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Paula Deen

My Ex-General Manager

Was Trying to Extort Me!

3/9/2012 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen
claims the ex-general manager of her restaurant who is suing for sexual harassment tried to extort her by demanding more than a million bucks ... or face "ruin."

TMZ has obtained Paula's response to the lawsuit filed against her and her brother Bubba by Lisa Jackson, the former General Manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia.

In the response, Paula included a letter from Lisa's lawyer, who wrote bluntly, Lisa would not file the lawsuit and keep everything secret if Paula forked over $1.25 million.

Lisa's lawyer adds, "If we are unable to settle, the complaint will not be quietly filed.  I am making arrangements for a press conference on the day of filing."

Paula is asking for a gag order, prohibiting everyone in the case from blabbing to the media.  In her motion for a gag order, Paula's lawyer says Lisa's strategy has been clear -- "Pay or I will ruin you."

Lisa claims Bubba engaged in a campaign of terror, subjecting her to porn, kissing and spitting on her, making racist and sexist jokes, and on and on.

Paula denies all of Lisa's allegations.  As TMZ first reported, Lisa sent Paula a letter 3 months before she quit, praising Bubba and telling Paula how much he helped her become an independent woman.



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Jay W.     

Oh Lisa... ? Bubba say's "hello."

921 days ago


Did Bubba tie Lisa up to watch porn and she could't cut loose?

Why doesn't she tell us the sexist and racist jokes or is she making those up and NOT FINISHED !

921 days ago


Sorry, I have no sympathy for Paula or Bubba. Paula has peddled her nasty and unhealthy recipes for years and made millions. She has type 2 diabetes and is not only still peddling her unhealthy recipes but she's now making millions peddling pills after waiting 2 years to get that million dollar deal before she came out. It doesn't just effect the people who are stupid enough to watch and buy her cookbooks and pills but all of us by our medical insurance rates go up, co-pays , share of costs,deductibles,etc! We are paying for her millions she's making and for the people eating the food and pills she's peddling. Paula pushes her over the top recipes and calls them Southern. I am Southern and both sides of my grandparents are and they never cooked the way Paula does. I'm insulted as a Southerner that she calls her recipes Southern. Paula does these over the top recipes calling them southern just to sell them for millions with her phoney over the top accent and personality.

921 days ago


Say whatever you want but this ladies Fried Chicken Recipe is the bomb!!!

921 days ago

Barbara A.    

Poor Paula Deen, she's going for the Kim Kardashian sympathy vote. She knows she's messed up her image, whether I believe the law suit is valid or not, she put this out to the media for sympathy. Sorry Paula, none given here, she has plenty of money to cover her attorney fees. Pay or I will ruin you, sorry Paula Deen you've done that to yourself all for money.....go figure and she claims this Lisa Jackson just wants money, guess you know all about that. Good luck with your diabetes.....

921 days ago


Folks I have met Paula and have seen her performances live....while this woman may be looking for a money fix from the Deen empire, Paula's behavior/jokes has always contained heavy sexual who knows what transpired...

921 days ago


Jesus, you fools believe this Lisa Ho without any proof! Don't you know stars have this **** happening all day long from s*** that just want a piece of the pie? You all can't be that dumb eh? Oh wait, yes you can.

921 days ago


this story is old news, her husband and bubba are notorious for racial slurs,bubba nis mknowen for pie and porn, why it took this lonng to suface is due to you can still see how condensending she is when she has folks from her resturants on her show, she tries but less us not forget she's truly southern

921 days ago
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