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Paula Deen

My Ex-General Manager

Was Trying to Extort Me!

3/9/2012 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen
claims the ex-general manager of her restaurant who is suing for sexual harassment tried to extort her by demanding more than a million bucks ... or face "ruin."

TMZ has obtained Paula's response to the lawsuit filed against her and her brother Bubba by Lisa Jackson, the former General Manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia.

In the response, Paula included a letter from Lisa's lawyer, who wrote bluntly, Lisa would not file the lawsuit and keep everything secret if Paula forked over $1.25 million.

Lisa's lawyer adds, "If we are unable to settle, the complaint will not be quietly filed.  I am making arrangements for a press conference on the day of filing."

Paula is asking for a gag order, prohibiting everyone in the case from blabbing to the media.  In her motion for a gag order, Paula's lawyer says Lisa's strategy has been clear -- "Pay or I will ruin you."

Lisa claims Bubba engaged in a campaign of terror, subjecting her to porn, kissing and spitting on her, making racist and sexist jokes, and on and on.

Paula denies all of Lisa's allegations.  As TMZ first reported, Lisa sent Paula a letter 3 months before she quit, praising Bubba and telling Paula how much he helped her become an independent woman.



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Nothing Paula or her sons would to would surprise me. She is crass and has a dirty mouth. Every time I have seen her on TV she makes some off color comment or sexual innuendo. She raised her sons, so why would they be any different??? She deceived the public about her condition and then turned it into yet another money making opportunity for SELF. Karma, Paula, Karma...

927 days ago


So, obviously "Bubba" thought that Lisa "liked" him...she was "sending mixed signals." LOL!

But you don't spit on a person just because they "teased" and then turned you down!!

Hope she took pictures or saved the tissue or something...unless, of course, there was a witness.

Is that why the irrelevant "racist" thing was brought up? Secretly trying to recruit allies? That's kind of low down...

I don't believe that Paula's a racist. She wouldn't have black employees if she was. If they had to work for "free," yes. But putting $$ in their pocket, I don't think so. Plus she had Oprah and Gail over for dinner...that's not what a racist would do.

I hope her black employees stay loyal. Also hope there's no gag order...LOL!!

927 days ago


Yeah that sympathy ship has sailed Ms. Deen. How bout you just silently go away.

927 days ago


Surely if the man did all Lisa says he did other employees would have witnessed it.

927 days ago


I love Paula :)

927 days ago


You have to wonder why Paula wants a "gag" order placed on this! If nothing to hide she wouldn't be pressing for this measure!Hummmm.....

927 days ago


There's always been something wonderful, and fishy about Paula. Always.

927 days ago


There is no doubt in my mind Paula used the word on occasion, even less doubt that her brother was as disgusting......his name is Bubba, it's the deep south y'all. If Paula was smart, and had a smart lawyer, she would have settled. In the grand scheme of things 1 million for someone who was probably subjected to Bubba's crap alone is cause to settle. Why even deal with any tarnishing of the brand and fortune you have worked so hard to build.......really, whether you said it or not.....move on.

927 days ago


I find that all of you that are calling her names becauc=se she did not tell anyone about the fact that she was diaetic..This is a very private disease and many people never tell. I have had it for 20 years, few people know and as far as the rest it is none of anyones business. Would you tell everyone if you had a disease that would halt friendships. I think not. So get a grip people, people have worse diseases and you never will know.

927 days ago


Paula is crass and crude and tries to act like a femme fatale every time she's on a show with a male, so it doesn't surprise me that her brother is just as crass. This woman has led many people down the road to dangerous eating for a buck.

This woman quit her job for some reason.

927 days ago


And BTW Paula's husband looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. So much for her and her husband eating with moderation. Her son's show, "Not My Mama's Meals", is in itself an indictment of the way she cooks.

927 days ago


I am on Team Paula and Bubba.They worked hard for their well deserved success.Sounds like an ex-employee trying to cash in on it.

927 days ago


While I'm NOT a fan of Paula Deen. I believe her brother BUBBA said all that was alleged, but the story starts to lose credibility when the alleged victim claims her brother SPAT on her... AND SHE DIDN'T FILE CHARGES. I'm sure when/if this ever makes it to court that chick is going going to get beat up by the opposition's attorney.

927 days ago


I knew a girl from NC that went to her so called restaurant and she said everybody was rude and she will not go back ever again. Paula is a good woman but that will not get her into Heaven. I've heard her cuss on tv. She is not what she appears to be people.

927 days ago


let's see, on one hand you have a confirmed liar who hide medical issues until she can make money off them and has used her influence to get her entire family jobs and now wants a gag order and on the other hand you have a manager who worked for five years and was willing to settle a strong case.

Sorry but I believe the women filing the suit. If there is nothing to hide why does Paula want a gag order. I wish she liked the truth as much as she likes butter.

927 days ago
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