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I Want to Help Expose KONY

as an Evil Bastard

3/8/2012 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization
TMZ has learned ... Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization and has expressed an interest in creating a video to help raise awareness about an evil S.O.B. named Joseph Kony.

Kony is quickly becoming a household name ... thanks to a viral YouTube video that exposes the Ugandan warlord as the bloodthirsty leader of a child army and child prostitution ring.

In the YouTube video, producers beg for celebrity support to raise awareness and showed a picture of Rihanna, in an effort to get her involved.

TMZ has learned ... Rihanna saw the video and was so moved by the story ... that she called the organization this week and set up a meeting, hoping to create another video to keep the momentum alive.

We're told both sides are hoping to complete the project ASAP.

Stay tuned.


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927 days ago


I'm glad Rihanna is helping out the cause which is to make this man's crimes against humanity known. If we can help train Uganda's troops to better catch him than let's do it before it's too late. They aren't asking U.S troops to go search for him but better train their military to do it themselves. Seriously people did we not learn anything from Hitler or WW2? Are we actually going to turn a blind eye on people being mutilated, raped and killed for some mad persons own agenda? Would it make it easier if he did it on American soil and it was children you know being forced into this life. Wrong is wrong, and if we can help put a stop to this by putting this message out there than where is the harm?

"Madness is to see the world the way it is, not the way it ought to be"--Don Quixote

927 days ago


With her money she could hire a couple of mercs to go take him out.

926 days ago


For Americans of African descent, I have a question. Why all this pride in a continent that remains ignorant, committs crimes against their people, poverty is everywhere despite their resources, genocide, rape of children, creating killers out of small boys, destruction of villages, should I go on? Where is the pride in that continent? Americans dwell on slavery, GET OVER IT. My people are from Ireland and hundreds of years we were taken from our homeland and enslaved but we do not identify with slavery. It was part of our history. Should we speak of the Romans and their atrocities against Christians, Europeans, how they stole them from their families and forced them into slavery and those arena games? Or let's go to Middle East or East. Slavery has existed since the bible. Unlike Americans, other peoples do not define themselves by a certain era in their culture. It's call evolution...moving forward and focusing on the growth and present. How anybody could shout about roots from a Continent that in the year 2012 continues to destroy their people, keep them in poverty, genocide, rape of small girls, putting rifles in 8 year olds is beyond my comprehension. Saying that how can we help? It never ends in Africa, question is WHY? If America intervenes the world will call us White whatever and yet our country is more like milk chocolate. Which organization puts most of funds into helping? As far as Rhianna and Chris Brown, TMZ grow up. He was very young and very, very wrong. I believe people can change and be forgiven. If she wants him in her life, LEAVE HER ALONE.

926 days ago


Isnt Joseph kony dead? O.o

926 days ago


Please dont give Invisible Children all your money without knowing where it's going. Please don't support some kind of war on countries in attempts to find a man who is in some forest somewhere starving to death. Yes he is a monster, a s***bag but KONY2012 are missing facts, the video was made years ago and the facts are not correct. Plus Invisible Children take a crazy amount of your donated money for themselves. watch this video please. Im not affiliated with the guy in the video or with any of this kony2012 stuff just say the truth and don't want people to be scammed.

926 days ago


926 days ago


For all of you who say "send the U.S military its very easy to support a cause and demand war when ur sitting behind a computer screen. U.S military means someones father/mother, son/daughter sent into harms way, this is a very sad situation and i wish kony and all that are like him be brought to justice, how ever i don't see why this is the U.S responsibility, any effort should be a global effort involving all other world powers. those of us who love to beat the drums of war should consider enlisting in our military.

926 days ago


i am lost for words and my hearts is breaking for the children....this is a reminder that there is hell on earth....there is no doubt in my mind that Rihanna would not do it after seeing this video...unless she is heartless.

926 days ago


that bastard Kony must be arrested and face the justice, and he might pay for all that he's done for the thousands innocent kids. let's put all our strength together and stop him, he's evil

926 days ago


do not believe the hype people and Rihanna dont quit your day job................. LOL

926 days ago


Kony's dead it's all a money scheme so you can buy Kony 2012 shirts, wristbands all the crap they're selling. Invisible children only donates 32% of its money to the Ugandan children. If you really want to do something go over to Africa yourself and help the children. Get a passport and formally give them the money. You can't hop on a cause after watching a 30 minute video.

926 days ago


well she is an idiot

926 days ago


what do you devils want in uganda? what do you really want? anytime, the white man starts demonizing somebody thru lies since when is the west concerned about children in africa? I don't believe a damn thing they say and neither should you all. put on your own thinking caps and do not let them spoon feed propaganda to you to serve their own needs. i a not surprised that this propaganda came out of south florida, by jews. I am so on to everything they do.

926 days ago


this whole thing is a scam and a ripoff. don't fall for this BS. white folks need to mind their business like they been doing. white folks ass all up in africa, again. WTF you want in uganda? white folks want to control the resources in uganda. that is what you really want. this so-called charity is bogus. attempts were made to kill kony before. it did not work then and it will not work, now. I hope they bury the west the way afganistan and iraq does everyday. Kony is for the people. why don't white folks bring pressure on the government of uganda? the west supports the corrupt government of uganda and does not want a leader to rise who will, like Gadhafi, invest the resources of the country, in the people. TMZ needs to stay in its own lane and focus on actors and other celebrities, not trying to influence its supporters in international politics they know nothing about.

926 days ago
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