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Gabriel Aubry

Child Endangerment Case DROPPED

3/8/2012 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The dependency court case against Gabriel Aubry has been dropped
The dependency court case against Gabriel Aubry has been dropped ... sources connected with the matter tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Gabriel was in court today as the judge wanted to discuss various conditions for his visitation rights with 3-year-old Nahla.  Parents are sent to dependency court when there are concerns over the well-being of their children.

Gabriel was hauled into court after the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services expressed concerns about the child's safety in the presence of Gabriel.

We're told additional conditions were imposed on Gabriel's visitation, and the matter has now been dropped and sent back to family court, where Halle Berry and Gabriel continue to fight over custody.


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RCG, Your post makes no sense. Aubry has not accused Halle of anything. She's the one making the accusations and the court found them to be bogus. Halle is the one lying, and Halle has attacked every guy that has broken up with her. Halle has never had a long term relationship and said nothing but great things about Aubry until they broke up. Then suddenly she starts making these accusations and wants to move to France. The only thing stopping her is the baby's father. Halle has a pattern and it's doubtful that her current relationship will fare any better. Aubry needs to take Halle to court for perjury and parental alienation. And write a tell all for good measure.

956 days ago


How can you love someone so passionately one day and hate them so much the next.You see all these people throwing dirt at each other,with kids in tow,just shameful.

956 days ago


People Gabriel Aubry isn't out of the woods yet. Remember it come from a source and the judge put more conditions on his visitation. So their is still some concerns bout Gabriel. By the way visitation, dosen't sound like a 50/50 custody to me.

956 days ago


Hot white FTW

956 days ago


If she didn't want him involved, why didn't she just go to the sperm bank? or Why didn't she take the time to get to know him and about his past relationships BEFORE she had a child with him?

956 days ago


You might want to update your story and find new sources as at least 2 other sites have said that conditions on visitation were dropped rather than additional ones added.

955 days ago


gmfuhlman - Radar Online & E report that conditions were dropped and no additional conditions were added. This is not what TMZ reports so someone's source is wrong and as the other sites reported this only a few hours ago I would suggest TMZ is likely to be out of date.

955 days ago

The French Voice     

Halle Berry is an awful lady. She found her counter part in Vincent Martinez. This dude Martinez is a serial cheater and made Kylie Minogue develop a breast cancer (he was cheating on her big time). We all know that women's happiness is a major factor in breast cancer.

She wants to come to France? Good luck to her,sarko does not want immigrants unless they are rich...famous and white is prefered.

Aubry did nothing wrong but being a fool being used as a donor. Now he has the right to be a father to his own daughter.
Wait until Nalah gets into her teen years.....she will punish her mother for trying to estrange her daddy Aubry.

955 days ago


What a gentleman this guy is! IF that was me I would sue her and go for sole custody! For her to bring false HORRIBLE claims against him, for him to be seen as putting his daughter in danger etc. ALL so she can run off with ANOTHER lover is DISGUSTING! I know he want's to take the high road - which I respect him for - but he should show the world just what she is really like! We are getting these glimpses of just how awful she is, but she had NO thought for his image or feelings, so she should have to pay the price for that! I hope she gets denied to go to France! She has already proven how vindictive she is, do you really think she wouldn't pull out all the stops in another country? Go get her Gabriel!

955 days ago


Gmfuhlman - Other sites report that he has been granted visits with his daughter without monitoring as no proof found by court to support claim he was a danger to her. I know you don't like this but look it up yourself instead of marking my comments down.

955 days ago


I rarely comment on TMZ, just thumbs up the comments I agree with since intelligent people usually say what I'm thinking before I get a chance to respond. Good for you Gabriel, don't take any **** from your psychotic ex!! I hope you get joint custody.

954 days ago


I hope he sues her for slander and he wins a ton of money.
What an abusive situation!!!!

953 days ago
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