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Poor Kris Humphries

Has a Fool For a Client ...


3/9/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has filed legal documents in his divorce case appointing himself as his own lawyer
Kris Humphries
has filed legal documents in his divorce case appointing himself as his own lawyer ... TMZ has learned.

Kris -- who makes $8 mil a year with the New Jersey Nets -- wanted his Minnesota business lawyer to rep him in the Kim Kardashian divorce. But in California, an out-of-state lawyer must have a local attorney by his side. So Kris hired a Los Angeles lawyer.

But we found out the L.A. lawyer has withdrawn from the case, so the Minnesota lawyer doesn't have a sponsor anymore. Translation: Mr. Minnesota is persona non grata in court.

As if that's not bad enough for Kris ... guess who he's squaring off with in court? That would be disso-queen Laura Wasser, one of the most powerful divorce lawyers in Hollywood with a celeb roster that includes Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, Kiefer Sutherland, Stevie Wonder ... get the picture.

Bottom line -- Kris has no chance on this court ...

A source close to Kris tells TMZ ... the bballer does not intend to rep himself. His Minnesota lawyer will look for another sponsor. And this is rich ... we're told the Minnesota lawyer is telling people he's not afraid of Laura Wasser because he's tried hundreds of cases.

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I'm sorry, the picture of Kris just cracks me up!!! LOL With that said, I hope he gets something out of the fake B%^&h!!!

894 days ago


hopefuly hump well hier the most expensive atterny in the west and when he wins in court kimwell have to pay his atternys fees.
Kimis going to cry in court and play the vitceim but it wont work cuz she made over 50 mil int he scam wedding so shes not much of a victiem but hump is!!

894 days ago


his atterny sounds overly confident he may have tried many cases but hes never gone up agisnt a celb on thier home turf.
He probaly is in for rude awkeing unless they get a powerful
LA atterny. Hump has a good cance of beatting kim incourt beaucse she was int he wrong and himin the right.
Kim well try to spin lies in court and they wont fly beaucse she has been foundout as a fraud by somany companys. shes being sued by like five diffrent comanpys all on baies of fraud.Krisis due mome montary damges exespaialy for allt he emotional; diostress and loss of repution as well as being scammed by kim. kim outright commited fruad agaisnt hump. its a clear case of that and no he should have to keep his mouth shut either.
Eiether way the court well rule in humps favor.
I hope hump drags it out to the point he can get it anulled and do to kiom what she did to him/

894 days ago


The KTrashes wouldn't even be a household name if people like TMZ and every other gossip media outlet would stop supporting them. One must think that TMZ has some interest - $'s - in keeping this pathetic story alive.

894 days ago


Who cares? If various gossip media outlets, such as TMZ weren't forever hyping this crap, the KTrashes would go away. They are nothing but bottom feeders,and I wish Kris H all the luck in the world coming out on top of this. I bet he wishes he never would have met Kim in the first place, since all she has done is make his a never ending hell.

894 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Harv sweetie, I applaud you for hiring the mentally challenged, but no one in your business should EVER, EVER, EVER call someone a FOOL. OK?

894 days ago

liquid kitty    

Just another way to provide for that cow not to take responsibility for her actions. Wasser, creepy.

894 days ago


Good Luck Kris....

894 days ago

arale norimaki    

no more KRAPdashina please.

894 days ago


KRIS HUMPHRIES can hold his own. He is an honest and direct person. He called the K's on many of their indiscretions,and
THEY didn't like it~

894 days ago


what krs needs to do is supena to REGGIE BUSCH to apear in court and asnwer under oath was kim sedning him tex messages while still married letting him know she wanted to get with him. If she did that is adultery. we know kim is chasing Regie so muchforcing him to publicly say hes not getting back with her. Yet she keeps it up she had afriend sell a story to star mag that Reggie cant get her off his mind and is sinding her texs but the oppoist is th truth it is kim who wont let up on Reggie. she thought hed take her back once sheleft hump but his mom said she would disown him if he went back to that damged pice of crap kim.
Now kims trying to say her nexted date well be with a
prince from dubi however no prince is going to go out with her not even for aphot opp. If kim isnt good enough for thelikes of Reggie Bush she sure as hell isnt good enough
for raotaly even in Dubi they have standards.
KIm wants a billionair to pay her way but what billonair who can have any woman would pick someon as damged as kim.
whos family name is filth. Roaltyd oesnt want o be ascoited witha ll her lawsuiets claiming fruad and her using child labor and breaking human rights laws to make herself money
off the backs of the poorest in the wrold. KIm is classles to do that not to metion hearltless.
Hump can has a big lsannedr lawsuit agisnt kim for drggin him tinto her scam and then spoling his name saying hes gay husband from hell ect. Kim thought the public would be on her side and belive her lies aginst kris and was shocked when thepublic saw threw it and turned on her. so any man who dates her she sells stroys to the media to trash them
Sehs evens tarting to trash Regie saying hes not rich enough compared to the sudis shes about to go after.
She is bing mocked wherever she goes in LA and is seriously thinking to expand her brand in DUBI and go after famous rich and raol sudis. They get the news in Dubi too and
she woant be welcomed like she thinks. The woman well stone her to death in the town square for trying to scam thier men!! Kim is yesterdays Joke even in other countrys.
HUmp shoudl diffently use kims friends agaisnt her in court makeing them tell the truth under othat startting with Regie bush!!

894 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...he wants the marriage annulled..and I don't blame him, I just pray he doesn't act with his heart and let's his brain hire a top notch Cali lawyer too fight for rightfully is TRUE!..he was scammed marrying into that Bloodsucking money hungry family!

894 days ago


He's such a weirdo, should have gotten an annulment!

894 days ago


I thought Pimp Mama put together an air tight pre-nup and that Kris didn't want anything of the slore's, so why is any of this a big deal.

894 days ago


@DahlTroll California is a no fault state...Reggie won't be testifying.

894 days ago
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