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'Housewives’ Writer

Marc Cherry Didn't Plan to Kill

Nicollette's Character

3/7/2012 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marc Cherry
did not plan to kill off Nicollette Sheridan's character on "Desperate Housewives" until after he allegedly hit her ... at least as far as one writer could tell back when she worked on the show.

Lori Kirkland Baker testified today ... she knew absolutely NOTHING, zilch, nada ... about the death of Sheridan’s character Edie until Dec. 2008 ... 7 months AFTER Marc Cherry claims he made the decision.
Adding fuel to the fire ... Baker said Marc Cherry only brought up killing Edie AFTER he sparred with Sheridan on set -- though she admits she was not present for ALL plot discussions.

Baker was employed by the ABC show for its 4th and 5th seasons. Her contract was not renewed.


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bring back recent posts    

....I don't know all the details..but I am beginning too believe Nicolette..and ....I hated when she got written out..she is perfect for those kind of roles..thought it was strange she was written off...hmmmm..if he is guilty..hope she wins...time will IS California afterall

926 days ago


Marc Cherry is a proven liar. He prviously said he never hit her, but now, it is only a "tap".

926 days ago


Don't expect any of the currently-employed writers to follow Lori to the stand.

Unless it's to BACK the boss - and there should be plenty
of them.

926 days ago


How can you prove, actually prove, when someone planned to do something or to not do something.

This was once my problem.

A situation known-to-be-true, but the villain saying to me, "PROVE any of your allegations."

Could/can I prove it was my mother that slashed me across
my abdomen at age two - no -

Can she prove that she didn't - also no -

My empathies are with Nicolette -

But the other players here aren't going to back her.

Any more than the other players ... backed me.

Run-for-cover's more like it.

926 days ago


WTF CARES; really?

926 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

This pudgy/fat flamer needs to get his a$$ taken to the cleaners by Nicolette. I've read before in the past he's an a$$, rude, nasty, demeaning. Something just doesn't sound right about the whole story and how she was taken off the show. Me thinks HE is the lier here! Hope she wins and wins as much as she can!

926 days ago

just my opinion    

i believe the writer.

926 days ago


Who are you people that give a flying "F"? Truly.

926 days ago


Now the truth is coming out. First he says he never hit or touched her, now admits he did (which he never should have ever laid a finger or a hand on her period!)

Then he says he was going to kill off her character anyway and now the truth is coming out that he was not until she spoke out that he laid a hand on her.

He was trying to cover up for what he did, just trying to get rid of her and her off the show, to deter and detract from his wrong doing.

He was wrong.

Hope Nicolette wins her lawsuit against this jerk.

926 days ago


4&5 seasons were the worst. No wonder her a$$ got fired.
DISGRUNTAL employee!

926 days ago


Ah, the cherry pops.
If he is lying to the court and it is proven, methinks we have another case against him by the state.
Perjury anyone? Anyone?

926 days ago

Sam Karr    

congrats Ms. Baker & Ms. Sheridan. You just made it that much more difficult for women to get work in the industry. After this, execs will think long and hard about the next women-led cast. John Landis punched John Belushi in the face on the set of Blues Brothers. Did he sue? Nope. George Clooney punched the director of Three Kings. Did he sue? Nope. Belushi continued to star in movies until his death, and the director that Clooney smacked was nominated for an academy award last year. Sheridan & Baker, kiss your careers goodbye, as well as the countless other women that won't be hired because of your antics.

926 days ago


What right does a man (her boss) put his hands on her and slap his worker? I would have kick his ass ...

926 days ago


I place ZERO value in the words of another fired employee. Not renewed is just a polite way of saying she got fired.

926 days ago


Dear Sam Karr, this is nothing new...a boss that tried to take advantage of his workers... Did you look at him..he is a pathetic looking nerd.. So he is using his powers over women..this is making him feel like a BIG man..but thank god she is fighting back....this would have never happen if he didn't hit her...and too bad..but we won't and don't have to take this **** anymore...not in 2012!!!

926 days ago
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