORING, BORING, And can i say really STUPID

962 days ago

u iz a cutiepie

Shivers down my spine.

962 days ago


I guest all this extra stuff is Bobby fault. one thing thats real clear her issues started way before bobby brown her family is definitly some sic puppies and yes the media and some fans r treating bobby very wrong. to me it seem like b brown is what kept her alive all these years.

962 days ago


Whomever pulled WH up from the bathtub, and took the photo of her deceased-- didn't take her out of the tub. I think that person pushed her back down in the water then resumed socializing with the rest of the group. I hope Cissy prys and gets to the bottom of that since-- the police won't do that... police only investigate crimes; Since the photographer didn't bash her head in-- then the coroner states there was no FOULPLAY...

962 days ago


It is possible that someone in the room new Whitney's history and used that as the perfect alibi to slip drugs in her drink before her took her bath. Of course the coroner would not see a struggle. Just food for thought. In opinion, I would not rule out foul play.

962 days ago


Did is occur to anyone, someone used Whitney's history, slipped drugs in her drink just prior to her bath so it would look like she overdosed herself?? Of course there wouldn't be a struggle. The perfect alibi wouldn't you say??

962 days ago


I love Whitney & Bobby things happen no one is to blame ...only God knows what really happen ....Grow up!

962 days ago
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