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Jermaine Jones

Will Be Kicked Off

'American Idol'

3/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jones will be kicked off American Idol
Jermaine Jones will be kicked off "American Idol" Wednesday night, after producers learned he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, producers discovered Tuesday that Jermaine had lied about his criminal history and that triggered the decision to confront him on camera Tuesday afternoon. 

We're told one of the incidents involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers.  He also lied to cops by giving them fake names both times he was arrested.

"A.I." sources tell us ... Jermaine will appear on the show tomorrow night before he is sent packing.

Over the last few days, we've been reporting that Jermaine told producers his father abandoned him 10 years ago, but his dad called TMZ and called B.S. on his son, saying they see each other regularly. 

Jermaine began tweeting that he never told producers about his dad abandoning him.  We're told the producers -- who knew Jermaine had made the statement -- became generally suspicious and began looking more closely at his background, and that's what led to the revelation of his criminal history.  


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AI didn't do their ``home work`` in ALL this time!!!
Someone needs ``````````` FIRED!!! ASAP!

932 days ago


Lying criminal ******.

932 days ago

be careful...these are allegations    

tmz shld know better to write this story without properly clarifying....if he was arrested, but not convicted, then it is all based on allegations and not 'criminal history'. if there was no conviction, then there was no crime! I suspect if Jermaine didn't look the way he did, this article would have been written more carefully

932 days ago


This is NOT exclusive TMZ! The Hollywood Reporter was reporting this hours ago! Liars.

932 days ago


American Idol should do background checks on ALL contestants BEFORE they room with other contestants. Do they put some of the under 18 yr old kids in the rooms with ADULT contestants that may have a criminal record?????

932 days ago


American Idol producers should kick Jermaine off the show don't need people like him tostand there and lie it's not right and it's not fare when people are really trying to get ahead in life. people would lie and do anything to get ahead in life and they don't care who they hurt. KICK JERMAINE OFF THE SHOW DIDN'T LIKE HIM IN THEFIRST PLACE I KNEW SOMETHING WASN'T RIGHT ABOUT HIM...... JERMAINE YOU ARE A FAKE I HOPE GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU.

932 days ago


Look at all the Racist white people hiding behind the computer. If you didn't notice, there are more white people in jail than Asians. We have white people who molest school children, white people who beat their wife, and white people who rob banks.

What gives you white people to be so racist toward s Africans?

We also have a bunch of white kids bringing their guns to school and shooting all their friends because they are lonely? Or how about a group of white teens beating to death a gay kid?

Yeah, white people are so Holy... LOL

932 days ago


Filled with White people for all those racist white people here. LOL

932 days ago


So sad for Jermaine because he cannot continue his dream anymore. I agree that he shouldn't have lied but I guess its a case of "you gotta do what you gotta do" to achieve something.

I'm also furious when I read the comment thread because it's very evident that racists still exist in America. What a rotten racist culture.Remember that the news is that Jermaine will be kicked-off American Idol because he has criminal issues and NOT Jermaine is a criminal because he's black. GET YOUR PERSPECTIVES RIGHT PEOPLE!

For all it's worth, Jermaine was a good singer! Also, if he's not yet proven/sentenced guilty, then he should be given the presumption of innocence(considered innocent) --- Am I right Atty. Harvey Levin?

932 days ago


RACIST! RACIST! Call the Johnny Cochran law firm.

932 days ago


That's what he gets. I find him rather boring anyway. I won't miss him.

932 days ago


Big shock....not....he is as fake as a three dollar bill.

932 days ago


What a complete moron!!! I can't believe he thought for one minute that he would become this huge Star and his past wouldn't come back to bite him on the butt.

932 days ago


I predict he will be the next big star!

932 days ago


I'm not surprised this ****** was lying because thats all they do. If the aren't robbing a corner store, smoking/selling weed, spending their food stamps, having babies left and right, ignoring their babies, or eating fried chicken & watermelon, they're lying! Its sad but true. ******s will always be ******s. I bet the person he assaulted insulted his baby mama, or drunk the last bit of Kool Aid. SMH

932 days ago
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