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Gabriel Aubry

Child Endangerment Case DROPPED

3/8/2012 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The dependency court case against Gabriel Aubry has been dropped
The dependency court case against Gabriel Aubry has been dropped ... sources connected with the matter tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Gabriel was in court today as the judge wanted to discuss various conditions for his visitation rights with 3-year-old Nahla.  Parents are sent to dependency court when there are concerns over the well-being of their children.

Gabriel was hauled into court after the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services expressed concerns about the child's safety in the presence of Gabriel.

We're told additional conditions were imposed on Gabriel's visitation, and the matter has now been dropped and sent back to family court, where Halle Berry and Gabriel continue to fight over custody.


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"L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services expressed concerns about the child's safety in the presence of Gabriel" Those bitches are nonstop. They tried, that gave it everything... Someone needs to initiate an investigation in that f-ed up state on that agency for gender-bias. He would have more support from the community and the CALIFORNIA legal system if he was a transgender, pedophile. Hate to tell you this Gabe, but you know this already, those bitches and Halle are revving up for "Round 14" [I've lost count]. Right now they're trying to piss you off and emasculate you... by piling on more "conditions" as if you're this DANGEROUS person, while the truly real dangerous one is allowed to continue to plot more schemes... and what's so dumb the bitch is doing it before the entire world. It's so friggen obvious what her scheme was from the beginning... I remember interviews, about a year before she wrangled Gabe, where she stated she wanted to be a single mom... by any means necessary. So she picked a hot, white model, he was supposed to make a deposit and ease on down the road---BUT HE DIDN'T---and now he's being depicted like he's a racist, child abusive, violent individual indeed of "intervention" and all the rest of that bull--t new-age, anger management, politically correct nonsense.... WATCH IT Gabe, when they start talking "the best interest of the child", once they put that shroud on---the games are on, because after all---the courts and the bitches at LA Family... are only committed to THE CHILDREN.

922 days ago


How come just yesterday he was a freeloading user to all of you now you are on this ugly greasy freeloading users side is he that dreamy to all of you mindless idiots.

922 days ago


Yay!! I am so happy for Gabriel. Deal with that Halle! This proves that there was no basis for the child endangerment claims. Halle and that nanny lied about everything. In fact, ROL is reporting that DCFS recommended that he no longer has to have supervised visitation! The judge probably ruled that way as well. TMZ appears to be on Halle's side which is why they didn't mention that and are slanting this as much as they can on Halle's side. Since the case has been dropped it doesn't make sense that the judge would place further conditions on his visitation unless it is now unsupervised. I hope Gabriel is granted full custody or at least joint custody.

922 days ago


This is so awesome!! Go team Gabriel!

922 days ago


Aubry was no Kevin Federline when he met Halle. He had a succesful career on his own. Granted not to her extent but he wasn't hurting for money and he was working. She stated in public interviews that she wanted a child asap (wanted to be a single mother, etc)... and then suddenly Aubry is in the picture and she's preggers. Strictly my opinion but it seems to me like she just wanted a sperm donor. I think she wants him out of her life now and it frustrates her that she can't do it (hence the bs stories) She probably figures the more difficult she makes it for him to see his child the less he will try. Good for him for fighting for his child! If there was ANY solid evidence of him being bad to that child he would have lost visitation so I'm thinking she is full of it... I am sure he isn't perfect either but wrong is wrong and keeping a child from its father is wrong.

922 days ago


Good for Gabriel!! I think she won't be moving to France with Nahla! Halle, all this is BS: security issues (and not having ie. bodyguards, fake engagement, what else are you gonna make up to run away with Martines?

922 days ago


That ruling today has been the best! Good for Gabriel!!! I knew there wasn't enough evidence for the case. She should be thankful that he gave her a beautiful daughter,because his good looks...

922 days ago


I love reading all the comments here. First, I think this article was written poorly because TMZ always needs to stir the pot. I think the "additional conditions" are the ones that were put on before this court date. The case would not have been dropped and supervised visitations (as reported elsewhere) would not have been dropped. JMO. Also, the additional conditions could be that he now gets overnight visits - just a thought. They reason they restricted his visitations in the first place is that they were going to err on the side of the child until they could come to a conclusion about those allegations. I really hope that all works out for Nahla!

922 days ago


Gabriel makes about half a million a year. That's really not too shabby although of course compared to Halle Berry, it's not a fortune. I hope she starts acting like a mature adult. That's what I'm hoping for Nahla. She should be glad her daughter has a father who wants to spend time with her daughter. But I guess since she's rich, she doesn't care about that, just move to France and put Nahla's interests last, after the current boyfriend. I thought only trailer trash did that.

922 days ago


TMZ is on Halle Berry's side. Go to Radar Online and you will get the true story and much more information on this story. They're not on either side so you don't get a twisted view of what really happened in court.

922 days ago


I love it how women treats a man like ish when he wants to see this kid(s).

922 days ago


The sperm donor reasoning is pure BS. Women have choices and if Halle Berry wanted a sperm donor she would have went to a sperm bank. In fact she has stated long before she got pregnant that she wanted her child to have a father because she grew up without one. Halle has always dated and
married beneath herself. Ex-husbands and now Aubry have sued her for money or felt they were entitled to "HER" money. Halle has always take care of her child financially
now Aubry wants to be take care of.

922 days ago


Aubry should sue Berry for fraud, slander, parental alienation!!! meanwhile narcissist Berry was seen at LAX hightailing it out of town????

922 days ago



922 days ago


I believe that Aubry still wanted his family and did not want his relationship with Halle to end and this is why be became vindictive and bitter. Halle is a high profile woman who had a child late in life. She does want or desire this type of drama her life because she is a private person. Perhaps Aubry is punishing Halle because his mother left her family. It is not as simple as people want to make thing out to be. Fact is, Halle has a lot more to loose than Aubry, in more ways that one. Since Aubry seems interested in money why is he trying hurt Halle's ability to earn money? It he wants to be a kept man then he needs to find a woman who wants that type of arrangement. It appears that he changed once Halle moved on and started seeing another man. This is nothing new . Bottom line NO ONE REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT AUBRY, WHY IS AUBRY USING HIS CHILD, TO HURT, HER MOTHER. THIS IS SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO WHEN THEY WERE TOGETHER. PEOPLE FORGET THAT AUBRY STATED THAT HALLE WAS THE BEST MOTHER A CHILD COULD HAVE. IF HE TRULY BELIEVED HALLE WAS NOT A GOOD MOTHER OR PERSON WHY WOULD HE HAVE A BABY WITH HER? Hate blinds people and changes people. Perhaps Aubry is punishing Halle because his mother left her family. It is not as simple as people want to make thing out to be. Money equals power and when a man or woman is bitter, hurting, angry or resentful of a former partner's new life (without them) they often want to "take something away from them" *** Halle ex-husbands sued her for alimony and now Aubry wants to take her money. Nothing is new here.

922 days ago
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