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Rush Limbaugh Victim Is

Winona Ryder?

3/7/2012 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Sandra Fluke -- the chick Rush Limbaugh called a "slut" for arguing contraception should be covered by private insurance -- at JFK this week (left) -- and former actress Winona Ryder during her shoplifting trial in 2002 (right).

Girl, interrupted.

We're just sayin'.


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Victim??? Seriously??? Funny that Pig Maher and other libbies can call women c*nts, tw#ts and other filthy names and that's fine...Your double standard is disgusting

960 days ago


Winona is SO MUCH prettier - shame on you!

960 days ago


Of course no mention is made that this so called 'student' while maybe not a slut is actually a 30 year shill/plant/fake liberal activist. Right, the old guy should not be calling anyone names but he fell right into a trap. Please make informed decisions people.

960 days ago


I love TMZ but hate their politics. I wish Hollywood would keep it's big mouth shut if it can't be balanced. Go look at her resume, she also went to Georgetown not to become a lawyer, but to try to get them to change contraception availability on their insurance. She is an ACTIVIST,period. And as far as the idiot in the White House's commenting that her parents should be very proud of her, tell me why. She is 30 years old and only a third year student. By the way, go to wikipedia, people keep changing the info on her when it shows who she really is. Conservatives are allowed the same freedom of speech that liberals have. Unfortunately, no one on our side has the guts to stand up to them. She is what she is and you can't whitewash it. By the way, it was a press meeting, not a real testimony to congress. That was refused.

960 days ago


Former actress Winona Ryder... um wasn't she in Black Swan last only last year? I think she is still considered an actress.

960 days ago


She also looks like Kathy from Friends (the one who dated Joey and then Chandler and Chandler was in a box in Thanksgiving...yeah, that one.

960 days ago


Hey SANDRA FLUKE.... your face is contraceptive enough, not sure why you would need additional birth control.


You may be a victim of the ugly stick but thats it. Now go crawl back under your blanket as nobody want to see or hear you again.

959 days ago

Your Mom    

I think she looks a lil like Rumor Willis

959 days ago


Who cares what Rush said about the woman. He has the freedom to say whatever he choose about any one. It is practically what he does for a living...say things to shock people. This situation has brought a disgusting amount of hypocrisy out in a lot of people. If the situation was the other way around, politically, we wouldn't even be talking about it.

959 days ago


Fluke can't get free stuff while everyone else pays for their needs, so she's limbaugh's victim? LOLOLOLOL

958 days ago


Dude looks like a lady! Seriously, Sandra Fluke doesn't need birth control. She IS birth control.

958 days ago


Winona is waaaaaay hotter than that whore.

957 days ago


NOT a victim, just another sex crazed coed, who wants the US Taxpayers to pay for her birth control pills.

956 days ago


FORMER actress Winona Ryder? F**k you. Peace

900 days ago
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