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Courtney Love's Ex-Assistant

Shopping Tell-All Book --

She's a Delusional Drug Addict

3/10/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love
One of Courtney Love's ex-assistant's is shopping a new book -- claiming to offer up the singer's deepest darkest secrets ... involving her derailed love life, and rampant denial of serious drug problems.

The book -- tentatively entitled "Get Me a Xanax" -- is being shopped around to major literary agents in New York by a woman named Jessica Labrie, who worked for Love from 2010-2011.

According to the proposal -- obtained by TMZ -- "This is an unprecedented glimpse into the daily life of the chaotic widow of Kurt Cobain, by an innocuous girl who had the extraordinary chance to witness it all."

Labrie makes many allegations in her proposal -- including how Love torpedoed several romantic  relationships with her obsessive behavior, and still abuses cocaine and prescription drugs like Adderall and Xanax ... despite telling people she's been "clean and sober" for years.

So far, no word on whether the book's been picked up.

Courtney tells TMZ, she hasn't taken Adderall since November 2010 -- and is adamant she never took cocaine when Labrie worked for her, adding, "I hate cocaine."

Courtney admitted she does take Xanax -- but she has a prescription.


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I am almost certain that her prescription for Xanax reads, "Take as needed" ;)

922 days ago


With Courtney, a shocking disclosure would actually be more like "She's a quiet Methodist housewife in Ohio", or "The whole time, she's been Tim Conway in drag".

922 days ago


I'd bang her!

922 days ago


i was on a flight last year going from London to New York, Courtney Love came from first class to coach and started screaming at her assistant... who was sitting... yes... right next to me! she was throwing makeup and brushes at her assistant, telling her that she didnt pack the right stuff for her. She was calling her names and finally when she walked away i said something to the assistant. i said all the money in the world could not keep me working for someone like that. she is a disaster!!! then we got off the plane and Courtney was wearing 7 inch heels, that she could barely walk in. And im pretty sure she was wasted.

922 days ago


Lowlife Jessica, are you that desperate?

922 days ago


The girl writing this book is a known drug user herself. She's posted all over the internet about her love of pot and recreations drugs. It's obvious she's just looking to cash in from a job gone wrong. At the end of the day, who'd really want to be Courtney Love's assistant, or Twitter Army.

922 days ago

heywood jablomie    

No Courtney fan, but the notion of working for Courtney...then writing a shocked tell-all book that says, oh my God, Courtney is REALLY NUTTY...and does--g-g-g-gasp--DRUGS!...seems not only redundant, but kind of mean-spirited. Would anybody sign on for that gig and think they were getting peaches and cream?

922 days ago


Whatever, people who hate heroin still use it. Just because she says she hates it doesn't mean shes not using. People hate their addictions all the time and it doesn't stop them.

922 days ago


Uh....we don't need a tell-all book to recognize that Love has been out of her mind on drugs this whole time. Just sayin'.

922 days ago

Anothervictimof cl    

Unfortunate that Courtney Love has spent the last few years mainly on twitter and other websites getting involved with these people from the net but whats more unfortunate is that in recent years she has ended so many relationships, business, personal or through cyberspace so irrationally which make these people, who were probably once supporters react through lawsuits threats of secret spilling etc. Sad that Courtney Love gets so many people who shaft her even though she has often shafted many herself from show biz proffesionals to ex fans such as this. Its not as if she is not warned of all this beforehand and if not she really does need a change in managment. Courtney Love really needs to shun away from nuts like these on the net that turn there backs and go to a media outlet. I guess with the twentieth anniversary of her husbands suicide we will see more people cashing or stories being told from the last twenty years, not just a year in the life as this chick do***ents. Id be more interested in the art part and the human side, also dispelling the myth about her husband being murdered and Courtney Loves artistic accomplishiments and abilities. Sad she would choose to spend last few years on the net trying to get her lost money from net people instead of re-earning it back like the people from the mortgage crashes and ordinary folks who lose it all. If she lost millions she has the abliity through celebrity to get some types of good deals in the future and TURN OVER A NEW LEAF instead of crying over lost millions and getting this chick writing the book who was nuts enough to get hired for researching the fraud in the first place. Courtney Love get back to work instead of getting people like this to find your missing money. You have so much ability and really can craft a good change the next few years and leave all this theft stuff behind now. Volunteer your time to an org helping white collar crime victims Courtney when you arent getting back to the movies TV and music!!!

922 days ago



921 days ago


hello, great pic?! she looks like a freaking jim henson puppet.

921 days ago


I think more people should do this! Courtney Love has silenced and restricted people for years and most of what she says has can be proven a lie. I don't read anything she give the okay to anymore because I know it will be whitewashed and full of made up information. It's always refreshing when someone publishes anything about her or Kurt and hasn't had to go though Courtney Love for permission or approval. Good for Labie!

919 days ago



918 days ago


I would like to read it I'm sure it will be interesting.
I'm writing a book about Kurt's Brother that lived in Phoenix we were good friends 20 yrs he died of a drug overdose I want to share his story I was there with him its my story as well. It will be full of Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll

915 days ago
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