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Donald Trump's Sons

Ignite War

Over Animal Butchery

3/12/2012 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump's two sons went on a big game hunt in Africa, and the carnage they wrought has triggered outrage by wildlife enthusiasts. 

Donald's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric -- went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago this month, and proudly showed off their trophy kills -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and water buck. 

In one shot, Donald Jr. is holding a dead elephant's tail in one hand and a knife which appears to have cut off the tail in another.

A wildlife enthusiast's website has just created a YouTube video of the slaughter expressing outrage.

As for Donald Trump, he tells TMZ, "My sons love hunting. They're hunters and they've become good at it.  I am not a believer in hunting and I'm surprised they like it."

Trump added, "I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community."


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lucy collins    

These animals put aside for very wealthy people with means to act out some antiquated safari fantasy of bravery and cunning. It is mind boggling that Trump and his offspring have the balls to actually defend themselves as "hunters" Do you really believe all the shiny and bright comments about "happy villagers" they came to save from starvation? What is ok with hacking a tail off to hold up for a photograph, is this bravery? Something is seriously wrong with these men if they are continuing to defend their actions. Did they miss somewhere that this is the 21st century and the PAST is where these wasteful, horrific and violent actions, aimed against the natural world, belong? What class of misguided rich wastrels apparently do not even consider that this deplorable activity is completely outdated and should be condemned?

954 days ago


Money, money, money, money, money doesn't buy you class or a conscience! The sons would need to be good at hunting considering the only other thing they good at doing is riding Snr's coattails... Trumps rather stay in the US, if that is what you want to do when you come to Africa we dont want you here!! Clowns!!

954 days ago


Trumps - disgusting! Millions of dollars are contributed to protect these animals and their habitat which is continually being encroached upon. Are you truly that bored? Rather than killing, you could have used your trip to enhance the world which has so blessed you financially and socially. I would rather have my paycheck and live respectfully of the world than to have your allowance and behave in such a horrific manner. SHAME!!!!

954 days ago


Real men hunt.

954 days ago


"Trump Hairdo" hunting season now open. Shoot as many of them as you want!

954 days ago

Catherine Scott     

Regarding the shooting of wild animals by the Trump boys don't they realize elephants have families and take care of themselve and their little ones. It's like killing a parent. They could put themselves to better use than slaughtering defenseless animals. I hope Karma comes back to haunt you.

954 days ago

Mary Mascarenhas    

In no way do I condone the killing of animals for sport, ESPECIALLY AN ELEPHANT, but what shocks me is how many of you are so upset over it. Women and doctors murder innocent babies barbarically everyday … it’s called abortion… what’s the big deal?

954 days ago


If I could put my hands on Donald Trump's two sons, what I would do is take them in the middle of the wild in africa with just a knife just to see if they are real "hunters".

954 days ago


I guess if they were a couple of queers going to a gay parade nobody say a damn thing

953 days ago


Can someone chase them down and cut their tail off it looks like at the outrage we could do it for a charity and HELP THE LOCALS!

953 days ago


That`s the most disgusting picture i`ve seen in ages. Is this what rich people get their kicks out of ? Sick twisted losers......

953 days ago

mike thompson    

Wow, people are stupid. I was half expecting to see pictures of his sons bludgening a puppy to death with a stick, but nope, it's just standard hunting trophies, same as keeping the head of a dear, or any other part you can't eat. Do any of you moron's realize that entire African countries now support themselves and their species protection programs through hunting? Trump paid over $100,000 to some small town for this safari, which will support their animal protection programs and the community for six months, not to mention feed 100 people for 30 days. There's a good reason why hunters are called "the original conservationists." Pull your head out and stop jumping on every bandwagon that passes by. The comments on this are so ignorant, it makes me want to rip my own eyes out.

953 days ago


its amazing what you can get away with when you have money. This makes me sick! I will never watch the apprentice again..he supports his kids.

953 days ago


i thought it was illegal to hunt all of those animals, except for the croc. poaching laws should still apply to the rich and ellite

953 days ago

joe silva    

I wish I was a real man with millions of dollars. I would then be a real hunter like this ****. I could fly in using a chopper and using a guide to tell me what to do I could shoot a trophy animal so I could stuff it and put it in a room full of others just like it and then I could have friends over and I could tell them what a great hunter I was. Instead I am just a regular old broke veteran that fought to keep our country safe so Donald and sons could get richer and kill animals to stuff! Even if I had the money to do so I would never, not for a second give up the life I have lived, not to say I wouldn't like some of the things to have gone differently. After hunting terrorist I see no point in hunting an animal that can't shoot back. wouldn't that be something though if Jr. & Eric shoot at a wild animal and the wild animal started shooting back at them? maybe if they lived a few years as real men live they would use the millions that Daddy made for other things!!! I know one thing. If something happens in the world that money is no longer what you need to live I will be OK. I don't think Jr can say the same, well maybe he could say it but he sure isn't going to live it for very long.

953 days ago
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