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Lindsay Lohan

Strikes Person While Driving

Flees Scene

3/14/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:15 AM:
Lindsay took to her Twitter this morning to combat the allegations -- calling the hit-and-run accusation "a complete lie."

6:06 AM: The plot thickens ... Sources tell us, the manager who Lindsay struck has gone to the emergency room and we're told he is going to press charges and hire an attorney. Cops told us they will open a hit-and-run investigation if the manager files a report. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the 26-year-old manager was standing by his car when Lindsay was attempting a 3-point turn and she grazed his knee and his car. We're told the manager didn't know who Lindsay was at first and he told the paparazzi on scene and police that he didn't need medical attention. Cops say he was told the driver was Lindsay but he said he wasn't from this country and didn't know who she was. We're told a short time later he began complaining he was injured.

TMZ spoke to an eyewitness who also says the manager was fine and actually "got up and started smoking his hookah."

3:15 AM:  Cops tell TMZ ... they have investigated and determined no one was injured so as far as they are concerned it's case closed. They added it could be reopened if the person struck contacts them later and claims injury.

Lindsay Lohan
struck someone while driving away from a club, and then fled the scene ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay was in her new Porsche when she left the Sayers Club in Hollywood at just after midnight Wednesday. 

We're told she was driving out of the parking lot when she was blocked by paparazzi and bystanders around the nearby Hookah Lounge. 

Lindsay made contact with the manager of the Hookah Lounge with her car and then peeled out.

Cops were called, came to the scene, interviewed people inside the Hookah Lounge -- including the manager who was lightly struck -- and then left.

We're told Lindsay may have been the one who called police to protect herself from paparazzi, and that's why cops came.

Sources at the scene say the manager may not have suffered any injury. If that's the case, Lindsay probably did not violate any law, but if he was injured that could constitute the crime of hit-and-run.  What's more, it could be grounds to violate her probation in the shoplifting case.


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u iz a cutiepie    

She is a junkie and an addict, you people actually think she is clean now???? Lindsay Lohan The Loser, strikes again !

919 days ago


What an idiot... please go to jail and stay there.

919 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Hitting somebody and fleeing the scene is crime, you know that, TMZ.

919 days ago



Lindsay Lohan is no Roads Scholar, because she continues to make bad decisions when it comes to cars.

We got this pic of her brand new Porsche -- the entire right side riddled with scratches and dents from an accident.

The good news -- Lindsay wasn't driving. The bad news -- She let the 22-year-old son of a friend drive the whip, which he scraped against a wall while trying to back out of a driveway.

We're told Lindsay is not upset because the kid has insurance and his mom said she'd pay anything insurance didn't cover.

As for the kid -- we're told he "profusely apologized" and Lindsay said she understood.

Lindsay Lohan -- making the case for public transportation in L.A.

Now the cops tell the TRUTH...

919 days ago


This girl will never stay out of trouble. The fact that she was at or near a club after midnight anyway shows complete lack of care about her image, health and terms of her probation. If she was really trying she would be staying at home being the homebody she "claimed" to be!

919 days ago


When I first saw the pictures of her car on Daily Mail yesterday, I said it was a hit n run. Also the pictures of Lindsay you can tell she was scared and than pics of her and Ali laughing about it. This is going to bite her in her lying "Homebody" asz!

919 days ago

Good riddance!    

AWESOME! This crusty orange idjit always finds a way to step in it! Baby carriages, pedestrians, passengers, whatever; nothing is safe when this azz lipped hyena is coming out of another club after a good night of drankin' n' snortin'! It's only a matter of time.

Move that Hookah manager, I'm Lindsay F**king Lowhan!

919 days ago


Of course she didn't stop, there were no cue cards to tell her what to do. Her greatest accomplishment in the last 5 years? Physically aging 20 years! Her 'comeback' on SNL? She didn't care enough to do even a half-azzed job as host. Time to turn out the lights on this one. This girl and her family are a creepy freak show and are the epitome of dysfunction.

919 days ago


I dont know about anyone on here but, I would not consider that scratches on my car. Im sure the Dealership where Lindsay leases this car is not going to consider them scratches either.

919 days ago


"The LAPD is out to get me" because it wasnt my fault......MOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!

919 days ago


I am really angry, another guy in my office has her in the death pool.

919 days ago


UPDATE: Cops tell TMZ ... they have investigated and determined no one was injured so as far as they are concerned it's case closed. They added it could be reopened if the person struck contacts them later and claims injury

C'mon Club manager, feel some pain. Press charges on her so we can be rid of her

919 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

She is still going to be on probation for STEALING, for the next year. STEALING.

919 days ago


Wonder how her lawyer is going to spin this one since Lindsay is a homebody now that doesn't go to clubs.
Lindsay Lohan was abducted this evening while quietly sitting at home being a homebody. They put her in her Porsche and drove her to the club where they threw her inside and wouldn't let her leave. While trying to sneak away she was surrounded by her abductors and their friends who wouldn't get out of her way. They were throwing themselves on her car left and right. All she wanted to do is get back to being a homebody but they just wouldn't let her.

919 days ago


Sorry, but what do the paparazzi and/or other people expect to happen when they continuously surround celebrities' cars so they can't leave when they are just trying to live their lives? If I was so surrounded that I had to call the cops to get out of a parking lot, I would probably get pissed and hit someone too. JS

919 days ago
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