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'The Lone Ranger'

Multi-Million Dollar Set

... In the Middle of Nowhere

3/9/2012 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Lone Ranger is gonna have to travel a LOOOOONG way to catch bad guys ... 'cause brand new video shows the set for the new movie is MILES from any sort of civilization.

Producers have erected an authentic-looking old west town in the middle of the New Mexico desert ... complete with a saloon, a jail and a real functioning railway.

Price was no object ... the budget for the movie, featuring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, is reported to be north of $200 MILLION.

The Lone Ranger movie set


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how lame    

Johnny looked cool in his Indian paint but the movie is sooooo gonna bomb

925 days ago


They need to make more westerns! Keep this set and use again- for a even better frontier/pioneer/western movie!

925 days ago


they will at least make a profit at least break even

925 days ago


Johnny Depp as Tonto, how offensive can you get. He looks like Captain Jack Sparrow with a crow on this head.

925 days ago

Tigers Wood    

cause brand new video shows the set for the new movie is MILES from any sort of civilization.
What? In the video it shows railroad tracks leading through and past the town, plus there is another set of buildings just a little ways down from the set. Trying to sensationalize your articles TMZ.

925 days ago


It could get deppresing out there.

925 days ago


Clayton Moore was and will always be the only Lone Ranger.

925 days ago


People are so accustomed to seeing the old sepia and black and white photos that their recreations of that time period tend to be distinctly lacking colors. THis is particularly true of clothing. Surely they didn't have a lot of the dyes that we use today, but their dress wasn't universally drab either. For example, much is said of "crimson" in the references made to articles of dress in writing from the 1800's.

925 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Howz about spending 200mil on society instead of fantasy world? I mean, these folks talk and talk and when it comes right down to it, they mean "do what we say but not what we do'..Look at all the perfectly good cars and all the stuff they destroy just for entertainment when there are people who are homeless and don't have money for a new car or an used one for that matter and they smash 300 of them in one movie. It's just so "UGLY AMERICAN" to me now. All we export in entertainment is filth and decadence and frankly that's why the Muslim world hates us and always has been. Not George Bush, it's Hollywood hero 'George Clooney' and friends humping each others and some bush in the movies....

924 days ago


The set may be torn down after the movie, saved as location for other westerns, or marketed as a ghost town to tourists. A lot depends on what the building permit states.

924 days ago


What a waste of money.

924 days ago


What a waste of money.

924 days ago


Good luck with that, beacause ain't no one watching this film.

923 days ago


Give it a chance folks! Johnny Depp is no fool... Because JD is in the movie I'll definitely check it out.

919 days ago


such fun
J.D. can make this movie special
hope those who decide where to locate these sets, consider the people living in substandard housing
recycle first
G-d Bless

728 days ago
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