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Jermaine Jones

Will Be Kicked Off

'American Idol'

3/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jones will be kicked off American Idol
Jermaine Jones will be kicked off "American Idol" Wednesday night, after producers learned he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, producers discovered Tuesday that Jermaine had lied about his criminal history and that triggered the decision to confront him on camera Tuesday afternoon. 

We're told one of the incidents involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers.  He also lied to cops by giving them fake names both times he was arrested.

"A.I." sources tell us ... Jermaine will appear on the show tomorrow night before he is sent packing.

Over the last few days, we've been reporting that Jermaine told producers his father abandoned him 10 years ago, but his dad called TMZ and called B.S. on his son, saying they see each other regularly. 

Jermaine began tweeting that he never told producers about his dad abandoning him.  We're told the producers -- who knew Jermaine had made the statement -- became generally suspicious and began looking more closely at his background, and that's what led to the revelation of his criminal history.  


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Yes, racism is alive and thriving in America. There is a very good reason for it too. Do other races commit crimes? Yes, but not nearly in the percentile that blacks in America do. With other races it is an aberration, with most American blacks it is a lifestyle.

956 days ago


I cannot for the life of me see why they brought this guy back in the first place. He is HORRIBLE. I saw no musical future for him. America voted him off and the pathetic judges brought him back. I'm hoping they turned him over to the authorities so they can resolve the warrants.

956 days ago

Beth Turnbull    

Gentle Giant my ass. What a loser.

956 days ago


Nobody is prefect. I feel there things should have been checked before it came this far. Some of the comments are Racial. I do not like it when the media exposed people. This could have been a big turn around for him. Judge yourself first. One of the comments was the 6'8 ape. We all wonder why things happens to us. Everyone should have a chance to make it big. Listen to him speak first.

956 days ago


That is a real bummer. Obviously, not to intelligent and when you lie it comes back to bite you in the a**.

956 days ago


Hey all you racists, there have been plenty of white people disqualified from American Idol because they found out they had a criminal past-- so get off you racist bigoted horse and bite me!

956 days ago


I am shocked at all the racists posting on this story right now. Black or white or whatever color you may be, I'm sure you have made mistakes as well. Get off your racist high horses.

956 days ago


it's not that he's committed crimes, it's that he's lied about it..if he had been honest in the first place, then maybe the producers could've used that for "sympathy" instead of his father leaving him as a kid..
whatever the case..this is a family show so most of the voters are young teens, it would cause an outrage to parents if AI lets a guy with outstanding warrants be a contestant on the show
and btw-so many racist comments on here, and from what i see it's people attacking white the hell do you know that the commenters calling him a n**ger are white??? Stfu already soooooo sick of everyone blaming white people for black racism.

956 days ago


So TMZ doesn't like liars, yet they promote the he!! out of the KockROACHian family.

956 days ago

carrie smith    

This is bull can't u guys see this is to cover AI ass I know for a fact American Idol does 2 count them 2 background checks and you sit down with 2 detectives and also fox 29 in philly reported that they check with NJ police department and Jermaine does not have a warrants and never been arrested so AI told that bogus story to get more ratings.

956 days ago


damn him!
he cheated someone out of their dreams!

956 days ago


I lived in a predominantly black neighborhood for 15 years and my bedroom window was right above a bus stop. Let me tell you, I heard EVERYTHING being said and there are no bigger racists in America the black people, not to mention the most misogynistic people as well. I personally do not care what color a person's skin is, I myself am in a mixed marriage, so I don't classify myself as racist but I am a "culturist" and American black culture today is utterly shameful. I remember when the ice cream truck would come rolling up the street it would be blasting out rap music, "F!@# THE B!^@# UP THE @$$" would be blaring out of its loudspeaker as all the kiddies came running. I could go on and on with stories but I'll leave it at this, blacks in America reap what they sow.

956 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Crooked is as crooked does...

956 days ago


Damn, I mean how much more RACIST can the commentators on this board be? I mean, seriously. FACT: On quite a few of the urban sites I frequent, there's always at least 3-4 posts discussing how racist TMZ is. Don't believe me? Check a few of em' out for yourselves. As a matter-of-fact, Harvey has a couple of links of said sites directly to your right. Listen, I'm not a fan of Jermaine Jones, but something about this story is fishy. Why in the hell dosen't the producers, or whoever the hell's responsible, check the contestants out beforehand? This **** is sooo 101. That's what the heck they get for being so damn stupid.

956 days ago


So what if he has a criminal past. What does that have to do with him singing?

956 days ago
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