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Lisa Lampanelli

The Trumps Can KILL

Whatever Animals They Want

3/13/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Lisa Lampanelli is standing firmly behind her TV boss ... telling TMZ she "LOVES" the fact that Donald Trump's sons went on an animal-killing spree in Zimbabwe.

Lampanelli was out in NYC last night ... when we asked about the controversial Trump hunting trip last year ... in which Donald Jr. and Eric killed an elephant, crocodile, waterbuck and more.

Lisa replied, "I love the fact that Mr. Trump and the little other Mr. Trump ... and the other one [approve of hunting] ... I would love it if Ivanka got out there with a bazooka."

She added, "Hunt all you want g*d d*mmit."

As we previously reported, Don Jr. claims he wasn't just killing for fun ... insisting the meat from his kills were used to feed local villagers.


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natesherry burns    

if you know lisa lampinelli, you know that ,that is her humor.if they are helping villagers with the meat and using the hides and heads then there should be no problem!

954 days ago


Classic, gotta love a woman that likes to hunt. You want to see some good hunting check out

954 days ago


Same old excuse for killing just for sport. I'm sure the Trump dopplegangers went all the way to Africa to feed the poor villagers. I am sick at the thought of killing an elephant. They have family units, communicate, grieve, remember, protect their young, have been proven to be intelligent and self aware. I hope Karma bites every one of them in the butt.

954 days ago



954 days ago


Leave africa's animals alone,we already have poachers killing our animals we dont need people killing them for sport

954 days ago


People that hunt for sport are sick. I hope their guns explode in their face. In the last week I've over heard 3 guys talk about shooting cats. Are they that hard up to kill something that they shoot domesticated cats for fun. You hunters are sick puppies. Don't tell me you need it to survive. We have grocery store to survive from.

954 days ago


Like the villagers don't know how to hunt to feed themselves! These lowlife Trumps and this pig of a woman should all be put into a reserve and be hunted just for the hell of it.

954 days ago


I think this Lisa chick has real anger and personality problems from watching her on trumps show, shes a basket case. Pathetic. yuk

954 days ago


Lisa Lampinelli is a crude, rude, no talent . Her babble is just that... babble. Of course she will cheer her 'boss' he;s paying her big $$ to be on his show... and she needs a job!

954 days ago

Tony Campopiano    

What a stupid vicious calous human being!

954 days ago

gee bee    

Hunting a water buffalo is like killing a stray dog. They are used to having people around and are not expecting to get gun down. To shoot, kill and pose with it like you just accomplished something daring is laughable. Probably found the one he shot digging around the rubbish bin.

954 days ago


STFU you ugly low life!

954 days ago


PETA pisses me off they killed over 1,900 animals they take in alone also from July 1998 through the end of 2003, PETA killed over 10,000 dogs, cats, and other "companion animals" at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. They kill over 85% of the animals they take in and there are other reports with the % to be higher. I understand they have to kill some of them because they cant find homes but 85% or over seems like alot. I wouldnt like my odds of living if I was a dog and taken by them.PETA spends less than one percent of its multi-million dollar budget actually helping animals they got a giant walk-in freezer and said it cost them $9,370 but why do they need it so bad if they dont eat meat or dairy foods.

954 days ago


I was thinking my wife and I would search out an appearance by Lisa, but now I think we'll pass..She's nutz!

954 days ago


She has obviously "sold her soul" and for the right price, anything would be OK with her. She knows where her "bread is buttered" and that takes priority over morality. She disgusts me.

954 days ago
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