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Chris Brown’s GF

I'm Scared to DEATH of Rihanna's Crazy Fans

3/13/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
’s GF is scared to leave her house without bodyguards by her side -- and she's telling friends, it's all because Rihanna's crazy fans are threatening to kill her.

In case you missed it -- there was a lot of speculation last week that Rihanna dissed Karrueche Tran on Twitter -- posting a pic of a bag of rice cakes wearing sunglasses ... with the caption, "Ima a make u my bitch."

Rihanna and her rice cakes tweetThe joke -- Karrueche's Vietnamese ... rice cakes ... etc.

But several of Rihanna's fans took the joke one step too far -- unleashing an avalanche of violent threats on Karrueche ... like "I hope Rihanna beat the dog shit outa yo ass!" ... "Watch yo back" ... and "I will kill you."

Rihanna never admitted the rice cake jab was directed at Karrueche -- but sources close to Karrueche tell TMZ, she now refuses to leave her house without Chris Brown's hired muscle by her side.

As for Karrueche's infamous BF -- we're told CB is 100% supportive of his new lady ... despite getting close with Rihanna recently ... and is urging her not to worry.
The real lesson here -- don’t date Chris Brown.


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You're dating a s***bag. What do you expect? And what the f*** is your name? KARRUECHE?!?! Oy...

957 days ago


They are both young and playing games.Chris brown does not seem seriouse about his girlfriend. And Im suprised that he has one.Rhianna on the other hand might get in some deep trouble causing problems in chris browns relationship. People are crazy now a days and do stupid things to help someone they think they know. (famouse people.)come on people.!

957 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Whitney and Bobby ...take 2. Nice knowing you Rihanna - thanks for the music.

957 days ago


Rihanna needs to stop stalking Chris Brown & Karrueche. #MoveOn

957 days ago


Rihanna is acting so DESPERATE over her abuser. #Sick

957 days ago


America is shout out. Because people act as thought they never been are arent in a situation where they had to fight their other half God Forbid. I believe that through out the whole ordeal Chris Browns "now" girlfriend knew what she was getting into.. It wasn't like Chris brown was a boy that lived down the street.. And Honestly I think she does not need bodyguards unless somebody knows her exact address. And as far as the accusations and scrutiny with the Incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown I believe Rihanna was not all miss perfect either..

957 days ago


Man Rhianna, walking around in a daze, hair all jacked up, doing stupid garbage like that picture, wow she's becoming a giant s***bag, here's a hint GET AWAY FROM THE SATANISTC ILLUMINATI LOVERS, Find God Rhianna, you need him bad in your life. WOW.

957 days ago


Rihanna's got a sweet face, which doesn't match her scrambled up, mind. Underneath it turns out she's a thug. Oh wait. She already told us, with tattoos. Ewwww. Rihanna's a loser. She needs a Total PR make-over. Chick got s*** for brains.

957 days ago


It's only a matter of time before this monkey beats this ignorant b**ch. Perhaps the next time he will actually kill this one. No sympathy for anyone who date that animal.

957 days ago


pretty clear now that Rianna isnt a sweet innocent "victim" like she portrayed when all that went down with her and CB...shes got Thug Life tatts, a gun tatt, and posting pics like that...ya u must have done NOTHING to start a fight with him right? she needs to dial down the trashiness and stop acting like she was some brutally beaten woman...

957 days ago


Well, well, well... Isn't Rhianna a racist pig.

957 days ago


He's a waste of flesh. Karrueche (sounds like a forgein douche) HAHA, she just wants the fame attached to CB. I think Rihanna posted that pic meaning she herself was gonna make the rice cakes her bitch because she really likes them. But when no one knows or cares who you are, isn't someone who is successful who they would try to smear? Think so.

957 days ago

Sha Mor    

Let me start off by saying I am #RihannaNavy. Do I support everything she is doing. YESSS!!! Face it all females can be b**ches and if Kae can't keep up that's her problem. Chris Brown has wanted Rihanna back every since the day she left him. He proves it in the CAKE remix when he takes about f**king her. The fact is Rihanna and CB are both crazy. They crave the drama in the relationship to keep sh*t going. If I was Kae I would leave, first of all her and CB are in a OPEN relationship. So really she has no right to get mad at anything that CB and Rihanna do. Also, everyone that follows Rihanna knows that she has a mouth on her. So Kae really needs to stop taking everything RiRi says so personally.

957 days ago


RiRi is a classless POS, Brown is a woman beating POS, and this Karrueche person... who gives a sh*T!? Only thing noteworthy about these douchebags is that Chris Brown and his present punching bag look like they could be brother and sister.

957 days ago


All this for Chris Brown? A violent GF beater? So I guess we are not dealing with a Mensa applicant are we?....

957 days ago
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