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Kris Humphries

Kim Kept All My $$$

3/11/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris HumphriesSources close to Kris Humphries say he has no beef with the story we posted yesterday -- that he made a bundle off of his wedding to Kim Kardashian -- but according to Kris' camp ... the bballer hasn't seen a penny and Kim has it all.

We're told before they were hitched ... Kim and Kris opened a joint account in which they deposited all the money they made from the wedding and other ventures. Our sources say Kris did indeed get money for selling wedding photos and appearing on the Kardashian reality show ... but they say all that money went into the joint account and Kris never got any of it.

Here's what's perplexing. Since it was a joint account, Kris would have as much access to the money as Kim. But sources connected to Kris say he's never attempted to withdraw any of it.

As we reported yesterday ... Kris wants millions from Kim as part of the divorce settlement, even though they were together in marriage for only 72 days. 

Sources close to Kris tell us ... he doesn't even care about the money -- all he wants is an annulment. 

Problem for Kris is .... in order to get an annulment, he has to prove the marriage was fraudulent, and that's going to be tough.

Kris' lawyer had no comment.


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Teutonic Knight    

I cannot figure out why he wanted to marry that piece of badly used merchandise.

925 days ago


Sounds probable to me. Kim, give the guy his cash and let him move on. Unlike Reggie/RayJ/million others, this guy wants to get away from you. He won't come back.....wait is that the problem?

925 days ago


This guy is about as smart as a lemon....

925 days ago


I just wish that Hump gets the marriage annulled. This guy was set up and used 100% and the Kardashian and the E! network should not be allowed to get away with it.

925 days ago


Didn't Kris Jenner say that Kim did not make a dime off the wedding? How is it that Kris made money off the wedding and Kim didn't...sounds very contracditory? What would be more of a story is person/persons releasing gossip to TMZ. Who are these unnamed sources? How much were they paid for the information. If the marriage is before the courts, then certain information should be confidential as it may end hurting the Kardashian/Humphries case. The Kardashians are trying their hardest to make Kris Humphries lose this case because if he wins the Kardashian empire would be flattened. Good luck Hump. I really hope you get the annulment based on fraud. You deserve it!

925 days ago

i keeps it real    

All his lawyers have to do is subpeona the out-takes from the show and they will see how fake it is. Kris will win with no problem.

925 days ago


I am starting to think that the divorce was planned too cause idiots like you TMZ keep posting threads on this vile, disgusting SUCCUBUSSES the Whoretrashians...bit please stop kissing their vile asses, aren't you afraid of catching a disease! Either Kim sucks

925 days ago


he has to prove it was a scam. we all know it was a scam...plus they are showing her and rayjs movie for free(just google their names)...everything she does is a scam. she doesnt take her weight loss pills, she doesnt wear her own perfume, she wont wear the shoes or clothes from her own line..

925 days ago


Quit picking on Kris. Or is it more profitable or newsworthy to write about Kim? She's an idiot.

925 days ago


What is the magic number of how many stories you have to run on the skank every weekend TMZ? How much does the Klan pay TMZ every weekend to run stories so they stay current? Maybe TMZ should go on the list to boycott Kim K like the magazines, Sears, Shoedazzle-- When is enough of the Klan Harvey? Do you really make that much money or are you under contract with them.

925 days ago


He's no victim. He's just plain "duh sure kim you have a rep for being so honest and virgin like" ignorant and stupid. Now he's whining like a kid that someone told him there's no Santa. He had lawyers, agent, family and friends yet he got taken. Is this guy for real?

925 days ago


what about her talking to him about having a baby and getting off the pill and everyone watching the tv and her family knew she still kept taking the pill except for kris if that isnt fraudulent behavior what is

925 days ago


Kris, If the account is still open ...clean it out!

925 days ago


Selfish much Kim? Her greed gets tiring, TMZ stop with the pandering to this vile disturbing selfish family, enough is enough!

925 days ago


A good attorney would tell Mr. Humphries he can get an annulment years after a divorce. I can understand why he doesn't trust anyone right now, but he can't defend himself with the Kardashian lawyer, she is known as the 'pitbull'. As previously reported, collect the 7 million and walk away. An annulment in the Catholic church takes a good year if not longer but he'll have a good case and it will be granted. The only person who's making $ is Ms. Wasser, and Kris is way out of his league against this tribe. Let it go.

925 days ago
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