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Chris Rock


Over Tea Party Question

3/14/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_v26j4l22_0_vjma3q0xChris Rock
violently attacked a journalist's camera in January -- after the guy tried to trap Rock with a question about the comedian's controversial stance on the Tea Party -- and the intense footage has just surfaced.

In case you didn't know -- Rock went OFF on the TP last year in an Esquire interview, claiming, "When I see the Tea Party and all this stuff, it actually feels like racism’s almost over. Because this is the last -- this is the act up before the sleep. They’re going crazy. They’re insane."

So conservative writer Jason Mattera decided to question Rock about his opinion at the Sundance Film Festival in January -- blindsiding Rock with a TP question ... asking, "When you said the Tea Party was insane and racist ..."

But before he could finish his question, Rock tried to walk away. When he discovered his path was blocked by other people, Rock turned around and grabbed Mattera's camera and wrestled it to the ground.

A rep for Chris says the actor's attorney is looking into the video.


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Libs are the intolerant, they are the racist and were the beginning of the Klan. Proof, Al Gore's and Robert Byrd filibustered the Civil Right Act, the one that MLK was pushing to pass. Another proof on how dumb libs have gotten their followers. When Romney made his millions, it was considered income and was taxed, right? Now, he invests the same money that was previously taxed at a 30% rate and invests it, makes a profit and is taxed again at a 15%. Okay, who fell for the "he's only taxed 15%", Dumb A**'s! Romeny didn't print his money and it didn't grow from a tree, anything you earn is taxed.

932 days ago


The film looks edited to favor one side of the case. More L. Lohan #Fail stories please.

932 days ago

BB in CA    

omg the t bags have hit the fan

932 days ago


Rock is an ignorant fool! Keep biting the hand that feeds you, Racist piece of crap!************* BOYCOTT LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD********* T..axed E..nough A..lready!!! Go Jason expose everyone of the hypocrites.

932 days ago


Team Chris Rock on this one. And I agree with him.

932 days ago


Trapped?!?!?! He asked him an f'n question. Why to spin it you pack of godawful swine.

932 days ago


Chris is a comedian, not a politician. Leave him alone.

932 days ago

PRO US    

Chris Rock knows that rich, famous people in the Entertainment industry don't have to obey the law in California. They can steal, damage property and drive drunk and even murder and they will usually not be charged or found "not guilty" and even have their charges and arrests erased. Why do you think 98% of them live there? It's a drug and drink playground for them where the normal rules and laws don't apply to them. Very sick.

932 days ago


He should be arrested and charged with assault and willful destruction of property. He should lose his sponsors and contracts and DO SOME TIME IN JAIL. The outrageous and unsubstantiated claims he made were in a public interview. To ask him to defend these comments in public is totally legit. His outrageous reaction is not ok and he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

932 days ago

BB in CA    

It's one thing to give an interview at Esquire but people go to Sundance Film Festival to have fun. If a celeb is nice enough to allow you to take a pic with him/her, don't bring up politics to try to get your 15 minutes of fame. The celebs are sick of you d bags. You're luck he didn't go for your face rather than the camera.

932 days ago


Tea Partiers are insane and racist by definition. They have stolen a great American story, the Boston Tea Party, and defiled it. They suck.

932 days ago


The look of insanity on Chris's face is chilling; like he has had that look many, many times before . Maybe there is more going on with this funny man than any of us knew....?

932 days ago


Chris Rock shows his true colors.
The limp-wristed Liberals are very brave and bold when they're in their safe delusional Liberal worlds but become the coward sissies we all know they are when confronted.

932 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Again, no story about bill D$(Knose maher verbally abusing his girlfriend with racial slurs.

Guess TMZ is part of the libbagger media after all.

932 days ago


Listen to the tone of this piece... "trap rock" "blindsiding", and then poor Chris was "blocked". He tried so hard to be the bigger man! ...Not to mention TMZ and other paps do that and far worse to ask moronic questions to celebs hourly.

Little pot-kettle hypocritical action going on here. But then, when you agree with Chris' opinion clearly he can't be in the wrong, right?

931 days ago
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