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Kris Humphries

Demands $7 Million From

Kim Kardashian

3/10/2012 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is secretly demanding $7 MILLION from Kim Kardashian to walk away from their marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell TMZ ... the bballer -- through his Minnesota lawyer -- has given Kim an ultimatum ... either pay up, or endure an ugly, public trial.

Our sources say Kris and his lawyer have been told to pound sand, and with good reason.

For starters, even if there wasn't a prenup, the marriage lasted a grand total of 72 days, so the community property wouldn't be in the universe of $7 mil.

Second, there was an iron-clad prenup, which provided that Kim owes Kris zilch.

Third, Kris actually MADE MONEY from the marriage. Sources tell us ... Kris raked in around $1 mil from the wedding and the TV special that showcased the nuptials. And Kris made off like a bandit because Kim ended up using a portion of what she got to pay for the ring.

In addition, we're told Kris made somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 from the Kardashian reality show.

Looks like the Bank of Kardashian is officially closed.

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two cents    

Really TMZ? And who told you this? Stop stumping for the kartrashians.
It must be horrible to be constantly smeared on this site and not be able to defend yourself. I'm really starting to loathe that klan with a passion. Kris seems like a nice guy that never stood a chance against that evil empire. Kim will never, ever find another fool to marry her. She'll die an old pee'd on maid.

955 days ago


How is it a big secret when TMZ has it plastered as the first story?

955 days ago


I hope he gets every penny and then some!!

955 days ago


TMZ go back to your source/Kris Jenner and have her explain how he made around $1 million from the wedding and TV Special when Kris Jenner was on all those TV interviews adamantly denying that Kim made ANY MONEY from either one of them. Kris Jenner is a liar. She the root of all evil that has spawned the creature called Kim.

955 days ago


Aww he's finally in the "mad" stage - wish he could take her for even more money, but afraid it's not going to happen. Kim would only be willing to give up that much money if you filmed yourself peeing on her... again.

955 days ago


Nobody forced this dope to marry Kim. He's a fame ho and now he's paying for a very bad choice in life. He could have chosen his basketball career but he didn't. He's a creep just like Kardashian.

955 days ago


Hahaha looks like karma is katching up with fake-assed Kim. Can you imagine how fast the Kardashians would sue someone if they screwed them over? They wouldn't take several months considering it.

955 days ago


I wonder if fraud is one of the conditions written into the prenup????? I doubt the Kartrashians come out of it hat well...

955 days ago


Must be the Kardashian's publishing mill and money getting all this information to stir things out. Now, you're getting so UNreliable TMZ, first it was Humpries defending himself and calling him a fool and it was not true- no idiot wants to do that for a publicly shown marriage. And now this, get your facts straight even for a gossip - it does not seem to gel. One could believe if all of these comes from the horses mouth but if it came from the Kardashian's publicist then you are busted for this.

955 days ago


I am not sure about the amount of money - but Kim totally decided not to try to keep the commitment she made and doesn't expect any backlash from it. Isn't marriage still a serious vow??? Walking away without even living together and leaving your husband humiliated and thinking you can go on as if it did not matter is not right. Kim should suffer the consequences of her decision if she wants to mature into a woman of character.

955 days ago


Dont make sense...How could Hump make 1 million when Kris J said most off the money went to pay for wedding. He deserves half of all the money made off the wedding(love perfume) because without him, he couldnt have happen. They ran the wedding special all across the world with commercials. They were paid alot of money.(Rating) On top of the soaring rating they had on KKTNY. Now, Kris probably wanted to give Kim a ring but knowing her it wasnt good enough, so he had to maybe pay on it as he goes to make her happy. She jump the gun, divorced him in 72 days, he didnt finish paying for it. I would pay for it either if she had left me for another man(Reggie). See how quick Reggie is going to wife her. I forgot he hit and dismissed it. Karma... The source who leak this story is Kris Jenner. They thought if it was indicated that someone close to Hump, we would believe them. Sorry, try again. If they had this case locked up, why are they still attacking him publicly, it just dont make sense to me.....
I bet the fact that he has continued playing well this season like last year is irking them. He gets all the good headlines through working hard and having a talent.

955 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I hope he gets the money from that idiot and is allowed to keep all of the videos he has of himself peeing all over Kim and slamming her in her fat ass.

955 days ago


I used to read and watch TMZ daily. However, since they've started to act as the stupid spokespeople for the STUPIDER Kclan, I seldom visit their site. such a waste of our f$&@/:)(ng time! The more you're trying to make Kris look like the ad guy, the better you're losing what's left of your brand and credibility... I'm done!

955 days ago


what a tool!!
nobody outside of basketball knew who he was before Kim dated him
now he's known everywhere
it has upped his profile for profits from endorsements etc. that he never would have been considered for
so he's making more cash because of that
it's like "cutting off his nose to spite his face" as they say
any woman who may consider getting involved with him in the future- especially if she has a high profile and money- will think twice now- knowing that if she ever broke up with him- he'd go after her too!
he should just be a gentleman
take back the big diamond ring or the equivalent of it in cash- and move on without badmouthing KIm
he needs to show a little class

955 days ago


Uhoh ... TMZ's gettin' all legal and schtuff. Yeah, THEY know everything that's going on in EVERY celebrity's life 'cause THEY'RE that good. What a garbage organization.

955 days ago
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