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Lenny Dykstra

Tax Lien Just the Latest Problem

for Former Baseball Star

3/11/2012 5:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More bad news for former baseball player Lenny Dykstra -- not only was he just sentenced to three years behind bars for felony grand theft auto, but he's currently in debt to the state of California for nearly 30 grand. 

According to docs filed last month at the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office, Lenny is delinquent on taxes from 2008 and 2009 to the tune of $29,571.12.

Lenny has gotten some good news lately ... he probably won't serve most of his three years in prison and he was given permission to attend the funeral of former teammate Gary Carter.

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When I saw that he was Charlie Sheen's buddy a few months back I knew this guy was on a downward slide. Who in their right mind wants to be buddies with Charlie "I'm out of my freaking mind" Sheen?

933 days ago


This guy isn't famous and has no reason for being in the public eye. He's a washed up baseball player that no one, except for the people at TMZ, wants to hear about. Just because he's friends with Charlie Sheen doesn't make him someone we want to read about. The same goes for OctoMom - stop glamorizing people for the bad decisions they make.

933 days ago

Jay W.     

Damn Lenny, grand theft auto... ? C'mon man

933 days ago


How and the hell does a person allow this to happen.
It boggles my mind that anyone could screw up so bad.

933 days ago


I give him mad props...most people by now would have off'd themselves. He is in a hole so deep he ain't ever climbing back out. Shame...because he was the man back in the day.

933 days ago


What an idiot. Shame he won't serve any real time. Then mayby, I doubt it but maybe he would LEARN something.

933 days ago


3 years?? Hell that ain't nothing but a meatball to a stepper!! and as far as the taxes go, I was stealing cars trying to pay that bill, "there ain't no justice"

933 days ago


A 3 year sentence in Cali is going to be about 4hrs in jail. Lucky for him there's an abundance of criminals there.

933 days ago


Please have him donate his brain for CTE research and scanning...he's clearly deranged from all those hits to the head he took and gave while playing. He lived for the nickname "nails" and being called a "gamer" when it meant leading in all you do, with your head. He's clearly not right as a result of the years of it--not too mention substance abuse,and probably being born with a bit of one off ness that led him to playing so recklessly. He's ill...once young men and boys wanted to emulate him and act like they were as tough as "nails"...he's a sad specimen of a human being now, and soon hopefully we can all learn from the autopsy and scan on his brain.

God help him and those unlucky enough to have to be near him..hes dangerous now, and could hurt himself or others.

933 days ago


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933 days ago


I don't trust CA in tax issues. I moved there at the end of December in a year, so when I filed my taxes the next year, I had a CA address. They contacted me FOUR years later saying that as I filed with a CA address, they think I should have filed a CA state tax. I was so annoyed, but I guess since they are bankrupt from supporting illegal aliens, they need to jack money anyway they can. Whatever.

933 days ago

Alvis Jenkins    

Lenny Lykstra and the so-called IRS Lien.
Here's the facts of the law. Read the law for yourself and you will see that the lien of Title 26 (subtitle F, section 6321) is controlled by legislative regulation and may be found in Title 27 CFR Part 70.141 at the GPO Access website in the Parallel Table of Authorities. This regulation to which the lien process is implemented is for unpaid ATF taxes. If Mr. Lykstra is being charged for unpaid income taxes, then he can sigh in relief because there is no legislative regulation for the lien of unpaid income taxes. How many lawyers out there read this comment and can refute the facts of the law? None will because they fear of being disbarred. Many lawyers know the truth but refuse to defend their clients on the IRS notice of federal tax lien. Knowledge is power!

751 days ago


In front of the law, everybody should be the same. If celebrity or not Headhunter Schweiz

677 days ago

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