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Russell Brand

Named in Police Report

As Alleged Cell Phone Snatcher

3/13/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312-russell_brand_iphone_inf_EXRussell Brand has been named in a police report in New Orleans ... by a paparazzo who claims the actor snatched his cell phone out of his hand and fired it through the window of a nearby building ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... a photog named Timothy Jackson filed the report, citing "criminal damages" over an incident that went down Monday night.

Jackson told cops he was with a group of photogs ... when he began to shoot Brand with his iPhone from his car. Jackson claims Brand flipped out, wrestled the phone out of his hand ... and then Nolan Ryan'd it at a nearby building, shattering a glass window.

The pap immediately filed a police report. No word if he got his phone back.

Calls to Brand's rep have not been returned.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... cops are investigating the incident and would like to speak with Brand ASAP.



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good for him. maybe these so called photo and papparazi's will lay off. soon actors are going to punch them. I welcome that too. stop getting into people's faces.

922 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

Wow - Russell Brand is losing it.
It makes me feel like he really is missing K.P. He is going to screw up his life even more.

922 days ago


If this was true, This story makes looks Russ like he was a monster or something but let me tell you, he's a sweet,kind man, so I just dont think that phot was an inocent victim, he must have done something to really upset Russell, maybe intimate questions (about banging K.P or something)
Now If there were " a group of photogs" then I want to see pics of Russell doing that or being agressive in any way.
You guys (U.S) dont deserve Russell, he's awesome.

922 days ago


Chump, you aint all that, dirt bag look at your wardrobe and stingy brim.

922 days ago

paul a.    

More of the truth behind this skanky little man. I never thought he was funny. I always thought he was a big phoney and Im so glad Katy dumped his sorry ass.

922 days ago


Would someone please send this no talent hack back to the UK?

922 days ago


just because people are famous doesnt mean these *******s with cameras need to constantly bother them. i think if he even did snatch the phone, he had every right to. i think celebrities in public should have the right to go crazy on people who just want to be out being in their personal business. im sure normal working people wouldnt want a photographer stalking them 24/7 slandering their personal lives all over the place. everyone is so mad at him....if you were out eating or taking a walk, how would you feel about some random ******* taking a bunch of pictures of you?~? im assuming you wouldnt like it too much. you people are rediculous.

922 days ago


that don't look like no iphone to me...

922 days ago


Smart move Katy move! What an ass

922 days ago


Ok, well they trying to put chris brown in jail for that crap so lets see russell brand go right along with him.. but i guess since russel did it wont be any jail time. huh!

922 days ago


"Russell Brand vs. The Iphone" I wonder if the Iphone won.

922 days ago


Oops. Looks like Russell hasn't been doing his yoga meditation or something. I guess he wasn't "centered" emotionally very much on the day he did this. :)

I'm just glad that Katy is divorced from him now. I think Katy and her parents are glad it's over too. Katy will be just fine. I think Russell is an alright guy and a decent comedian but I've always thought that Katy could do way better for herself than him. I'd kind of like to see Katy date a guy like Taylor Kitsch or some other big Hollywood star or musician who is around her age ... 26 to 31.

If Russell wants to continue being a famous actor and comedian, he better get used to the paparazzi irritating him. It goes with that career. The paps are kind of like fleas on a dog. It's really hard to get rid of them once they're on you. There's no "anti-paps" flea collar he could wear either.

The best he could do is keep wearing the shades, a hat and get some good quality earbuds to put in his ears whenever they get close enough to yell their embarrassing, stupid questions at him.

If he got these Bose earbuds he could plug them into his iPhone and still hear it ring and then just talk because it has a built in microphone.

Here's some pretty good Bluetooth wireless earbuds if you hate dealing with wires. You can talk on the phone with these as well. You need to use the included sturdy case to protect your earbuds when you aren't using them.

922 days ago


I'm pretty sure American Idol is the one who concocted the story.

I mean THEY approached you, right, TMZ?

AI is shady.
That's why I don't even watch.

You can tell because Seacreast acts like acts car salesman.

922 days ago

Jay W.     

Nice throw Russell.

922 days ago


oOps. I mean acts like a used car salesman.

922 days ago
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