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Rush Limbaugh Victim Is

Winona Ryder?

3/7/2012 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Sandra Fluke -- the chick Rush Limbaugh called a "slut" for arguing contraception should be covered by private insurance -- at JFK this week (left) -- and former actress Winona Ryder during her shoplifting trial in 2002 (right).

Girl, interrupted.

We're just sayin'.


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Although not nearly as demeaning as the words Rush used - I find it offensive that TMZ would refer to Ms Fluke as a chick - come on.

962 days ago

V Kint    

Not even close. Winona is hot, the other one, not...

962 days ago


To Kate: Whoa....although normally well intentioned, you haven't noticed TMZ is juvenile and on occasion misogynistic? Consider the, "Who'd you rather" contests ...and how often the men use the word "douchy." I dunno. Maybe an on-staff therapist.... :)

962 days ago


Is ms. flunk realy a "victim." How about Bristol Palin, she was called a hooker on CNN show. Laura Ingrham was called the same word ms. flunk was called, no call from the president. Louis C.K. stated this about Palin, ““when she was on stage at the f---ing convention that just came out of her disgusting f---ing c----… her f---ing retard-making c---…” This is not only wrong to say, how about all those who have a child with Down Snydrome? Being a victim of development disorders is not fair for any person.

962 days ago


Both think that even though they are capable of buying items themselves, they feel entitled to stuff that is not theirs!!!!

962 days ago


I want Judge Cebull and Kozninski to be covered. Hope they're not a matched set!

962 days ago


Rush Limbaugh's victim? Are you ****ing serious? Give me a break ****ing liberal morons.

962 days ago


Whores and thieves. great pair.

962 days ago


Winona is beautiful, Ms. Fluke, rhymes with what she likes to do and wants us taxpayers to pay for, is not.

962 days ago


THANK YOU TMZ for saying that she wants BC to be cover by PRIVATE insurance. There are so many gun toting, snuff chewing IDIOTS who think somehow THEY are paying for it. NOBODY pays by healthcare premium. I see it deducted from my check bi-weekly. BTY. BC pills are given to MILLIONS of teens and women for many gyni conditions. I had them because I had endometriosis. I got off when I got married and needed a 49K surgery to remove it from...everywhere. It fuses your organs together. So, fiscally responible Conservatives..... Would you rather see your prescious Insurance company pay for a $20 pack of pills or a $49K cyst/endo surgey. ALSO Rush has no idea ho BC pills work.. You take them everyday idiot. Not when you wanna screw. UGH. Must be on OXY again. BTY Viagra is covered.

962 days ago



962 days ago


DO NOT call this Democratic party shill a victim. A law student no smart enough to find affordable birth control is too stupid to be in law school.

962 days ago


Rush Limbaugh's "victim"? Are you kidding me? This is why TMZ should stay out of politics. This woman was no victim. She is spokesperson for an advocacy group, on whose behalf she was testifying before Congress. She was not just some "college student". It's completely sexist to reduce her to a "student" or "victim". She's a big girl who can take care of herself just fine, thank you.

962 days ago


"Rush Limbaugh Victim" - TMZ are yall serious? Get the f* ck out of here. You liberals are the biggest hyporcites ever. So its okay for Bill Maher to call Sarah Palin a c* nt, and its okay for him to wish ill will on Elisabeth Hassleback, and its okay for Orlando Jones to wish death upon Sarah Palin and so on and so forth. But if Rush calls some girl a sl ut you liberals are all upset?? GTFO! No wonder yall like Obama, yall are a bunch of f* cking idiots!

962 days ago


You are absolutely right writenow re: TMZ being juvenile - I thought of that after I sent it on its merry way.

962 days ago
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