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Kris Humphries

Kim Kept All My $$$

3/11/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris HumphriesSources close to Kris Humphries say he has no beef with the story we posted yesterday -- that he made a bundle off of his wedding to Kim Kardashian -- but according to Kris' camp ... the bballer hasn't seen a penny and Kim has it all.

We're told before they were hitched ... Kim and Kris opened a joint account in which they deposited all the money they made from the wedding and other ventures. Our sources say Kris did indeed get money for selling wedding photos and appearing on the Kardashian reality show ... but they say all that money went into the joint account and Kris never got any of it.

Here's what's perplexing. Since it was a joint account, Kris would have as much access to the money as Kim. But sources connected to Kris say he's never attempted to withdraw any of it.

As we reported yesterday ... Kris wants millions from Kim as part of the divorce settlement, even though they were together in marriage for only 72 days. 

Sources close to Kris tell us ... he doesn't even care about the money -- all he wants is an annulment. 

Problem for Kris is .... in order to get an annulment, he has to prove the marriage was fraudulent, and that's going to be tough.

Kris' lawyer had no comment.


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Cmon now, she doesn't respect you because you didn't p!ss on her in a sex tape. If you p!ss on her, she'll at least go to lunch with you even after you've broken up.

957 days ago


He DESERVES millions! Every penny and more! I hope he wipes the floor with that lying, fraudulent, slag!

957 days ago


He should just admit he married her for fame and he committed the fraud

957 days ago

just my opinion    

this story makes no sense. why is it that whenever there is a kardashian story you guys talk in circles? get off kim's dck. team kris.

957 days ago


He didn't withdraw the money yet so she decided she'd take it all? Like she kept all the wedding gifts? Kartrashy is a thief like her pal Lowhan.

957 days ago


What a trip it must be to be so utterly hated and insulted at any given chance. I am referring to kim kardashian. Or the kardashian trifecta( kim,kris and khloe)in general.
Think about it...there is not one single actress or realty "star" out there that gets as much hatred thrown at them as kim. You see threads on various blogs about Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Chastain, and at least 75% of the comments are positive. Whereas kim gets close to 100% hated posts and insults on every single article about her on any given blog.
She is truly so loathed and despised, that even her mother and sister are hated as much and that is a shame. I would NEVER trade shoes with any of those three. There isn't enough money in the world for me to be known as a s l u t, no morals, greedy, fake, fame w h o r e and be so hated for it. Not one single blog out there will you find that it is not predominantly hate directed toward her and she can act like she has a thick skin, but deep down it has to eat at some part of her being. I would be so ashamed if I attempted the actions, extreme greed and the phoniness that epitomizes kim kardashian.
She stands for everything that is bad, she is in no way, shape or form, any kind of a role model and any guy that takes her to meet his family, you can bet that the family will be very embarrassed for their son, even if they put up a supportive front.
This is what all that money has bought for her, she sold her soul to the devil and now she will pay for it for the rest of her life, no doubt.

957 days ago


Child labor witch

957 days ago

Captain Obvious    

"Problem for Kris is .... in order to get an annulment, he has to prove the marriage was fraudulent, and that's going to be tough."


957 days ago


Humphries didn't marry Kim for the fame he is a basketball player who makes millions. If it were for fame he would not have wanted him and Kim to go back to his hometown and live in his modest home compared to the lifestyle Kim and the Kardashians live in LA. Also, I don't think he would be pushing for a annulment based on fraud if he only married her for fame. Don't know much about what it takes to be granted an annulment. I understand fraud is one reason. I think Humphries wanting an annulment shows how hurt and blindsided he was when Kim filed for divorce and the way he was and has been treated by the Kardashians before the wedding and after the wedding. Hope he gets his day in court and exposes Kim and the Kardashians for what they are.

957 days ago


God, I wish that useless waste of space known as kartrashian would just get off of this planet. Why do I have to read any so-called "news" related to this fatassed idiot? Just go away, you stupid ho. Go far far away!!!

957 days ago


They should have a reality show about this. He's gonna get raked over the coals. Hey, at least he makes a good pay check.

957 days ago


I don't see how it's going to be impossible for Kris to prove the marriage was fraudulant. The key is Kim's intentions. There is pretty good evidence that Kim had no intention of staying married to Kris for any significant length of time and her main goal was to make money from the big wedding special on E!. She dumped him as soon as the wedding special had aired for starters. There's also talk the "marriage" wasn't even consumated. Yet she tricked him into believing she was really into him and he was gonna be part of her family. Fraud. Looks like good grounds for an annulment to me.

957 days ago


TMZ, I am beyond tired of your favorably biased pro-Kardashian reporting...who do you think you're fooling?? The public has had enough of this greedy and volatile family after constantly witnessing them ALL put a price on their dignity! Proving that this narcissistic child labor witch married Kris under fraudulent terms WILL NOT be difficult! Kim Kardashian is a miserable 31-year-old who places immense value on "things" and simply married this poor man on a mission to accrue MORE "things". She will never love another human being as much as she does herself and her "things" (did you check out her shoe closet? How impressive in a world where kids still die of hunger every minute). Her blatant greed has ultimately brought her demise, and she should blame nobody but herself.

957 days ago


I'm getting really fckn tired how tmz TRIES to spin stories in Kim's favor. For one, wasn't Kris Jenner, Kris' manager at one point? Knowing how money hungry that broad is, she probably never gave him the money from his appearances etc. Also, Kris can't prove that the marriage was a fraud? HA! TMZ, around a week or so later after the divorce announcement Harvey and that black guy were on TMZ Live talking and speculating everything that seemed fake. Plus, Kim even said before the wedding that she had no plans in changing her last name, that's another big one. If she SOO loved him, she would've gladly changed her name to Kim Kardashian-Humphries. But she didn't because she had no plans for staying married.

957 days ago


I hope Kris gets his marriage annulled, but if he doesn't, I hope that AT LEAST people will stop paying any attention to the Kardashians. Even if the kardashians do have tmz on their payroll, it's just as well bc it makes everyone hate them even more and not want to watch their shows or buy their products.

957 days ago
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