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Anne Frank

Brought Back to Germany

3/9/2012 11:35 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

People go to Madame Tussauds wax museums to see replicas of their favorite stars like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and ... Anne Frank?

In an, er, interesting move to say the least, the museum's Berlin branch just unveiled an exhibit featuring a smiling teenage Frank writing in her diary in what is supposed to be the room in which she hid from the Nazis during WWII.

Visitors to the exhibit should note, the museum also features an Adolf Hitler waxwork.



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This isn't new at all. Years ago there was an Anne Frank waxwork at Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam.

922 days ago


It's heartbreaking but necessary. I instantly broke down in tears.

922 days ago


As a Dutch person, I find this in very poor taste.

922 days ago


I think it is a constant reminder of the war and the lives/souls lost. This could be a learning tool but,'s a freak show

922 days ago


I think it is a great tribute to Anne Frank and all the lives lost during the Holocaust to have a wax figure. There are very few survivors still living and this is another way for us to remember and to teach about the horrific events. To aknowledge the events will help to prevent similar things from happening in the future. For people to question the appropriateness of Anne Frank as a wax figure seems a little strange but for the staff at TMZ to laugh histarically about this topic, is simply unacceptable. I get it that sometimes we laugh at inappropriate times, we are human but this never should have aired on the show. It comes across disrespectful and inconsiderate. The Holocaust should never be included in a converstaion in this manner.We already have shows like the Family Guy to make fun of history's autrocities, we don't need anymore. Please show some respect, and take this clip out of your show and don't air it on TMZ weekend.

922 days ago


Based on the museums in Amsterdam, her semblance in the Madame Tussauds is fitting. The Madame Tussaud's in Amsterdam features Rembrandt and Van Gogh because they had a huge part there. Anne lived in Amsterdam which is why it is probably fitting she is in the museum. A smiling face is probably not fitting given the despondent cir***stances surrounding her life at that time.

922 days ago


daniel radcliffe? that you?

922 days ago


It is not in poor taste to show Anne Franke writing in her diary. In 2012 we have the benefit of hind-sight, yet back when she was literally writing the diary she could only live in her "present" -- it's not unthinkable that she might "smile" for a "picture" taken of her, which is what this wax figure represents.

What is reprehensible of today's generation is their lack of knowledge of Anne's importance in telling the complete story of WWII. Indeed, today's generation doesn't possess the proper amount of respect that any individual person should give to anyone who play a role in WWII. After all, were it not for WWII the technology of today would not exist. WWII drove innovation (from all of those involved) and set the stage for today's world.

Anne Franke is a noble person involved in WWII. *All* *NOBLE* people involved in war deserve recognition...she happens to be in a position to represent many others who were in her cir***stances. It pains me that today's generation is losing sight of WWII. My heart is broken for that.

922 days ago


My problem with this is the expression on her face, completely flies in the face of the cir***stance she was in ... she was stuck in a small attic with several family members, hiding from the Nazi's and they eventually found them. Having her sitting there smiling in the same exhibit area that a wax figure of Hitler's wax likeness is within, if that's not a "WTF?!" sort of thing then I'm not sure I know what it is. I mean she totally doesn't look like someone starving in the attic in that photo does she?

922 days ago

Good riddance!    

This is just creepy as hell!

922 days ago


To show her as a happy, young girl who still had hope is not wrong.

922 days ago

Cruise Lover    

Anne Frank, what a beautiful soul. The Jewish people can never repay her for putting a human face on the most tragic episode in human history.

922 days ago

Jay W.     

Hilter may be (one of) the biggest piece of sh.t to ever take a breath of air. Though it is history, strange they would create a wax figure of him.

922 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Looks exactly like the pix on the paperback book.

922 days ago


sadly the mormon church baptised this beautiful girl into a mormon...and your all next!!!!

922 days ago
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