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I Want to Help Expose KONY

as an Evil Bastard

3/8/2012 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization
TMZ has learned ... Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization and has expressed an interest in creating a video to help raise awareness about an evil S.O.B. named Joseph Kony.

Kony is quickly becoming a household name ... thanks to a viral YouTube video that exposes the Ugandan warlord as the bloodthirsty leader of a child army and child prostitution ring.

In the YouTube video, producers beg for celebrity support to raise awareness and showed a picture of Rihanna, in an effort to get her involved.

TMZ has learned ... Rihanna saw the video and was so moved by the story ... that she called the organization this week and set up a meeting, hoping to create another video to keep the momentum alive.

We're told both sides are hoping to complete the project ASAP.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar


Who cares about Uganda? It's the country that is still threatening to commit genocide against LGBT human beings in Uganda. Are we fighting to save Uganda so its people and leaders can commit genocide? Stop all AID to this anti-Semitic and homophobic land of hate.

927 days ago


Why is there no contact info. for the kit! I want one! Let's all work together to GET THIS BEAST!!!

927 days ago


Amazing how behind the real news todays social media nuts are. This has been going on for years! If you read the news at all you would have known about this guy. The problem is unless you are ready to pick up a gun and go over there and do something about it, all this talk is just It sounds horrible, but there's no vital US interest in that country. The world did nothing about the genocide in Somolia and the world won't do anything about this. If it makes you feel better to say you forwarded an email, by all means do so, but it won't stop what's going on there. Beside 99% of you will move on to the next bit of information that comes over your smart phone and focus on that for 3 minutes.

927 days ago


Good move Ri. I wish them all luck. Hopefully, someone will slay this guy soon.

927 days ago


I understand all this stuff happened in 2004 and the "invisible children's" motives or under scrutiny but Rihanna was one of the first people to share the video and start the craze will her millions of followers

927 days ago


I'm so glad to see so many people spreading the KONY 2012 message, just make sure you're researching beyond what the IC tells you...they like to over simplify things! My sister is well informed, and she LIVES in the DRC and African events/politics are her passion in life. I know that the IC organization means well with their #KONY2012 campaign, but be informed people!

927 days ago

K. Eliz    

LMAO- how can you expect the girl to help anyone when she can't even help herself!! Hard to believe this isn't some kind of gaff.

927 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Wouldn't be funny if Joseph Kony beat her up like Chris Brown.

927 days ago


I cant believe all the comments on this. This is a real thing people. Trying to make up stories to make this look bad is just awful. This man should be punished and captured for all the things he has done in Africa, not ignoring the problem. To me, in my opinion, it just seems that there are some people on here that dont care about this issue and have tried to turn then thing upside down. These are real fact everyone, this is happening!

927 days ago


She should sent Chris Brown over there. Maybe one of them will rid the world of the other.

927 days ago


Stay out of Africa!!!

927 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

the people that think it is our responsibility are the same idiots that sayed we need to give al quada and bin ladden 3 billion to fight the communists

927 days ago


I respect an artist that uses there there power for a good cause. I think Rhianna is doing a very cool thing. Shout out to TMZ for using there website to promote a great cause. I have never read such a great story here. Good Job!

927 days ago


Our government sent 100 ADVISERS? Now there's an effort....Looks like someone is bucking for votes not trying to remove the problem. Pathetic

927 days ago

LauRang Folland    

Invisible Children should try and get the paper work together and hold a major all out World Platinum and ELLEN should host it. She is fabulous!!!

927 days ago
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