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Kim Kardashian

My Husband Already Cashed In

On Our Marriage

3/13/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Sources extremely close to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tell TMZ ... Kris is full of B.S. when he says he didn't cash in on their wedding -- they say he's already profited handsomely and his greed is now being exposed.

TMZ broke the story ... Kris claims all the the money he and Kim made from the wedding and surrounding events went into a joint bank account and he hasn't taken a penny. But our sources say ... not true.

According to sources, Kris -- who raked in a million bucks from the wedding and somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 for his appearances on the reality show -- HAS withdrawn some of his loot ... but he spent a big chunk of the withdrawal on the wedding and Kim's ring.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell us, the money Kris made on the realty show was transferred directly into one of his business accounts ... separate from Kim.

Our sources say the joint account is now frozen until a judge decides who gets what, but bottom line ... Kris is bellyaching about money he has never been denied.



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Do you think TMZ could stop being such ******* and just identify the "source" which is probably Kim Kardashian? Let's face it. The only persons that would probably know anything about where money comes in and out is her.

918 days ago


Of course either TMZ makes this up or is requested to post something this stupid by the Kardouchian family who's in this pay for play game with TMZ. That said we'll never know the truth as the court record will be sealed. Furthermore the sooner you stop reporting on this family the better as she's not a star and when somebody called her an idiot and TMZ reported it that was a real breakthrough. It's even more amusing that since she owns a retail shop she thinks she's smart considering she admitted she never read the contract for her overpriced credit cards. Please never forget Kim came to fame by getting pissed on by a third rate rap guy in a "leaked" (pun intended) porno. Nobody cares. I've never watched her show and she's never made a penny from me. I have no desire to see some whore who makes a living impaling herself on black athletes.

918 days ago

Give me a break!    

"sorces very close to the lard-assians." Yeah you mean like their mother? TMZ/Harvey its obviouse since the get go you've been kissing their fat asses for years and they use you/TMZ as their own personal publicity service. Try some objective "reporting" once in a while and try not to make it soobvious tiy guys are just like one of their twitter accounts, but here they can use more words.

918 days ago


And again, TMZ is trying to spin every story in Kim's favor. What made me laugh is that you said that he spent a big chunk of the money of her ring, when yet, an article not even a week old you said that SHE bought the ring. Seems like TMZ is like the Kardashians, getting caught in their own lies.

918 days ago

Fat Mike    

She should have married me!

918 days ago

Mary P    

Wait wait wait - she says he spent the money he earned FROM the wedding after, on the wedding and ring BEFORE it happened? Keep talking in circles baby. We see through it.

918 days ago


According to Kim, a few months back, they made no money on the wedding. Now, not only did they supposedly make millions, but of the millions Kris made he spent it for the wedding? That makes no sense. He should also be reimbursed for the ring, if he paid for it as she is now implying.

918 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

TMZ, please, "our sources"? Just who is your "source"? Kim herself? Momma Jenner? We all know it's somebody from the KRAPTRASH family!

918 days ago


OMFG!!!! Shut UP already Kim!!

918 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Where I come from, the word Kardashian = Greed in the dictionary.

918 days ago


Greedy, narcissistic, useless whore!

918 days ago


Yeah, right. The bank account that is "now frozen". It was probably frozen the day she separated from him. And if he actually did spend some of the money and the wedding and to pay Kim for the ring she had before she met him, then I would bet that it was during their marriage.

918 days ago


NOBODY cares! STOP reporting on these pathetic excuses for human beings!!!!!!!

918 days ago


They are both ridiculous. Her more so than he. I just want Kim to go away. I think she is an airhead, and a horrible example for young women. KIM: TAKE A NOTE FROM PRINCESS KATE!!! AND I DON'T MEAN A BIG WEDDING. Kris, you need to play pro ball overseas and take Russell Brand with you.You can come back but please make sure he stays somewhere else.

918 days ago


Well - I guess we can't hire Oren Ishsii to take Kim out, since Kiddo already took care of her - but what if we all just wished REALLY hard that Kim & the rest of her family would all just step out in front of a bus?

Or should we wish that on Harvey for endlessly reporting on these WORTHLESS NOBODIES!?

918 days ago
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