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Kim Kardashian

My Husband Already Cashed In

On Our Marriage

3/13/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Sources extremely close to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tell TMZ ... Kris is full of B.S. when he says he didn't cash in on their wedding -- they say he's already profited handsomely and his greed is now being exposed.

TMZ broke the story ... Kris claims all the the money he and Kim made from the wedding and surrounding events went into a joint bank account and he hasn't taken a penny. But our sources say ... not true.

According to sources, Kris -- who raked in a million bucks from the wedding and somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 for his appearances on the reality show -- HAS withdrawn some of his loot ... but he spent a big chunk of the withdrawal on the wedding and Kim's ring.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell us, the money Kris made on the realty show was transferred directly into one of his business accounts ... separate from Kim.

Our sources say the joint account is now frozen until a judge decides who gets what, but bottom line ... Kris is bellyaching about money he has never been denied.



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Every time I see this mouth breathing ape with his open mouthed underbite, I think of the Randy puppet he resembles from Pee Wee 's playhouse. Snot nosed boy is so worried he won't be able to buy a fishing boat when he retires in 2 years and gies back to live with his mommy for life in the backwater in MN.

954 days ago


And the lies continue.
I swear, she should hook up with eric trump, that is a perfect couple right there.
Allow me to explain something, as this delusional woman tries to lie yet again (rolls eyes).
Before she became this so called " businesswoman ", she was doing whatever she could to get herself in the spotlight and date athletes.
She made, from what I hear, a disgusting sex tape where she gets urinated on and she loved it.
From the brew ha ha of that, she got her desired publicity.
Doing nasty things like this, vying for any photo op, dating anyone she could find with money, is how this woman made her way. The degenerate way. Aren't we proud.
It's like strippers making their money so they can go to college.(cough)
Here's the rub- there are countless thousands out there struggling to create a business of their own. They have the business plans and pro formas in place, all the components thought out, but no one will lend them the money to get it off the ground. Yet, we never see them stoop so low as to get naked, then urinated on, and have sex with someone with fame and money, recorded purposefully on tape and then secretly release it, while crying foul.
She made her money without dignity or a soul and that is why she has been able to launch all these businesses, while the people with morals, dignity and ethics are unable to get their businesses off the ground.
This walking dollar sign has absolutely NOTHING to be proud of at all. Keep fooling yourself kim, while the world hates you and laughs at you.
By the way- I was at the Vanity Fair party for the Oscars and you should have seen what she was wearing. Her breasts were on full display and all the real celebrities were laughing at her. Everyone knows what a clown she is.
kim was truly the big joke at the party and she was the only one dressed like a glorified prostitute. Her dress was absolutely ridiculous. No shame whatsoever. Ugh.

954 days ago


it took the kardash people a few days to come up with info on this issue, makes you wonder if its true. if they have nothing to hide, why did they offer him money to settle, not speak and just go away? i hope the judge lets humps attorney, question them in open court. they have kloe, friend john and all family and friends trashing him and he cant defend himself. the reason they had kloe, trash him is because they think she is more liked than the others, therefore the public will believe her. prove he is wrong in open court. the reason he asked for 7million was he knew they would never give that amount, so they would fight him in court, where he wants them.

954 days ago


Why is this wanna be lousy porn *snicker* star still yacking?

954 days ago


Not true. "Sources close to...." don't even know what is in which bank account, how would they?Honestly.....!

954 days ago


Wait... she's calling HIM greedy? Oh, that's rich.

954 days ago


Never try to make a whore into a housewife... it'll always cost you in the end.

954 days ago


The Kardashian BS train rides again and TMZ is the conducter!

Still no proof of this claim!

She said she didn't make ANY money off of the wedding - now the money they made is separate.

And we all know if Kris H had dared removed monies from their joint account - TMZ would been the first one they called to say he was stealing from Kim - so he did the right thing!

Can someone please tell MIKE WALTERS that it doesn't matter how many times he vehemently defends the human urinal - Kim Kardashian - she isn't going to come to TMZ, fall into his chubby spray-tanned arms and live happily ever after!

954 days ago



954 days ago


TMZ seems to be extremely supportive of Kim in most of their articles. Care to tell us why you would support a talentless celeb? Maybe you have some sort of agreement with Kim?

Seems to me, Kim is just jealous of Kris. I believe in Kris more than Kim.

954 days ago

Will always LOVE RJ    

Im so tired of hearing about thus used washed up WHORE!!

954 days ago


i wonder how pissed off she is or in her case how pissed on...maybe she'll finally start that website of hers "unination nation"

954 days ago


Well Ms KK, I thought you said you guys did not make a single cent off the wedding??!!

954 days ago

For Gods Sake    

BS Tmz you sellouts! Kartrashian ass kissers. Give it up

954 days ago


All I can say KIMMY is F.U. You should go back to porn. You are a no name, leg spreading looser. At least Kris has skills and has a real career. What do you have? Zilch.. (Money doesn't buy happiness) Pretty much the whole populous dislikes you...And you know what is really sad? Your poor sisters has to take the heat cuz America hates only you.. ( well maybe your mom as well)

954 days ago
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