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'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

Are 'F***ing Idiots'

3/10/2012 4:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don Draper isn't one to mince words, so it's only fitting that "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm DESTROYED Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton in a recent interview ... calling them stupid and "f**king idiots."

Hamm appears in next month's issue of ELLE UK, where he said, "Whether it's Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f**king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly."

Clearly Hamm was not in his right mind when he gave the interview ... because he also said he doesn't "even consider myself handsome."

Get well soon, Jon.


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Keno Leighty    

He should of added Snooki in that too! Here's why we should demand Snooki abort that child!

956 days ago


Duh. In other "surprising" news, water is wet, the sun rises in the east and Oprah loves food.

956 days ago


He just said what all the respectable actors/actresses think but don't say to protect their image...but I love this guy now.
It's nice to know there are more people out there that see right through the make up and botox.

956 days ago


i love this, PLEASE more celebrities with balls! COME OUT & BASH! THEY CAN'T DO SHI'T!

We are all sick & tired HEARING BREAKING NEWS Kardashian DUMB STORIES & WEEKLY fake publicity stunts. IS EVER IMPOSSIBLE TO go 1 day WITHOUT hearing a dumb KK BREAKING NEWS...ITS SAME THE Kardashian HAVE THEIR-- paparazzi TEAM

956 days ago

black or white    

my goodness. Jon Hamm does not think he is handsome???

let us nurture him back to health. This man Hamm is gorgeous.

955 days ago


Oh, way to go TMZ. Make Hamm look like the idiot rather than the Kardashians or Paris Hilton. Do they sign your paychecks?

955 days ago



955 days ago


Couldn't have said it better,and no Paris and Kim made themselves "so call business women " after their sex tapes were released,called their own paparrazzi on themselves ao they can get photographed and make money. It's all a scam and so many dumb people fall for it. I totally agree,they are no- moral whores and will do anything for fame,literally. It's sick, I don't want my daughter growing up with so call " Celebs like this around."

955 days ago


OMG, I just saw Jon Hamm's new movie yesterday, "Friends With Kids." My stomach hurts from laughing so much! It is so, so funny!

955 days ago


He's right ofcourse. Didnt Daniel Craig make a similar comment about the Kardashian clan. Problem is too many people buy into this so called reality tv phenomenon. I mean..... wasnt Snooki a f***g idiot before money, impending motherhood and the desire for a spinoff show changed her. Is she or the others on Jersey Shore really people to be celebrated. Who's laughing all the way to the bank? Arent the viewing public, and the millions of twitter followers the real f****ng idiots.

955 days ago


i love him even more, not afraid to speak the truth

955 days ago


Kim Kardashian is a porn star that became famous, right? I know of Paris from that show Paris and Nicole a few years ago. I remember it was really weird. At first I thought the show was about two girls with special needs being put out into the world to try new things; then I realized after a minute that they were much more than that. They were two trashy whores with special needs being inflicted upon normal people for no good reason.

955 days ago

Miss Kathy    

Thank you so much to Jon Hamm for saying out loud what everyone else in Hollywood is thinking. At least he had the guts to say it. Why is everyone else so afraid to speak up?!Also, Kris Jenner is a disgusting pariah pimping out her kids. Blagh!

955 days ago


and what makes him so special? what he's saying about them is true, but i also see him as an over paid celebrity who doesn't need to be celebrated.... good PR for mad men tho, kudos.

955 days ago

For Sooth?    

The truth is refreshing and liberating.

955 days ago
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