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Michael Vick

Bankruptcy Destroyer

3/13/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is conquering his economic demons with a VENGEANCE -- tackling creditors in his bankruptcy case left and right ... and TMZ has learned, he's just a paycheck away from total financial freedom.

You'll recall ... Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008 after the infamous dog-fighting scandal -- when he lost his NFL salary and several lucrative endorsement deals. According to court docs, Vick owed approximately $20 MILLION to dozens of creditors.

But Vick's been busting his ass to pay off his debts ever since he was reinstated with the Eagles in 2009 -- in fact, according to a new filing in his bankruptcy case, he's already reduced his outstanding debt to less than $400,000.

According to the docs, the outstanding debt is owed to Bank of America (related to one of his properties), BMW financial services, and his friendly neighborhood tax collector.

Sounds like a lot of money -- but to put it in perspective ... Vick earned over $11 MILLION between July and September 2011.

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Lock this guy in a cage with all of the pit bulls he turned into attack dogs. He'll always be a blot on the Eagle's organization, or any other team who employs this sick f*ck.

923 days ago


Good for him, but he *should* pay them back - they are his debts. To quote Chris Rock: "Wadda ya want, a cookie?"

923 days ago


He's human garbage.

923 days ago


Sorry TMZ not only is this guy still a massive douche and dog killer he's also not even close to having paid all his bills. They never should have allowed him to do a bankruptcy in the first place and should have waited to see if he was able to make a comeback, which he did, so he could pay off all his debtors. He's only going to pay back about half of his major bills in the end and there's plenty of business that he screwed that will never see a dime due to that bankruptcy. Don't let his pr person fire off some kind of heartwarming fax as if paying your bills makes you a good guy. As a tax payer I paid part of his bills, just like I paid for his incarceration. Where's my refund? He's not fooling anybody, his only regret is getting caught otherwise Old Yeller would be seeing the never ending dunk tank this morning.

923 days ago


Good for you vick....now go and play in traffic you thug!

923 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

I hope this is a sort of wake up call to others that it can all go away real fast. Manage your finances. Yes, they all won't be in such a shocking manner but it can go real fast.

923 days ago

northern gypsy    

it's awesome that he's taking responsibility for his financial debt...
winning back the public's respect is another matter...

923 days ago


Looks to me like this guy has paid both of his debts to society! I like him!

923 days ago


Waste of human flesh. Horrible human being. I hate this guy and I wish he would move far way. I know, save your money and go see Richard Branson, let him take you into space and LEAVE YOUR ASS THERE. Preferrably without a space helmet :)

923 days ago


SICK of all this MV bashing. Enough is enough. At least the man is working to pay off his debt. Most of you say hell with it & don't even bother after bankruptcy. He has been punished and served his time according to the law.

Another thing... all you MV Haters. When is the last time you volunteered your time at a animal shelter? Donated YOUR $$ or animal food to a animal charity? Took in a stray animal? Walked a senior's pet?

Its time to STFU - you may not have had dog fights on your property but you sure as hell haven't done much if anything to help dogs either.

Time to point the self righteous venom elsewhere, this is getting old!

923 days ago


The guy will always be a dog killer in my eyes, don't care what excuse he used-- he paid the price. BULLSH IT
the dogs paid the price. They were killed in a disgusting horrible manner.

923 days ago


Now i hope all the Vick haters go to the Trump post and say the same evil and negative things about Trumps son's for killing an elephant...

Vick broke the law, and did the time. Owed $$$ and has paid it back. Sounds like a good example of someone who is being accountable for their actions. What real men do.

923 days ago


I don't care who he makes it right with moneywise, he can NEVER "make it right" with the dogs he TORTURED & MURDERED.

923 days ago


He's been setting such a good example since "the incident."

A lot of athletes could learn from him -- especially financially.

923 days ago

jus saying    

stfu and go bash some more black atheletes. u ppl make me sick..dogs? really? he paid up and all and you puppy *****s still wont let it go. White boy trump killed animals..is that a problem?

922 days ago
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