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Lisa Lampanelli

The Trumps Can KILL

Whatever Animals They Want

3/13/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Lisa Lampanelli is standing firmly behind her TV boss ... telling TMZ she "LOVES" the fact that Donald Trump's sons went on an animal-killing spree in Zimbabwe.

Lampanelli was out in NYC last night ... when we asked about the controversial Trump hunting trip last year ... in which Donald Jr. and Eric killed an elephant, crocodile, waterbuck and more.

Lisa replied, "I love the fact that Mr. Trump and the little other Mr. Trump ... and the other one [approve of hunting] ... I would love it if Ivanka got out there with a bazooka."

She added, "Hunt all you want g*d d*mmit."

As we previously reported, Don Jr. claims he wasn't just killing for fun ... insisting the meat from his kills were used to feed local villagers.


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What the hell is wrong with this woman?

954 days ago


it's called a water buffalo not a waterbuck

954 days ago


She needs to shut her loud mouth. She is so obnoxious. POS with no morals!

954 days ago


Is this trailer trash unfunny celeb the best mouth the Trumps can get to support them now?
She is too desperate for publicity.

954 days ago

Wishbone long as Lisa Lampanelli approves....

954 days ago


not to sound like a dirty slut or perverted... but that tusk could actually be a good whip.

954 days ago


Lisa, who?

954 days ago


First of all, those animals WERE killed for sport: cruel, blood thirsty sport. And it didn't stop there. After murdering an elephant, this douche cuts its tail off, desecreting the corpse. The only people who do that are hunters. People who thrive off the gun, the canned hunt "chase," and the rush they get from taking the life of another living thing. It's a rare breed of man who finds pleasure in this vile activity. Not the kind of man I want in my life. Who in this world takes pleasure in murdering an elephant!? A living creature with a soul, family, feelings and a supreme reason to live. This guy -- Donald Trump, Junior. Take the gun out of hands, send him back to the African wild with none of his filthy cash, then I will watch. And Lisa Lampanelli joins the group of my ban on all things Trump.

954 days ago


Eff you....Jacksonfive210 !!!

954 days ago


The thing that bothers me the most about this is the "feeding the villagers" BS. He wanted to feel like a big man by killing wild animals for sport. There are MANY other ways to help out poor African villagers that will do much more good if that is your goal.

While I disagree with sport hunting in general, I have even less respect for someone that won't admit that it is the reason he did the hunting.

954 days ago


Save an elephant, kill a Lampanelli.

954 days ago


Stop Trump Jr.'s Bigotry and Animal Abuse, sign the petition via @change

954 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

I have a plan - put these cowards out in Africa without any weapons or guides - see if these SOBs will successfully kill more animals. Dirty sons of parasitical w-hores.

And this fat bitch needs to be put in a cage with Lions - never mind I'm sure her disgusting fat ass is too unhealthy and not very nutritional for a lion's diet.

954 days ago


ohh no she didn't!!! We are going to boycott her now because we have nothing better to do!!! How dare she voice her opinion that we dont agree with. Now im going to go eat some hamburgers and chicken that have been locked in small cages and slaughtered because thats ok but not what the trumps boys did because they are rich.

954 days ago


Well that settles that. I'm no longer a fan of Lisa Lampanelli's.

954 days ago
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