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'American Idol' Contestant

History of Violence,

Deception, Bullying

3/14/2012 9:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soon-to-be-axed "American Idol" singer Jermaine Jones is a big, fat phony ... who repeatedly LIED to police ... has issues with violence ... and terrorized "Idol" staff ... according to police documents and information obtained by "A.I."

We broke the story ... Jones will be fired from the show tonight for lying to producers about his criminal history ... and now we've learned the troubling details from the multiple run-ins with the law Jones was trying to conceal.

One incident went down on March 5, 2011 ... when Jones was involved in a fight at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Jersey. We're told cops responded ... but Jermaine gave them a fake name -- Joel Jones.

Jermaine was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants.

The next incident went down November 27, 2011 ... when Jermaine was the passenger in a car that was pulled over in Gloucester Township, NJ. Jermaine was questioned by cops and ONCE AGAIN gave them a fake name -- Kareem Watkins.

Jermaine was charged for hindering apprehension and giving false information to avoid self-discovery. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants ... again.

We've learned ... Jermaine had a total of 4 outstanding warrants ... 3 for driving on a suspended license and 1 for disorderly conduct with an open container.

There's more ... "Idol" sources tell us Jermaine was "very aggressive" behind the scenes ... once terrorizing a member of the staff by screaming at her because he didn't like his wardrobe.

"Idol" sources also tell us ... Jermaine had been questioned about his past by the "A.I." risk management team before he was selected into the top 24 ... and he SWORE, among other things, that he hadn't been in a fight since high school.

Pants on fire ... and now his lies have cost him the best opportunity of his life.


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I could tell that there was a problem with his personality and character. To me he was not that great of a singer.You can tell that he has issues. Whenever Randy or any of the judges would give him constructive comments, he would not anything and just look. Ryan would have to help him make a comments. He looked as if he was an aggressive being about him. Just so glad that I did not vote him.

930 days ago


interesting how the photo up there captured one of the looks that I thought made him look like he had anger issues. That and I saw him give the cowboy a look like he wanted to kill him when for throwing his arm around him and pulling his neck a bit. I mean, yeah, cowboy is super irritating, but that look on Jermain's face shouldn't have appeared. You know, the one that looked like he wanted to dismember him and store him in the basement freezer sort of look. Then we hear he screamed at idol staffers for suggesting changes to his wardrobe. Then we hear he was arrested, had 4 warrants, lied to police, lied to idol staff. In fact he lied when he fabricated his boohoo story about his father to get pity votes. My Mom bought that dumb story until I pointed it out to her he made it all up for votes. I mean, when idol staff and your own father turns around and says, "Hey, he lied", you know somethings up. But yeah, "Gentle Giant" is bee S. His photo makes him look like he capable of bad things in a dark alley. And look at the other contestants. You won't find expressions like Jermaine makes. Seeing this early on, I GUESSED and was RIGHT, that there was something up with this guy.

930 days ago


official mugshot!

930 days ago

Jenna Banfield    

I thought he was nice...

930 days ago


Dude you knew you had warrants and you lied. Don't make this guy a victim. Please!!!

930 days ago

amber spiering    

so... if this **** makes him such a horrible criminal... than i want to know what the hell am i?? **** i have done alot worse then have an open container in my car... like wtf... a accepted criminal would be someone who killed and or raped someone... i dont want to hear... they only wanted to make him look like a complete idiot for lying... sorry but them dumb ass producers caint say that they have never lied... next time i go to watch this show im going to remeber that because i have a drug addiction and a criminal record that i cannot accomplish my dreams... thats idol... for literally discriminating against ppl with a troubled past... thank you... totally miss simon...

930 days ago


And if he had told the truth, he still would have not been allowed to continue. So what the hell does it matter if he lied.

930 days ago


Maybe you should try speaking with his publicist and scheduling a TELL ALL interview before making accusations;just an idea. In fact I know him ;-) I'M SURE the truth will BLOW YOU AWAY...AND there is proof!

929 days ago


People makes mistakes... Sometimes multiple times... Not saying he should get off and not pay for what he's done, but This guy is talented... Give him a shot at what he does best... Singing....

929 days ago


if you know anything about what cops are like to brown people, you'd give a fake name too. ever heard of oscar grant, sean bell, adolph grimes? this country has a long dark history of beating, locking up, criminalizing black men - especially large black men...especially ones who talk too loud, gesture to wildly, or who are in danger of becoming someone's idol...

927 days ago

Happy Herbie    

Racist this young man was just trying to get his life together, Dam wheres Al or Jessie.

925 days ago


He is better than Britney Spear, who X factor wants to hire for 10m, she was violent and drug addict too.

923 days ago


I think whoever assumes things based on past mistakes are really insecure with there own lives so they want to find fault in others and those small minded people shouldn't watch the shows if they don't want to hear that they are just people and people do make mistakes after all that's why we have remotes turn the channel. I mean how would we like it if the camera was turned on us to show our individual screw ups boy what would the world be if we admitted we weren't perfect.

847 days ago
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