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Jay-Z & Kanye West

Settle Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

3/11/2012 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z and Kanye West have to be feeling a little more joyful than usual -- because the hit-making duo has settled a federal lawsuit over their song "The Joy" ... TMZ has learned.

The "Watch the Throne" rappers were sued last October by Syl Johnson for using an unauthorized sample of his song "Different Strokes." Johnson had claimed Kanye tried to get the song cleared for his solo album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," but couldn't get the deal done in time. 

So when the sample then appeared on "WTT," Johnson filed the lawsuit.

But in legal docs filed in Illinois federal court this week, the lawsuit was dismissed because the two sides reached a settlement ... though no further details were made available. 

Johnson is no stranger to copyright infringement cases; he's previously sued Michael Jackson, Jefferson Airplane and Cypress Hill.


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Pudding Tang    

In the end it's the idiots who allow this nolse to exist who are at fault. Noise, yes, for it certainly isn't music. So let's all file class action against the thuggery wannabes.

895 days ago

ivona poyntz    

A storm in a teacup

895 days ago

Sin D    

I agree with HamptonsHarry comment #1. this whole thing is a joke...90% of rap rips off others work and music.Lame music 4 lame fans

895 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Rappers are just thieves of other peoples music who just make up ghetto rhymes. Can't right their own music and have to sample and steal others while playing zero instruments. They are not musicians, just liars, thugs, and criminals.

895 days ago

Mhmmmmm Das Right!    

here is a side by side analysis

895 days ago

Jay W.     

Sounds like Syl has been making a fine living !

895 days ago


It's a damn shame that you have sueJay-Z/Kanye to do the right thing. That they ripped the stupid "sample" off is no surprise... most samples are just rip-off and tweaked versions of other folks stuff. I'm just hoping the "settlement" wasn't more like a ["back-off or ELSE] treat. Jay-Z is a cheap ass thug. LOVES to flaunt is money---but not pay bills. "EXHIBIT B" his nasty as restaurant. He has all the makings of one of those African warlords/head of state. Squandering all the countries money while living the people destitute. Zero integrity [better look that word up, Jay-Kanye. Speaking of Kanye, his mother most be in a fetal position in her grave in shame. She was a wonderful person and appeared to be the only moral compass to put a dent in Kanye conscience. I think she knew the demons that were chomping on the bit to be released in him. Sorry Ms. West, I know you tried---but they're out and they're ugly and evil.

895 days ago

The Neko Nation    

There is a reason Ray Charles hated rap. Because it's not real music. Just a bunch of ghetto rhyming while ripping off others music. Ray Charles was a class act and what African Americans should be striving to be. Unfortunately they are more like idiot rappers who only care about making money, using women, drugs, and crime. Typical for most African Americans today and truly sad.

894 days ago


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894 days ago

get a life ho    

If either of these rip-off artists had real talent they would do their own beats instead of
sampling ( stealing ) from others !

Practically every old popular funk or disco song from the 70's & 80's has been sampled ,.,.(stolen ) by rappers (thieves)

894 days ago

King of TMZ    

I dont see the similarity between Michael Jackson's "2 Bad" & This guy's song lol

894 days ago


Clearly!!! The BIG mouths in this comment section aren't producers because if you were... you'd know that inspiration is drawn from everywhere and everything for music. Especially other peoples music. Only an absolute dumbass wouldnt be able to realize that EVERYONE!!!! has elements of other musicians work in their music. Wether its sampled, replayed or several cords. PLEASE!!! dont be bias fools your entire lives people... for this is a major component that is bringing about the fall of this nation. Civilization didnt begin 18, 25, 35, 40 or 50 years ago. If you really do some honest unbias research, you'll see who the real thugs and thieves are. Of everything. Music is just the tip of the icberg. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

894 days ago


Dumb ass cRapper and cRapper Pimp stealing from real musicians. I'm shocked. I tell ya, I'm so shocked.

894 days ago


Dang its sad that someone else is trying to get Kanye and Jays song because the other guy isn't good at singing.

894 days ago

cattina kentcy    


894 days ago
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