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Poor Kris Humphries

Has a Fool For a Client ...


3/9/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has filed legal documents in his divorce case appointing himself as his own lawyer
Kris Humphries
has filed legal documents in his divorce case appointing himself as his own lawyer ... TMZ has learned.

Kris -- who makes $8 mil a year with the New Jersey Nets -- wanted his Minnesota business lawyer to rep him in the Kim Kardashian divorce. But in California, an out-of-state lawyer must have a local attorney by his side. So Kris hired a Los Angeles lawyer.

But we found out the L.A. lawyer has withdrawn from the case, so the Minnesota lawyer doesn't have a sponsor anymore. Translation: Mr. Minnesota is persona non grata in court.

As if that's not bad enough for Kris ... guess who he's squaring off with in court? That would be disso-queen Laura Wasser, one of the most powerful divorce lawyers in Hollywood with a celeb roster that includes Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, Kiefer Sutherland, Stevie Wonder ... get the picture.

Bottom line -- Kris has no chance on this court ...

A source close to Kris tells TMZ ... the bballer does not intend to rep himself. His Minnesota lawyer will look for another sponsor. And this is rich ... we're told the Minnesota lawyer is telling people he's not afraid of Laura Wasser because he's tried hundreds of cases.

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My Big Salami    

TMZ let's all read between the legs/ lines...Kris HUMPhries cant HUMP and thats why Kim K and her butt called it quits!

956 days ago


Ted Bundy represented himself. funny thing is, Kris would probably rather be electrocuted than watch Kim take all his ****.

956 days ago


Man, she destroyed his name, his career, and any chance he has at finding a decent chick. Now she's gonna get the rest in court. Poor guy.

956 days ago


Swimming with sharks with a pork chop tied around your neck. Kiss you ASSets good bye.Game over.

956 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

All he needs to bring to court is one of the many videos he has of himself peeing on Kim and then doing her in her fat ass. Case won.

I hope the judge surprises everybody and sentences Kim to the death penalty. Who cares if it's a divorce court. Fry her annoying ass.

956 days ago


Kris, pull your head out of your a$$ before they eat you for lunch. You NEED a top lawyer to square off with the kardashian wrecking machine.. Hire lawyer Stacy D. Phillips (one of the top celebrity divorce lawyers in California). She is one of the only lawyers who can go toe-to-toe with Laura Wasser and come out ahead. Again pull your head out before it is too late.

956 days ago


Sick of how TMZ makes fun of him and helps Kim Kardashian smear Kris Humphries in headlines. Soooo tired of how TMZ is up Kim Kardashian's butt, as if they are being paid by the Kardashian Cult.

Hope he gets another California lawyer to step in, Kim Kardashian and her mother have done everything to destroy this guy and use him as a prop in their ridiculous over indulgent wedding scam for TV. Then they went on this smear campaign to just get all of these vindictive stories out in the media about him, all the while he was not allowed to talk about it because of the ironclad pre-nup.

Kim Kardashian is s*** for how she has treated him.

956 days ago


Wow, that sucks. I wanted him to take her for everything. p.s. Why is TMZ always sucking Kim's ---- ?

956 days ago


Mr. Humphries FIND A LAWYER. Haven't you been humiliated enough? Find a "thug" minded attorney to take her out and expose her for the narcissist she is. She committed fraud. Was your lawyer intimidated by Wasser. Righteousness will prevail and maybe the world will be rid of the entire family.

956 days ago



956 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

I pray for the DAY that someone takes out the KarTRASHian Empire....that includes the two biggest WHORZ- Kris "Da Pimp" Jenner & Kimmie "The Fake" Karskankian. TMZ (especially reporter Mike Walters) are shoved so far up Kim's big fake ass it's pathetic!!!
One can hope that Kris gets it together, proves TMZ wrong and hangs Kim out to dry.

956 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

I wonder how much Kim PAID the lawyer representing Kris to withdraw from his case. I wouldn't put past anything when it comes to this low class trash family. They either pay people off or hire a lawyer to shut people up and leak information to stay relevant. RaineeDrops, I agree with EVERYTHING you have said. I too believe Kris should find someone to do a tell all book about this no talent-sex tape troll!

956 days ago


WhAt is going on with TMZ? Harvey is a lawyer, he should know better than this Spinning to say the Minnesota lawyer is "persona non grata" is ridiculous. Lawyers drop out if cases routinely. Obviously Kris trusts his lawyer and they just did the self-lawyer thing to satisfy local law. It doesn't mean they won't be consulting with anyone else as needed. And the Minnesota lawyer will be doing everything in court, not Kris. The law just says the out of state lawyer needs to have an in-state lawyer present. So Kris is not representing himself.

Meanwhile, Kimmie is losing big time in the court of public opinion. Just give him an annulment, Kim. That's all the guy wants. He has plenty of money and a modest lifestyle. Not everybody is greedy, just your family.

956 days ago


TMZ is so biased against Kris Humphries it is sickening. Kris Humphries was the one who was used and abused by the Kardashian clan. They are just lucky he is not my son because I would not let them get away with what they have done to this young, nieve young man. Kris Jenner knew that Kim did not want to go through with the wedding but insisted that the show must go on. Evil intent for sure. I hope they suffer greatly in the future for their disrespect and lack of humility. What goes around comes around and they are due for a really big downfall. They should all be ashamed of themselves and they should be cursed if there is any justice in this world. Maybe CA will have a major earthquake and Kris Jenner, Kim K, Kloe, and Kourtney will swallowed up by the earth. (or the Humphries family should put out a hit on them all, LOL). And we can all do without the two young Jenner girls too who are being groomed to be as slutty as the rest of the family. I hope they drop dead in a car accident in that new Land Rover that the 16 year old recently received.

956 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Whats really sad is that most of America is sick and tired of the Kardashian name but Kim specifically and has NO respect for them but somehow TMZ keeps posting their garbage. I would have thought after the SHAME marriage they would go away. When will America stop watching their Un-Reality show? If Kim is trying to take Kris H to court to get his money this just shows America what a greedy slime she is. The Kardashians have more then what he does so it makes no sense. They should just go the serperate ways.

956 days ago
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