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Lisa Lampanelli

The Trumps Can KILL

Whatever Animals They Want

3/13/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Lisa Lampanelli is standing firmly behind her TV boss ... telling TMZ she "LOVES" the fact that Donald Trump's sons went on an animal-killing spree in Zimbabwe.

Lampanelli was out in NYC last night ... when we asked about the controversial Trump hunting trip last year ... in which Donald Jr. and Eric killed an elephant, crocodile, waterbuck and more.

Lisa replied, "I love the fact that Mr. Trump and the little other Mr. Trump ... and the other one [approve of hunting] ... I would love it if Ivanka got out there with a bazooka."

She added, "Hunt all you want g*d d*mmit."

As we previously reported, Don Jr. claims he wasn't just killing for fun ... insisting the meat from his kills were used to feed local villagers.


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He's a "TRUMP" what did we expect!! Just another rich loser doing stupid sh** with their money instead of putting it towards bettering their Country!! I loved Lampanelli wont ever watch her again!!!

918 days ago


Hypocrites! If you eat meat then an animal died for you to eat it. There is no difference, except the hamburger, bacon or chicken on your plate was probably treated worse before it was slaughtered than any of the animals killed by Trump. And if you wear leather or fur you're just as guilty!

918 days ago


Oh , ignore that Heifer , she's just worried about her own skin -- pun intended

918 days ago


This woman needs to shut her big fat trap.

918 days ago


by the way azz ole jacksonfive210:...youre right I am not white...but also I dont name myself aftwer some dead pedophile drug addicy\t...go join that bastard MJ, cause you dont know whose white and who isnt...racist black bastard!
1.Im white and not black dumbass and Im not racist
2. I hate MJ and think he's a drug addict pedophile that name is kind of a joke because I hate him so much.
3. How am I right your not white??
4.You dont have to be white to act like white trashy
5.Your comments to me and saying my mom blows you shows your trash and not educated go back to the trailer park POS.

918 days ago


No CutTheCrap, It is not a Water Buffalo, it is a Cape Buffalo. There are no Water Buffalo in Africa, you have to go to Asia or India for that. You guys probably think there are Tigers in Africa as well. Wrong! Asia and India.

918 days ago


PETA P-eople E-njoying T-asty A-nimals

918 days ago


First of all, I don't like Lisa Lampanelli. I think she is crude, vulgar and foul mouthed and I don't think she is one bit funny.
Secondly, to me it would make a lot of sense to do something else than kill an elephant for the village. I don't oppose hunting for meat to actually eat. It's for sport that I object to it. I think that the village or villages would survive much better if they found a way to help them sustain themselves rather than subsist on the leavings of hunters. How long did that elephant meat actually last them??? Trump has the money to donate to organizations that can actually help them feed their villages for the long haul. There's a saying that goes" Feed a person a fish and they will eat for a day, teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifefime"
They can donate chickens so the villages have both meat and eggs. Goats for milk and hair to make stuff with. Cows and pigs for milk and meat. Even rabbits!!!

918 days ago

Jay W.     

I want to pull it out of her A$$ and shove it in her mouth.
Lisa is funny as hell... sometimes.

918 days ago


This woman is a PIG!!!! Maybe someone will shut this slob up.
What a gross, unattractive human being this person is. She's to disgusting to be called a woman.
I'm so tired of loud mouthed slobs thinking their opinion matters.

918 days ago


You are an idiot!!

918 days ago


When will **** Cheney take Lisa lampanelli hunting?

918 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

No talent and no brains on this fat water buffalo, who and what is she?

918 days ago


She's a jackass. She sounds like a fool. Is she kissing all that Trump a$$ because she's the new Celebrity Apprentice?

918 days ago


What an idiot!

918 days ago
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