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Kony -- Celebs & Social Media ...

Enough to Crush Warlord?

3/8/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Internet campaign to oust Joseph Kony has introduced hundreds of millions to the Ugandan warlord's crimes ... but it also calls out big name celebs -- challenging them to join the fight. Is it okay to shame them? That's what we asked one of the documentary makers.

Also, Harvey's not feeling The Rock's new $3 million mansion -- says it looks like an old man's pad? We'll discuss. Plus, why Whitney Houston booby trapped her will -- and the Spanx creator is now a billionaire! Celebrate by watching Mike model Spanx in the newsroom.

(3:01) A viral campaign to stop a Joseph Kony explodes -- but was it wrong to call out celebs in the video?
(9:05) Jed Jenkins from "Invisible Children" calls in -- he explains why they targeted those specific celebs ... and defends his organizations actions.
(12:01) Whitney Houston's will -- who's getting what?
(18:02) Jimmy Iovine from "American Idol" calls in to talk about the dynamite performances by the females last night.
(23:40) The Rock's new house doesn't match him at all -- so we look at other celebs ridiculous houses to see if they match up.
(29:50) Our photos of U.S. soldiers knee deep in marijuana ... is there a problem?
(34:35) Mike's painful Spanx transformation!
(44:21) Goldie Hawn went out raging last night -- the photos are hilarious ... and have made everyone in the office a Goldie fan for life.

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^Yea it was touched on earlier...before donating money you should always research the charity.

968 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

you could be told anything and believe it why do you think gudaffi and sudaam and john wilkes booth are killed without an interview? it is to keep people like you from knowing the other side of the story that is why you people are dumb asses if you research it no other first world country is getting involved. why dont you ask yourselves why england or canada are not getting involved? because everyone guilts the USA to get involved so we spend money we dont have and get all the backlash and blame if things dont go right. that is why we are in debt because the older wiser countries save money and dont go into debt by tricking us into thinking if we do something the world will thank us but it does not matter what we do the USA will always be hated , seriously research it this is an army of 100,000 canada or the UK could do it all no prob but the USA is the wipping boy expected to go more into debt on research and development going to space medical science to benefit the rest of the world and provide all the foreign aide last time i checked we are in debt and canada and the UK are laughing at our debt ridden country they should take on helping the third world once in awhile

967 days ago


Fight the fat!

967 days ago

Mathieu17 this will be the next big thing talked about on TMZ.

967 days ago


this is pure propaganda harvey the leftist media is behind it the same people who probably gave you your show

967 days ago


I applaud all those involved with Kony 2012 but the girl on TMZ with the black glasses is self absorbed and disgusting for her comment, "the first thing I thought was the video is too long".. REALLY!!!?? Maybe she should go to Uganda and spend time as one of Kony's sex slaves or watch her children taken away and slaughtered. The females on TMZ leave a lot to be desired a lot of the time but Black Glasses girl should be so ashamed of herself. From now on when she comes on I will change the channel and tune back in when she is gone.
Bravo Kony 2012 and for the sake of the children and families I hope you do some good because certain people in America think your video is just too long!!!!

967 days ago


Support your local KONY 2012 group by LIKE'ing my page @

967 days ago


Do the TMZ staffers understand that Joseph Kony left Uganda 6 years ago? He is NOT in any position of power recently, and certainly not in Uganda. Exactly what does TMZ mean when they say they want to "oust" him? Oust him from WHAT? Being on the run? He's been on the run for 6 freaking years, reportedly starving to death because he has to remain hidden. Now, if you had said something about "bring him to justice" or "capture" him, that would indicate that you had actually READ something about the issue. But ousting? Clearly you don't do any background reading before you post stories.

967 days ago

Peter E    

For an indepth look at Kony and his army of child soldiers, see the book, First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army.

967 days ago


UGH... Harvey is such a fat-phobe hater.

967 days ago


it's funny that no one can find him but there is a recent do***entry of him doing an interview with an american jouralist and leaders from Uganda. He says its all propaganda to make him look bad and get relief for the people of Uganda because how the country is and they are using him to get that relief. Not saying Konya is good. But no one can find him but one journalist and he only had about 15-20 of his soilders in the area. I would like all the facts. I mean if he is hiding for the past 5 yrs how is he killin people still. if he is out killing people. he do not need anothe sadam incident again.

967 days ago


Please help in the United States!! Scott lost everything in the Moscow tornado including his mother!! Anything is appreciated!

967 days ago

Jim Cox    

Whats all that crap on the floor behind that greaser iwh the slick back hair?

962 days ago

Jett King    

Kony 2012, Sorry but 420 is reserved for our NORML movement started over 50 years ago and the marijuana movement. How dare they use our movement and marches for their pockets. They have not been open about their charity, they merely made a video the knew would go viral. I already advocate for my autistic child, medicinal marijuana for my brain tumor I am working to get removed and others like us, and keep Peace and Love and patience and understanding in the world for our kind, the epidemic of cancers, autism, and my special breed of dogs Jack Russells that discovered my tumor by waking me out of a seizure/stroke saved my life, and till this day assist on seizure alert and assist. I only have enough time in my day for dealing with the real things happening. Don't take my 420 away for something that hasn't been proven.

957 days ago

Kevin Lloyd    

It is our moral responsibility, as human beings to remain informed of terrible injustices throughout the world. So that we may make a change, when possible. As citizens of the global community. Kony 2012

957 days ago
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