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U.S. Soldiers

Life Among the Weeds

in Afghanistan

3/8/2012 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

US Soldiers in marijuana fields
Life isn't all bad for our heroes in uniform in Afghanistan ... especially when they encounter MASSIVE marijuana fields as these photos show ... but we've learned these photos have triggered a military investigation.

A bunch of guys who appear to be soldiers whipped out their cameras ... and their weapons ... and posed for a bunch of pics while out on patrol in Kabul recently.

No word on the identity of the soldiers ... or when the pics were taken. Note -- the photos DO NOT show any of the soldiers smoking the weed, but there is a shot of the guys decorating the inside of their vehicle with cannabis leaves.

We spoke to U.S. Army officials ... who tell us the situation is "being looked into" ... noting, "The U.S. military takes allegations of drug possession, transfer, distribution, and use very seriously."

The Army also notes that Afghan anti-drug units, aided by international security forces, have resulted in a tremendous increase in drug seizures over the past year.

Ironically, the baseball caps 2 of the soldiers are wearing are as problematic as the weed. Soldiers caught wearing non-military issue headgear can get in big trouble.

Remember kids, just say no.


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Somebody please tell Snoop Dogg he is too old to join the army!!!

960 days ago


Leave them be, hell they need something to take their minds off of everything around them there!!! Hell, I say let them smoke it!!! They are fighting for our country after all...

960 days ago

Jay W.     

"That's Pot man."

Tommy Chong

960 days ago


Its just marijuana, relax government. More drunk drivers kill people each year than marijuana smokers so focus on alcoholics instead. Just a week ago, some drunk side swept 4 cars parked down my street. Life is too short to make a big deal out of small things like a marijuana which is natural in every way. FK U GOVERNMENT

960 days ago


Give our soldiers a break. They are putting their lives on the line for a war that will achieve nothing. I'm sick of people sitting comfortably at home, with no combate experience, playing gottcha.

960 days ago


looks like "Practice Pot" to me. big deal.

960 days ago


These guys have earned the right to smoke a joint. This is not a story. Quit trying to screw our boys over.

960 days ago


What do you expect? They graduate from high school at the bottom of their class. Then, they join the army or marines like they are doing something important, but in truth, they are just pawns in a political game (and they mainly signed-up for the benefits when they had no other career prospects). Then, when they come back as still immature brats, they act like they're some big heroes as if they saved the world from Hitler. And because American society still likes to play this farce of "heroism" just for joining the military, they come back and get ready-made careers, like cops, to further show their hypocritical immaturity with abuses of power.

960 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

You people are A-HOLES and P R I C K S to publish these photo's of our American solders.

I hope Harvey goes bankrupt.

960 days ago


I am not supporting the use of pot,the selling of pot or the growing of pot....but isn't there worst things these brave men could be doing ?(like we have seen before).They could be posing with dead bodies of men, women and children who have just been waterboard.Listen was this a smart the idiot who decided to post it and TMZ who decided to have us comment on it shame on you.

960 days ago



960 days ago


Leave the soldiers alone, Harvey. Kepp to reporting lies about the thieving, habitual lying vulgar filth that is Kim ****TRASHian.

960 days ago


You guys are a-holes for posting this and bringing more attention to these poor kids. It's just going to cause them A TON more problems. They were being young and silly. They are doing what none of you are willing or able to do day in and day out. Hey, wow! They ran across a weed field, let's plaster their faces on the internet and destroy their lives:( THANK FREAKING GOD you are almost done with the constant stupid Conrad Murray postings but is this the only crap out there left?

960 days ago


And how is this entertainment related? Perez Hilton, here I come.

960 days ago

arale norimaki    

Since the US military intervened in 2001, a rising tide of opium has corrupted the government in Kabul while empowering a resurgent Taliban whose guerrillas have taken control of ever larger parts of the Afghan countryside.

960 days ago
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