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Gabriel Aubry

Back in Dependency Court

3/8/2012 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0308_gabriel_aubry_EX_02Gabriel Aubry just showed up at dependency court in L.A. where a judge will decide if even more restrictions will be placed on his custodial rights.

Sources tell us the judge is expected to lay down a series of orders ... requiring Gabriel to do various things to ensure the safety of 3-year-old Nahla.  The judge will hear from the social worker on the case as well as the attorney appointed to protect Nahla's rights. 

As TMZ first reported Gabriel was hauled into dependency court following a child endangerment investigation. Gabriel can only visit with Nahla in the presence of a court monitor and the judge has imposed other restrictions as well.

What's especially significant ... once the judge establishes the ground rules for Gabriel's visitation rights, the case will go back to family court where Halle is trying to convince the judge to allow her to move to France with the child.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle wants to move out of the country because of the problems she's having here with paparazzi and stalkers.


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Try to keep up TMZ. DCF has dropped the investigation and is recommending that the court cease supervised visitations. It was all made up.

896 days ago


Guess we will just have to wait until the dust settles to see how this plays out. Actor, athletes et al have their lives paraded around in the press and we the public lap it up all the while giving our two cents, I’m guilty of it too, but really we can rant and rave all we want – the outcome will not affect our lives, only those involved.
Hope things can be worked out so that the little girl has access to both parents. Life is short – enjoy it while you can. Enough of fighting and fussing all the time – it is tiresome.

896 days ago


It definitely does seem like some of these people are biased against Halle. I don't know whether it's racism as someone pointed out or dads that got a bad rap and can sympathize, or just because he's attractive.

Famous people have a problem with people latching on to their coat tails for career advancement or financial gain and ending up in a heap of trouble. Halle should have been more careful choosing a "baby daddy".

If Gabriel is innocent of all then he should just shut up and deal with it (although for quite some time there have been reports that support that he has anger issues) and let the evidence show who's right.

I agree that he should probably work on employment--the courts tend to look more favorably on people who work for a living rather than living on the hard work of others.

That poor child doesn't need all this B.S.

896 days ago


Honestly, I think he is such a ****.

895 days ago


This entire issue began with him taking HER to court, previously they had an agreement on custody but each time she left LA HE had issues with it. She even paid him to watch their child while she filmed in NY, she paid all his expenses just to watch his own child.

Each time he tried to change their agreement and when she stopped paying HE took her to court and LOST because the judge correctly told him he knew her occupation when he met her and he could not stop her from earning a living. It blew up from there, when he tried to get the judge to give him physical custody since Halle worked long stretches at a time and that did not work. Halle then start to fight back, why can't she earn a living without him dragging her back to court each time and the judge agreed then setup custody arrangements for them.

Something terrible had to happen during Nahla stay with her father while Halle was filming because when she can back then filed an emergency hearing with the court all of a sudden his visitations were monitored. Gabriel's actions are the reason for this case and I for one do NOT blame a mother for fighting for her child because I sure as hell did. The more the judge learned or heard from the social worker the more concerned he became even to the point of providing Nahla with her own representation that is ONLY there for her, not Halle nor Gabriel.

For some reason Gabriel thinks or thought because Halle is an actress she cannot provide Nahla with a better home than he can. The judge KEEPS limiting his time with Nahla which my sister along with my niece states (both are social workers & my sister is a child therapist over 25yrs) that there is something the judge fears or he would not let Gabriel alone with his daughter. Heck even Mel G visitations were not court order supervised after a few sessions and he was not sent to dependency court like Gabriel was.

A large part of this case is correctly closed but to say this is all Halle doing is hedging at best if not flat out lying.

895 days ago


She should have thought about this before having the child. She knew better. Let that father be a parent. I never bought into those photos of her and her new bf playing with Gabriel and her's one big happy family. She is just pure mean and needs to get over herself. This judge needs to put a stop to this type of control and let this daughter have her Daddy in her life whether Mom likes it or not. kids need both parents...

895 days ago


Wow! I think calling her a whore is way too much!! We don't really know what is going on between the two except for what is being put in the media w/out all the information and to be so judgmental about the situation people seriously need to sit back and think!! Wow is trying to protect your child nowadays gives people the right to call someone a "whore"? I'm sorry but if I had to take my child's father to court (which has been done) to protect my children I certainly would!!! Obviously things have happened in order for her to be so protective but only "God" and those two know the truth... so seriously ppl stop being so judgmental and the name calling is very childish when you don't really know what's going on behind closed doors!

884 days ago
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