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Whitney Houston's Daughter


with 'Adopted' Brother

3/14/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's daughter engaged in some hardcore PDA  -- including a kiss -- with her secret BF yesterday ... a guy who happens to be her pseudo-adopted brother ... and TMZ has the video.

19-year-old Bobbi Kristina was seen in a full-on lip-lock with 22-year-old Nick Gordon during a lunch run in Atlanta Tuesday ... confirming suspicions the two are romantically involved.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick GordonAs we previously reported, Nick and Bobbi go way back ... when Whitney unofficially "adopted" Nick into the family roughly 10 years ago after learning Nick was having problems at home. He's been living with the Houstons ever since.

Again, Bobbi and Nick share no blood relation ... but we still gotta ask ...


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Be funny when they are f***ing Whitney sprit or ghost speak to her and knock something on, turn lights on and off repeatly.

898 days ago


Why would Whitney invite a young man (12) into her home with a young girl there (9) (her daughter) bad move Whitney. Bad move Cissy! Don't cry guess, this has been going on for quite some time.

898 days ago

Tony the Giant    

it ain't about money. That's the way these brotha's are. They wanna screw his sisters, his cousins. He wants to screw every young female member of his girlfriends family. They are disrespectful. And if his girlfriend has a young nice looking mother, he's trying to go up in her. Then he's gonna write these tirades on the internet. Talking about he don't owe nobody nothing. And calling everybody haters. *****, the only ones who call people haters are ghetto. Don't no thouroughbred call nobody haters. They just go with the flow. you know what I'm saying? let me find out you a ghetto *****, who ain't got nothing. Like Bobby Browns broke a--!! and calling somebody a hater.

898 days ago


Marriage between adopting siblings is illegal in some countries (like Canada) for a reason, regardless of no blood relation. High risk of emotional exploitation and abuse since they formed a bond prior to being at a sexually mature age. Sibling relationships and romantic relationships should be kept separate.

898 days ago


Thank God she has a BodyGuard! Pretty cute too! I'm glad someone is there for her. Bobbi is all grown up and so is he. They have a lot of history to start out in a good relationship. Friends are the best start of a good relationship. Let's pray God gives both of them wisdom!

898 days ago


If he came into her family 10yrs ago, Bobbi would have been 9 - maybe she didn't ever look to him as a brother but in turn developed a crush. Maybe they've been together for a really long time.
I just hope she's not doing something her mother would be so against...that would be sad.

898 days ago

michaela walker     

I this is crazy because whitney houstens daughter likes her own adopted brother and the reason she is doing this is because she knows her mom isnt here to stop her and she is own something just like her mamaa!!!!!!@##$%%omg!!!loloololo

898 days ago

Linda NJ    

No biggy their not related.

898 days ago


Who cares he is not her BRUDDER..For all we know they have been together all along..It is really no ones bussiness but theirs and i think that she has enough to deal with then to worry about what people say that don't matter..Live your life BKB and don't focus on the negative because it will only hurt you and you've been hurt enough. P.S REALLY LOVED YOUR MOM MAY SHE RIP IN HEAVEN WHERE ALL ANGELS GO-TC

898 days ago


oh , I bet they are not even DATING, there seems to me as if these two are JUST pretending , watch the part where they take hands , it does not seem guanine at all , more like '' let's pretend to kiss now''. Paps take a break and let them leave!

898 days ago


Whats the big deal they are not related in any way why cant people just let it be its all this speculation that leads one to a spiral of confusions.At least for once i hp kristy gets aperson who will luv her and take care and pray that God will be with her to make the right decisions,becoz its what she wants that matters not what we think or dont think.

898 days ago


He's a leach! Who paid for that pizza, because I bet it wasn't him. And how does he afford cell phone service?

Bobbi-K is probably an easy mark right now, and if she doesn't get help soon, many MANY guys, young and old, will be lining up to use her for sex and money.

Don't be surprised if even a few professional pimps come out of the woodwork and try to turn her out. Good thing Bishop Don-Magic-Wan is semi-retired, because Bobbi-K is a train-wreck in the making.

Can somebody...Jay-Z and Beyonce, Oprah, Jennifer Hudson, Russell Simmons, Diddy, Mary-J...ANYBODY with good business sense and no incentive to take advantage of her PLEASE take her under their wing?

898 days ago


Hi everyone, lets be happy for them, they are not blood family in anyway, at least the guy knows exactly what makes Bobby Christina Happy, I am extremly happy for them, I pray and home that He takes good care of her and treats her well>

898 days ago


The funny thing about all this is the fact everybody thinks they the hell ya'll know Whitney didn't know what was going on?Maybe Whitney helped her keep it a secret for this same reason. Nobody knows if she had already given her blessing.

898 days ago


This happens a lot with tightly controlled celebrity families.

898 days ago
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