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Peyton Manning

I'm a Pro BAWLER Now, Too

3/7/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NFL great Peyton Manning was all choked up after the Colts axed him -- but he can take comfort in knowing he's not the first pro jock to bawl like a baby. Altogether now ... waaauughhh!!

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How inappropriate.

962 days ago


I am truely agrivated about your ****ty media please bash someone who loves their city and team for showing emotion during an emotional time, and don't even try and compare the speech to T.O's crazy ass. It's remarkable how much a crap network like TMZ possible exists please bash celebrity's on your show a little more just to make you feel better about your own worthless existance. Have a great night douchebags enjoy your 12 square foot appartments, and ****ty salary's.

962 days ago


Aw come on TMZ. You guys SUCK !! Peyton loves playing in the NFL a lot and he probably loved Indianapolis and the Colts organization as much as the fans loved him. A LOT. I'm sure he'll always have some great memories about his time there.

To Peyton, this is a bit like a funeral. He was there for 14 seasons. He was their #1 overall draft pick. He was a true franchise player if there ever was one. That's unheard of in the NFL these days. It's totally understandable for Peyton to get choked up and cry a little in this situation. TMZ is just showing their ignorance about the NFL by comparing Peyton to T.O. in this situation. Sometimes I think TMZ has a bunch of psychos on their staff.

Good luck Peyton! I hope you find a new team quick and things look a lot brighter for you soon. Who knows maybe you can get a 2nd Super Bowl ring this season so you can keep up with your YOUNGER brother Eli. :)

962 days ago

Mama Itchy    

Ya'll are a bunch of hating ass bitches. I'm an Indy girl and Peyton has done so much for this city, it's un-****ing-believable. This is a sad sad day for all of us here in Indy and all you haters can just go **** yourselves. Hell yeah it's going to be an emotional time for EVERYONE involved. So stop hatin' *******s. We've watched this man since 1998, welcomed him into our homes and hearts and city...this man has brought nothing but awesomeness to our town. Winning seasons, broken records, Super Bowl wins, and most recently a SUPER BOWL. So do us a favor TMZ and go **** off and pick on someone else.

962 days ago


Howard Stern has all kinds of new material. Thanks Peyton!

962 days ago


T.O. cried because he's a b*tch. He was crying because Peyton's brother Eli's team whooped his teams a*s. There is a big difference between being sad to part ways after 14 amazing seasons of football with the team that drafted you due to unfortunate cir***stances vs. being a b*ith because your crappy team lost on 1 Sunday. T.O. is a b*tch and Peyton is a legend. T.O will be starting another good hard cry on his couch next season opening day while Peyton is a starting QB. TMZ your just full of it with this headline!

962 days ago

Who Knew    

It is apparent that the idiot who wrote this has never been part of a team, or always picked last because they stink. The person who wrote this has no idea of being part of something bigger than they are. Go home and play your video games.

962 days ago


I like the chunky blond woman (Kelly, I think) - she's hysterical. She always rips on the guys and keeps them real; a great counter-balancing force in the studio. And really cute. Really thought it was funny the way she ripped on the guy (Mike, maybe?) that all he could do after his dad sold his trophy was eat. Funny as ****! Shouldn't have apologized for that.

961 days ago

nfl fan    

Stupid post on TMZ's part.

961 days ago


everyone is a eazy target with TMZ. But I admit I might shed a tear or two over 28 million dollars.

961 days ago



961 days ago


Being an avid Packer fan, I've never took the time to comment on other nfl teams, but yesterday I saw what a CLASS ACT Peyton Manning is. I feel for the fans, and wish him all the best! TMZ should stick to stories like "snookie"

961 days ago


Don't hate on Peyton because he showed emotion for leaving a town and fans that he loves and who love him back. Peyton is a class act...and a hell of a quater back.

961 days ago

Billy L    

For up to the minute coverage on all things Peyton Manning check out www.peytonwatch.com

961 days ago


"Bawl like a baby"?
He absolutely DID NOT.

961 days ago

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