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Jeremy Renner

My Puppy Tragically Died

3/14/2012 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Renners 8-month-old puppy Franklin dropped dead on a baseball field.Jeremy Renner suffered a devastating loss last weekend, after his 8-month-old puppy Franklin dropped dead on a baseball field.

Jeremy's friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters was dogsitting the French bulldog last Saturday in Orange County -- and decided to take it to his nephew's little league baseball game.

We're told the dog was running around the field having fun on a very hot day -- near 80 degrees.  Then, at around 2 PM, the pup began to vomit and convulse. Kris -- who had left to get a snack -- returned to find Jeremy's dog dead in a woman's arms.

We're told 3 people tried to give the dog mouth-to-mouth to revive the pooch -- to no avail.

French bulldogs notoriously suffer from heart problems, which could be exacerbated by heat.

We're told Jeremy and Franklin were EXTREMELY close and he's grief-stricken.  


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F.Y.I. ... 'near 80' is NOT very hot. js

920 days ago


@jasmine.. the dude was dog sitting, perhaps he should have researched the breed before agreeing to be a pal & watch the dog. God forbid a HUMAN eat when he is hungry and babysitting a dog. get over yourself dumb bi%ch

920 days ago

BJ Rocks    

That was a pretty hot day for the little guy... The french and english bulldogs should not be out in the sun for long periods of time and especially running full force.. As an owner of an old english I watch him carefully. They are sensitive to real hot and real cold situations.. He should have had water with him and sometimes you have to step in and stop them.. They will play play play until they drop dead as this one did.. They have a hard enough time breathing as it is with their short snouts.. People need to read up on the different breeds of dogs.. Before they go out and buy one.. He was a beautiful puppy.. very sad!

920 days ago


Poor little puppy. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a result of poor breeding practices. However, 80 degrees is not "very hot". I would be in heaven if the summer temperatures here held at 80 degrees. Another incident of TMZ staffers having a very narrow area of knowledge.

Renner should go to the pound and get himself a mixed breed that will live longer, healthier and save a stray from the death chamber.

920 days ago

STUPID people, who lets a "puppy" run around in 80 degree weather for more than 10 min.?? People like this do not deserve to own a dog or a any animal for that matter.!!

920 days ago


French Bull dogs do not do well in the heat and have trouble breathing if not hydrated well. Very sad.

920 days ago


FYI Kristoffer is Jeremy's boy-friend!

920 days ago


Do your homework before you get a dog!! Any dog (Bulldog, Pug, French Bulldog, etc..) with a pushed in snout has a difficult time cooling the air they breathe in and often over heat very easily & die. So sad.

920 days ago


Never bring a bulldog out for a full day in the sun without plenty of water and shade. What a shame.

920 days ago



920 days ago


Sorry about the dog.
Perhaps Xenu can save it! Jeremy is another gay Scientologist. In case you didn't know.

920 days ago


He probably needed water.

920 days ago


Obviously he wasn't paying attention to the dog and allowed it to become dangerously overheated.

920 days ago


Bulldogs aren't suppose to be in temps above 80's for any length of time. Poor baby died from the heat:(

920 days ago


French bulldogs, Boston terriers, and English bulldogs get overheated easily due to their snubby noses. They often don't know when to quit playing on a warm day. Their owners need to make that decision for them. So sad. I have a Boston who gets too warm when we go for a walk when it's 75 degrees outside.

920 days ago
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