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Jermaine Jones ...

The Daddy Issue

3/13/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"American Idol" contestant Jermaine Jones is at the center of a big mess -- did his father really abandon him? JJ's dad says he's always been around, but folks at 'Idol' were told a different story. So, who's lying? Decide after you hear the facts straight from our reporters?

Plus, Shanna Moakler joins us -- are her and Travis Barker's kids cool with growing up vegan? No pizza??!! Also ... Rihanna's racy (and possibly racist) tweet -- we'll tell you if Chris Brown's new GF should really be worried.

(Oh, and BTW -- we hear ya ... tomorrow we'll leave our mics open during commercial breaks so you can hear all the fun.)

(1:30) Jermaine from "Idol" tried to drum up sympathy with a fake sob story ... and got busted.
(6:30) Everyone but Carly calls BS on "The Bachelor" double proposal ... which seemed more staged than a Britney concert.
(12:22) Miley steals her BF's thunder at the "Hunger Games" premiere.
(15:10) Cops investigate Russell Brand for allegedly snatching a phone ... it wouldn't be his first violent encounter with photogs.
(18:10) Courtney Love wages war with ... The Muppets?!?
(22:00) Kim K.'s blonde look -- the newsroom votes no.
(28:05) Shanna Moakler joins the show to talk about raising her kids vegan ... which some think is cruel and unusual punishment.
(33:20) Is "The Hunger Games" the new "Twilight"? "HG" star Kalie Prescott calls in to talk about seeing it for the first time.
(39:30) Faith Hill ... out with no makeup on.
(42:00) Rihanna's racist attack on Chris Brown's GF.


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Soy is not as good for children as it might be for menopausal women. It's proven that soy formula causes children to start puberty earlier (especially little girls start menstruating earlier). If soy formula causes that in children, can you imagine what soy cheese etc does? Soy ALSO suppresses the thyroid.. and the thyroid regulates many many things in our bodies I agree the stuff in McDs and all other fast food is not good for you but There's is something to be said for cooking the way our grandparents used to cook (from scratch) and NOT buying processed food

924 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

If that dead-air is being aired live on this new TMZ show. It definitely needs a new concept. Pretty lame.

924 days ago

who dat    

That didn't take long for Sirius to dump you, cause your show is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm out

924 days ago


Wow, your majorly echoing! Also I enjoyed the banter while "breaking" before, please put that back in. The silence makes me think your done.

924 days ago


Harvey... i like the old tmz live....where u used to get more into the topic...and actually let people call..and read tweets and messages....go back to the old ways...and we would also be able to hear you during the breaks...which would make it worth it to watch live instead of the podcast....

924 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

is tmz live doomed? They are only doing live on the radio. I'm no longer watching if so?

924 days ago


If this is going to be your new format that we on the internet have to wait for you I,M "out Of here!

924 days ago


why are you muting your breaks i loved it when i was able to hear behind the scene. and why are the breaks so long now.

924 days ago


Turn on the sound!

924 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the best thing to do is close the page and not watch it maybe they will bring back tmz live. I'm out! boring!

924 days ago


I have been watching the last 2 days and I have to admit that I don't like this new TMZ live show. You have taken away what made you so great. The off the wall comments and free flowing conversation. I see Harvey cutting people off during topics and it feels like every other tv show. Please go back to the way you were. Also one of my biggest complaints is the mic going off during commercial, WHAT IS THAT ABOUT!!!! You guys are great during that time. PLEASE GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE AND FIRE FOX!!!! Mike is such a Kardashian defender. Does he want to be part of the family? Bring

924 days ago


Who's forgetting to turn the mic's back on after the commercials?

924 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

TMZ has entered that area where the show execs think they have a wider audience than they really do. TMZ audience is really not as big as they think. This format will fail shortly.

924 days ago


Gotta agree about TMZ Live becoming something I no longer enjoy. If TMZ gets its mojo back somebody give me a call. Until then, peace out.

924 days ago


That's IT! I have had it with turning the sound on and off like you're trying to keep the viewers from hearing some breaking story. I am done with TMZ.

924 days ago
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