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Kris Humphries

Demands $7 Million From

Kim Kardashian

3/10/2012 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is secretly demanding $7 MILLION from Kim Kardashian to walk away from their marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell TMZ ... the bballer -- through his Minnesota lawyer -- has given Kim an ultimatum ... either pay up, or endure an ugly, public trial.

Our sources say Kris and his lawyer have been told to pound sand, and with good reason.

For starters, even if there wasn't a prenup, the marriage lasted a grand total of 72 days, so the community property wouldn't be in the universe of $7 mil.

Second, there was an iron-clad prenup, which provided that Kim owes Kris zilch.

Third, Kris actually MADE MONEY from the marriage. Sources tell us ... Kris raked in around $1 mil from the wedding and the TV special that showcased the nuptials. And Kris made off like a bandit because Kim ended up using a portion of what she got to pay for the ring.

In addition, we're told Kris made somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 from the Kardashian reality show.

Looks like the Bank of Kardashian is officially closed.

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No Avatar


$7M? That's all?! She goes through that wiping her ample arse. That's what happens when you represent yourself. He's low-balling himself.

935 days ago

Melissa lee    

Tmz ur back to acting like trash for these no good for nothing kardashians. take all that hoes money kris.

935 days ago


Kim is a national disgrace. She only got famous after spreading her legs on camera. She is worse than a porn star, at least they are honest about what they do for a living. Shame on us kim.

935 days ago

good as gold    

Sounds like a fair settlement offer to me. Hopefully the kar-trash-ians come to their senses soon and make a decent counter offer. After the public humiliation they put you through Kris don't take less than $5 million on a counter offer.

935 days ago


The Bank of Kardashian is closed? Does this mean Americans don't have to make anymore deposits for their vapid, narcissistic behavior?

If I were Kris Humphries, I would take that little missy to court and obtain every penny I could wring out of her for her attempts to use her bully pulpit of editorial control on their show to defame him.

What did the Bank of Kardashian promise TMZ to write such a one-sided article? Exclusive pictures of someone's behind?

935 days ago

For Gods Sake    

TMZ y'alls noses are brown. Nono, all your faces are smothered in Kardashian sh*t from being up their asses. Nice try trying to make him look bad. Shady shady TMZ

935 days ago

Christian Lee    

Finally the world can see why Kim dumped his ghetto malato ass. Kim marry up or at least equal next time. Please stop bottom feeding.

935 days ago


Damn! This divorce is lasting longer than their marriage!

935 days ago


Good luck Kris. I hope you get your 7 mil plus 7 more. You deserve every dime you get out of her because of what she has put you through. The only thing to come from this marriage is you now know what type of women to stay away from.

935 days ago


NOOOO!!! Take her to court!!!!!!! That would have been so much better. Have her admit to the fraud and make money telling your story about the fake bitch. Dam Kris, I hope this story is not accurate.

935 days ago

Team Kardashian    

Mr. Christian values, holier-than-thou, hate-the-Kardashian-showboat, WILL agree to a divorce for the right price. Kris needs to go to man school because little boy isn't there yet. He's just another hater trying to jump on the gravy train for money or publicity.

935 days ago


I bet you this is a fake story. There's no way he would settle for only 7 million. He would get so much more money doing a tell all about this fake family. Plus the satisfaction of calling her out on her lies. This is fake!! Stupid TMZ, trying to make Kris look like a punk again, while making fake booty Kim look superior. Haven't you learned anything?? The Kim shows are scripted and fake. I still laugh about the butt x ray one. So fake!!! Her ass is fake and she will do anything to make you think its real. How bout posting some booty pictures of her when she was young? Like she did with her boobs? She won't because they don't exist!! Her ass is fake!!!!

935 days ago


I honestly now believe those rumors that TMZ IS paid to support the Kardashians because why else are they going to such elaborate lengths to smear this guy? I hope he gets every cent and more.

935 days ago

Who Knew    

Why do I think this is comimg from those tramps. I hope there is a public trial. It would be the first unscripted show they have been on. Vile family.

935 days ago

Joan K    

Yeah right poor little Kimmy, Kris should just let it go, why? The scank got more money out of that phony marriage then any of us will see in a lifetime and TMZ you are just making the public dislike the Trashians even more, if possible. I am disliking the Trashians more and more all the time and soon the few fans they do have left will get it too and then what?

935 days ago
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