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'Basketball Wives' Star

Baller Hubby Files for Divorce

3/12/2012 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Bell filed for divorce from Kenya Bell
"Basketball Wives" star Kenya Bell is finding out ... a marriage just can't hold up when you attack your husband with a box cutter -- because the guy just filed for divorce.

Former NBA'er Charlie Bell filed the papers in Michigan Court -- claiming there was a breakdown in the marriage (no duh).

Kenya -- presumably separated from Charlie at the time -- was famously arrested in May 2011, after allegedly breaking into the couple's home and attacking Charlie with a box cutter in front of their children.

Kenya was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence -- but struck a plea deal in which she avoided jail time ... pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence.

Calls to Kenya were not returned.



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My Big Salami    

A box cutter can't hurt anything? If she wanted to hurt him all she had to do was not bathe for a few days and tell him to go "DOWNTOWN" on her! Now that putrid smell would hurt antbody!

918 days ago


"struck a plea deal in which she avoided jail time ... pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence." We Americans are blessed with the greatest judicial system in the WORLD, where money talks and the rest get prison. YIKES.

918 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

I am a basketball fan but I have to ask, Who is Charlie Bell? LOL I'm guessing a no nothing 12th man on the bench....

918 days ago


She does appear to be just a tad detached from reality.

918 days ago


Jeff, he was very successful at Michigan but didn't take off in the NBA. Happens more times than you think. He is doing very well in Europe, though. He was never an NBA star, so don't feel bad for not knowing who he is.

As far as the racist comments on here, it's sad that people hide behind computers and smartphones spewing hate. Cowards. When minorities do things like this ignorant people say "ghetto" or things like 'Kathy' did in a comment on here; however, when whites do the same exact thing or worse, there's silence. A white woman can drive a car occupied with her three kids into a lake, killing all the kids, but it's blamed on mental illness. A black woman can take a box cutter to her husband (which is also bad, but not triple homicide) and she's demonized online. Don't get me wrong, this woman has serious issues and I wouldn't dare stand next to her; but, people online are racist, unintelligent cowards. I still love TMZ though.

918 days ago

Real n the field    

yup, that sounds just about right,,,, physco black woman are Kra-zeee!.

you white boys can have every last one of them.(chucke chuckle)...matter of fact
lets trade: 1 million of physo's, for 100 of your sweet blond white girlz (oh, and through in a couple of red heads, and brunette's too) :O

918 days ago

Kitty do you break into your own residence?

918 days ago


Kenya is such a hot mess. I am confused about the criteria to be a "basketball wife". Most are basketball hose.

And will they finally kick Evelyn's azz off the show when she marries a football playa? Why are they scared of her? Even Is Tami on medication? And if not, why? And Shaunie is such a suck -up. Who let Suzie off her leash? Has she bit anybody?

917 days ago


Last night on BBW, she was laughin at Kesha gettin cussed out by Tammi and now what she gotta laugh about now?????

917 days ago


Sorry that a beautiful black couple will be getting a divorce. I wish they would reconsider. But I do wish Kenya would have been the mess out of Evelyn! I hope she will do that if she comes across her again! Good luck to both of you and hopefully when you marry again, it will last forever!

896 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

Boycotting the Basketball Wives of Miami and Los Angeles
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874 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

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874 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

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874 days ago


AYE?? SH*T HAPPENS!! however i strongly disagree with her being UNINTELLIGENT...this sista has a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE AND A MBA....yall act like you've never been mad before. lol

846 days ago

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