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'American Idol' Contestant

History of Violence,

Deception, Bullying

3/14/2012 9:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soon-to-be-axed "American Idol" singer Jermaine Jones is a big, fat phony ... who repeatedly LIED to police ... has issues with violence ... and terrorized "Idol" staff ... according to police documents and information obtained by "A.I."

We broke the story ... Jones will be fired from the show tonight for lying to producers about his criminal history ... and now we've learned the troubling details from the multiple run-ins with the law Jones was trying to conceal.

One incident went down on March 5, 2011 ... when Jones was involved in a fight at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Jersey. We're told cops responded ... but Jermaine gave them a fake name -- Joel Jones.

Jermaine was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants.

The next incident went down November 27, 2011 ... when Jermaine was the passenger in a car that was pulled over in Gloucester Township, NJ. Jermaine was questioned by cops and ONCE AGAIN gave them a fake name -- Kareem Watkins.

Jermaine was charged for hindering apprehension and giving false information to avoid self-discovery. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants ... again.

We've learned ... Jermaine had a total of 4 outstanding warrants ... 3 for driving on a suspended license and 1 for disorderly conduct with an open container.

There's more ... "Idol" sources tell us Jermaine was "very aggressive" behind the scenes ... once terrorizing a member of the staff by screaming at her because he didn't like his wardrobe.

"Idol" sources also tell us ... Jermaine had been questioned about his past by the "A.I." risk management team before he was selected into the top 24 ... and he SWORE, among other things, that he hadn't been in a fight since high school.

Pants on fire ... and now his lies have cost him the best opportunity of his life.


No Avatar

should probaly read that before you make judgements. They asked NJ State Police if he had warrants. He had none..

953 days ago

good as gold    

Isn't it the main goal of A.I. to find a seasonal winner that sings well so A.I. can sign them to a record deal? Since when did they change the format to the performer with the cleanest criminal record wins?

953 days ago


What is American Idol???

953 days ago


OMG! Why kick a talented singer off. This is the "worst" season ever so you're left with a bunch of tone-deaf wannabes. And The Voice is no better. My shower singing sounds better than any of them. Anyway, the Gentle Giant should be allowed to sing. Doesn't anyone believe in rehabilitation? Steven Tyler has plenty of arrests and habitually used illegal drugs for decades. IDOL hypocrites pay him millions as they put on his stage make-up by the bucket and polish his nails oh so pretty. And his fear of giving out constructive criticism...MAN UP!

953 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

TMZ and Idol are looking real sh*tty right now. You Hollywood types are really something else. What a shame. I hope he sues.

You should know that FOX 29 also investigated these allegations and New Jersey State Police as well as Pine Hill police told us there are no outstanding warrants for him. It could of course involve other jurisdictions.

"Idol" sources are telling TMZ that Jermaine will appear on the show Wednesday night before he is sent packing.

Over the past few days, TMZ has been reporting that Jones made claims his father abandoned him. Jones began tweeting that he never told producers about his dad abandoning him.

TMZ says producers believe Jones had made those statements and became generally suspicious about him. TMZ says that's why producers began looking more closely at Jones' background, and that's what led to the revelation of his criminal history.

What we do know for sure is that Jones' Twitter account is gone, and his last tweet said, "I will no longer be on the show."

953 days ago


This guy is a straight up THUG. Eff him and let him wear his paper hat and ask me if I want fries with my meal.

953 days ago

Christopher Hitchens    

OK, if you actually have a chance to make it on to Idol I think you'll pretty much deny any past wrong doings to get on to the show. And it's not like Idol is a court of law or something. So in other words lying to get on to Idol is not illegal. But if you get caught you'll get the boot.

As for the fight and lying to cops, those things don't necessarily make you a bad person, but just about all of the good people I know have never had those things happen. That said, if you live in a low income area, chances are that you have been in a fight or two and had dealings with the police. That's life just life in the hood, you know?

953 days ago


Karma ....You get back what you put out! Sleeze Ball.
He reminds me of a man who has just come out of the closet but is still very much in it!.

953 days ago


Amazed to see how many people are playing the race card on this jerk. The remarks here are pretty spot on. This guy is a criminal and should be locked up.

953 days ago


The White People here are not being racists. They are calling it how they see it and its pretty obvious that this guy is no good. If blacks can't deal with the truth then they are in serious denial as usual.

953 days ago


Good riddance. The World does not need another animal with $$$ like him. Back to the ghetto!

953 days ago


All I can say is that you can not fix trash. even if he had won and ended up earning millions, he would still commit crimes and never be a honest human being.

953 days ago


All this means is that he will get signed to a record deal more quickly than the other contestants.

953 days ago


Based on some of their past issues, I thought the did background checks? This would have been flagged immediately. If risk management just asks, of course most people would lie. They're putting the safety of the other contestants, the crew and the judges at risk by not background checking. Besides, since he was originally booted then brought back as a new angle for the show, someone else deserving of a chance doesn't get one because he selfishly took it away.

953 days ago


There was always something uneasy and untrustworthy about him...Seemed like a loose cannon.

953 days ago
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