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The Blood of The 'Luck' Horses

is On Your Hands

3/13/2012 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All three horses that died on the set of HBO's "Luck" were victims of "sloppy oversight" on the part of HBO and the show producers ... and they should all be ASHAMED ... this according to PETA.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are PISSED at HBO after a 3rd horse died during production Tuesday ... and a rep tells TMZ, "All the evidence we have gathered points to sloppy oversight, the use of unfit, injured horses, and disregard for the treatment of race horses."

What's worse ... PETA sent a letter to L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley on Monday -- one day before horse #3 died -- asking him to investigate the deadly situation on the set of "Luck" ... but no immediate action was taken.

HBO had released a statement following the death of horse #3 saying, "An American Humane Association Certified Safety Representative was on the premises when the accident occurred, and as always, all safety precautions were in place."

Not good enough for PETA ... which says, "We will want answers on HBO’s latest casualty. Filming must stop now."


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Do you guys realze that PETA kills more animals than they save! All they want is your money and for you to not even own an animal!

954 days ago


always hilarious when PETA gets involved, considering how many animals they KILL each year

954 days ago


Screw peta and the idiots that support them!

954 days ago


i can't believe someone took a picture of that horse lying in his coffin!

954 days ago


"Not actual horse." So stupid how our media is more worried about the consequences of showing a dead animal than a dead human.

954 days ago


Why do people bring in PETA ? PETA kills the vast majority of dogs and cats at it's animal shelter on the east coast, how about covering the real story ?

954 days ago


And PETA, the blood of tens of thousands of pets people trusted you with is on your hands. google "peta kills" and get the truth about this P.O.S org.

954 days ago


What do you expect from HBO...They're produce and show violence, depraved sex and vulgar language"

I see you watch it a lot then. You know, you could actually turn it off.

954 days ago


Seriously, the fact that PETA has the BALLS to comment on the death of animals is laughable. PETA runs a shelter in VA that maintains one of the highest kill rates in the country. PETA steps in to run raids with local shelters and REFUSES to follow vet advice leaving animals languishing for months before they are transferred to rescues, ill and dying. Those animals would have had a fighting chance had PETA actually listened to what the vets said. While they may denounce the organization doing the reporting, the fact that has published the deaths at the hand of the organization enlightens many. Tell me PETA, had they come into your "shelter" injured would the Butcher of Norfolk allowed them treatment? Hell no. Ingrid would have given the shot herself.

954 days ago


When that series started I knew that there would be a casualty with a horse so I refused to watch it, little did I know then that there would be three deaths. Shame

953 days ago


Oh peta, Is sooooo stupid. LOL!

953 days ago


Peta kills alot more animals than any other organization in the name of kindness to the animal. PETA must have its members disliking anyone who points that out to the masses. i don't watch the show...but PETA is getting to be as bad as GLAAD and the ACLU. They have members who would kill people to save an animal. So, i say to PETA...STFU. please.

953 days ago


PETA should go do something about that guy on Full Metal Jousting who punched the horse in the face for stepping on his foot! That dude was such a douche bag!

953 days ago


wow..I wasn't going to respond but i just needed to, the amount of ignorance posted in comments here is absurd. Am i a vegan? No. Do i enjoy eating many different types of animals from cows,pigs,ducks,chickens etc..? Yes. Very yummy.

Now that you understand that i will post about the ignorance in these comments.

FIRST Peta euthanizes the animals they have not adopted out because they need the room for other displaced or sick animals. THEY HUMANELY EUTHANIZE the animals. They believe in HUMANE euthanization of animals. In this case Dogs/Cats.

EDUCATE yourself before you start spewing ignorant BULLCRAP.

Now that being said, go out and buy yourself that purebread dog from the puppy mill.


953 days ago


not a fan of of peta - and never thought i would say this - but peta go get em!!

953 days ago
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