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Rush to Rush Limbaugh


... or Else

3/7/2012 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The '80s have come back to bite Rush Limbaugh in the ass ... Rush (the band) has followed Peter Gabriel's lead and have demanded Limbaugh stop using their music on his radio show ASAP.

Rush (the band) was FURIOUS when they discovered Rush (radio guy) was playing their song "The Spirit of Radio" as he ranted about wanting to see sex tapes of Sandra Fluke. The band got even more upset when they learned it wasn't the first time Rush (radio) has used their music on his show.

The band has since fired off a cease and desist letter to Rush (radio) ... saying, "The public performance of Rush’s music is not licensed for political purposes and any such use is in breach of public performance licenses and constitutes copyright infringement."

The letter continues, "Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately stop all use of Rush’s music and confirm that you will do so."

As for Peter Gabriel ... his song, "Sledgehammer" was playing on Rush's radio show when he called Fluke a "slut" ... and, shocker, Peter's pissed too.

Gabriel's rep said the singer has demanded that his music also be pulled from Limbaugh's show.


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Oh well    

Why, thats the only way anyone will hear their music... Jerks

923 days ago


Not a fan of Rush. Not saying they suck just their brand of rock and roll doesn't appeal to me. Quite frankly though I totally support them. What good Canadian boys would want to be assocated in any way with that racist, misogynistic idiot? Most (not all) Canadians regard Limbaugh as nothing but a big joke.

923 days ago


Holy crap people. I know you just came off of Super Tuesday and all, but this is an article about a band not wanting its music used for political purposes without permission, that's all. I'm quite sure that Rush (the band) would have sent a cease and desist letter to Bill Maher as if he called Palin a slut to one of their songs. You're all so caught up in "left-wing elitist bleeding heart PC pot-smoking commies" vs "right-wing conservative bible-thumping war-mongering racists" you miss the simple points. Silly Americans. And you wonder why this band doesn't want to be associated with this BS?? 'Cause it's BS!!!

923 days ago


A warning is not enough, guys. Sue him for MILLIONS.

923 days ago


Rush 10,000 X Better Than Michael Jackson!

923 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Wonder if he's still doctor shopping for prescription pills aka controlled substance?

923 days ago


Rush Beachbaugh sickens me in so many ways. I can't stand how he rubs his palms together when he's talking into the microphone. His anger stems from being teased for being a fat boy. His politics are just a by-product of that.

923 days ago


Their music sucked in the 80s,period .

923 days ago


wow rush, see what the powers that be can do?, do you believe now?

923 days ago


Fluke, as it turns out, IS a slut. Ask her friends and classmates. On the other hand, Gov. Palin isn't - so where is her apology?

923 days ago


You should credit the original writer of this piece that you lifted and changed and the only source for that cease and desist letter. Bob Cesca from and from the Huffington Post

923 days ago


Yeah, and Its about time that Canada's finest ended what little association it had with the worst of America.

Limbaugh used to call anyone who listened to this music as 'Dope Smoking, FM types'.

Even if that were true, they are still better than Rash Lamebrain....

923 days ago


all you nitwits who are slamming rush's music (the band's music that is) are obviously unfamiliar with real, amazingly complex music. their musical talent is utterly remarkable and they're among the greatest influences in rock music. those slamming them probably spend their days listening to katy perry, nicki minaj and chris brown. people who are musically talentless and completely unfamiliar with musical instrumentation. they rely on other people to program computers in order to generate their music. modern music belongs in a toilet where it's superficiality can easily be flushed along with similar chunks of crap. if you don't like rush's music, fine. but don't try and claim that those i've mentioned come anywhere near the talent that that band possesses! perry, minaj and chris brown are entertainers. they aren't musicians. new music is horrible and is no longer created by artists. it's created by corporations and then given to these entertainers who've become popular only because they're either attractive or have adopted a schtick that appeals to young, impressionable kids and older nitwits who don't know any better. terribly sad and truly unfortunate!

923 days ago


There's a band named Rush? Never heard of them.

923 days ago


Why isn’t he using some good ole boy banjo picking hillbilly stuff or some ultra-conservative Christian music on his show? That would appeal to his base more so than pop/rock. Then you wouldn't have any headaches. Problem solved.

923 days ago
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