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Hines Ward

TERRIFIED of News Leak

During DUI Arrest

3/13/2012 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pittsburgh Steelers
legend Hines Ward had ONE concern during his DUI arrest last summer ... the media finding out about it -- this according to police dash cam footage obtained by TMZ.

During the tape, Ward asks one of the arresting officers, "This going to be all on the newspaper though?" The officer replies, "Only if you tell somebody."

DUI is no laughing matter -- but there is one funny moment, when Hines was sitting in the back of the squad car and the officer slammed on the brakes ... sending Ward's forehead into the plastic divider.

TMZ broke the story -- Ward was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia last July after a police officer observed the football star failing to maintain lane in his Aston Martin ... and hitting a curb.

The DUI charge was eventually dropped as part of a plea bargain last month -- when Ward pled guilty to reckless driving instead ... and was sentenced to a year probation.

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No Avatar

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Nutha black affflete busted dogg! You gossta be yankin my chain Holmes! Damnnnnn doggg, anutha one!!? sheeeeeeit...

917 days ago

David's washed UP    

Hines Ward is such a LIAR. He knew he was drunk as hell, It just shows the character of HINES WARD. He lied thru his teeth. He knows he was drunk and look it he gets off with reckless driving. If it was you or me we would be facing DUI.. He stinks as far as his character and im glad the steelers got rid of hi lying butt.

917 days ago


the media disgusts me

917 days ago

PRO US    

A poor guy who can't afford an expensive lawyer will get convicted for DUI while a rich guy who can afford an expensive lawyer will either not get convicted, will have his conviction and arrest expunged if he keeps the peace for a year or two, might have to do a commercial or a lecture to a group on behalf of the pol-leese or will get a ticket instead for reckless driving. And that's what passes for the "justice" system in America, people.

917 days ago

There's a problem here    

He seems kind of drunk. However, at least he wasn't in the bathroom of a bar getting a BJ by a falling down drunk woman like the quarterback did so that's in his favor.

917 days ago


"The officer replies, "Only if you tell somebody."" - so a cop got paid to release this tape - total BS

917 days ago


this lowlife's idea of blocking ppl was to punch them square in the jaw, even if they were nowhere near the ball. he's a jerk

917 days ago


Hines should not have been drinking hammered. That being said, lets get real the NFL has a "rapist", a "murderer', a dog killer", hundreds of druggies and God only knows what else. As for the steelers the only ass on the team is Ben. When he got married, he blacked out the windows of his busses and had the roads blocked off, so the (little people); the dimwits who pay his salary couldn't "bother him". He hates Pittsburgh and the fans; and the feeling is mutual; except for all the drunks.

917 days ago


he should sue the police dept now for selling the tape.

917 days ago


He was arrested like a year ago, the case was closed months ago. Why are you featuring this video now?

917 days ago


TMZ I am wishing that some big celeb. puts money up to get all the dirt on everyone at tmz.

916 days ago


DUI is no laughing matter and if you think it is then just wait until a friend or family member gets killed by a drunk driver. I know there are alot of bad cops but I still don't condone people DUI. Also, I don't blame the Pittsburgh Steelers for getting rid of Hines Ward but they should have gotten rid of Ben Roethlisberger also. The reason they didn't is because Ben won 2 Superbowls and they knew the QB is more difficult to replace. JMO!

916 days ago

Frank Majchrzak    

I don't believe this information has to be replaced to further embarrass one of the Steelers finest. And I can't believe you find it funny that his face smashed into the plastic seperator when the Officer slammed on his brakes. I guess you can be ignorant and still hold a reporters job.

916 days ago


i love how "terrified" is in all caps in the headline, and hines is like calmly talking about it in the video. **** tmz

916 days ago

Big Ozzie    

OK, so you folks are just as bad. Hines is a great individual and simply putting this out shows the lack of respect the media has for men/women who entertain us on a daily basis. Some deserve the attention, but not Hines. He made a mistake and acted in a respectable way as far as his situation was concerned. Anything to make a buck.

916 days ago
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