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I Want to Help Expose KONY

as an Evil Bastard

3/8/2012 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization
TMZ has learned ... Rihanna has reached out to the Invisible Children organization and has expressed an interest in creating a video to help raise awareness about an evil S.O.B. named Joseph Kony.

Kony is quickly becoming a household name ... thanks to a viral YouTube video that exposes the Ugandan warlord as the bloodthirsty leader of a child army and child prostitution ring.

In the YouTube video, producers beg for celebrity support to raise awareness and showed a picture of Rihanna, in an effort to get her involved.

TMZ has learned ... Rihanna saw the video and was so moved by the story ... that she called the organization this week and set up a meeting, hoping to create another video to keep the momentum alive.

We're told both sides are hoping to complete the project ASAP.

Stay tuned.


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Hopefully she will do it! And I really do hope that she is NOT seeing Chris Brown!!!! Come on girl! You deserve BETTER!!!!

957 days ago


She likes the bad boy. Maybe she is only looking for a date.

957 days ago

weird al yankovich    

Congratulations to TMZ for helping out ..

Lets catch this worthless bastard and chop off his ******* ..........


957 days ago


Don,t believe this. Do some research! Can you spell propaganda? Are you ready for your country(U.S.A.) to occupy and invade another for profit?

957 days ago


I'm all for the guy rotting in hell but I don't think it's any of our business. All these Toms wearing, bleeding heart liberals are so butthurt over African kids because they watched some 30 minute video so now they're all gung-ho to send American troops over there to wipe Africa's ass just like we have been unsuccessfully wiping the Middle East's ass (while costing thousands of American lives). Half the turds who have been blowing up my newsfeed all damn day are people who otherwise couldn't give a **** in what's really going on in the world nor have they ever donated a dime to any underprivileged kids in America, let alone Africa and sure as hell wouldn't march their hippy asses over to Uganda and risk a beheading of their head and volumized hair, rape, or murder. But they'll be the first to jump on the wagon and insist "we" go do something.

And after getting a little recent history lesson from my boyfriend, Uganda isn't even experiencing violence from the rebels anymore. Kony and his child army aren't even inhabiting the area. This is old, old news. This is comparable to someone watching an eye-catching, flashy do***entary of the Oklahoma suicide bomber for the first time and starting a "cause" to have this guy condemned. The Kony guy is nearly dead already.

I'm not saying what he did was right. Obviously any idiot can see it was disgusting and unthinkable. Hopefully there is a Heaven and Hell so this man can spend the rest of the eternity burning. I just get really irritated seeing people pretend to give a **** about something they really don't even think about again after posting a tear jerking FB status and hitting the "share" button.

957 days ago


This is old news. This happened years ago. Kony is currently dying of starvation. You people are stupid.

957 days ago


WOW! Just heard about this man myself the other day...I am FLOORED at how quickly the word has spread. Please help us to spread the word! Way to go Rhianna - thanks for being such a wonderful human being and being sickened by this man, to say the least!!!

957 days ago


Kudos to Rihanna - Just as we are quick to skew her stupid choices/CB, we should be even quicker to give her props for good choices & this is one of them. So great job Rihanna to help this effort!!

957 days ago


Just send Seal Team Six to do the job...

957 days ago

Mary P    

Kony left Uganda and hasn't had a hand in actions for a long time and by several nations defense reports, is almost dead. Invisible Children is a corrupt charity, taking more than half to line their pockets and traveling on private jets to take photo ops with a Sudanese terrorist organization - which is accused of CURRENTLY raping little girls and stealing boys to fight

They refuse to open their books and their defenders say one of two things:
"Well at least SOME of the money is going to help! That's a GOOD thing!"
"Lookie at their own statement response to the criticisms, they are on the up and up!!"

Gee - be happy some of the money is going to them, pay no attention to the Benz in the driveway or the fact that NO ONE can find ANY proof they actually DID spend money on what they say they did (no one has come forward to provide locations and details), and really people? THEY say they are good and nice - but refuse to open their books for independent audit? Sure, I'll listen to the charity that wants the money to buy more Benz and sidestep trips through luxury countries on their "way" to take a photo op with the same groups doing the things they make a pretty video about.

Just keep watching the shiny thing.

And keep tweeting and spreading the word.. because THAT will do something...

Find A REAL charity with over 60% going towards real things in Africa, things that can be proven and have no problems opening their books to anyone.

957 days ago


stfu you stupid bitch and sit your ass down

957 days ago


You go girl! I ordered my kit today and am sharing the word every place I can post!

957 days ago


Finally, celebrities are addressing the issue, next we get more moguls to join the cause, as well as government officials.

957 days ago

Too bad there isn't oil in the region... then the government might actually do something about that bastard.
Watch "Machine Gun Preacher" - Gerard Bulter's new movie about the true story of Sam Childers and Joseph Kony.

957 days ago


lol been going on for years..some hippies saw this.and found a new cause to jump on.what a bunch of dopes

957 days ago
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