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Whitney Houston's Daughter


with 'Adopted' Brother

3/14/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's daughter engaged in some hardcore PDA  -- including a kiss -- with her secret BF yesterday ... a guy who happens to be her pseudo-adopted brother ... and TMZ has the video.

19-year-old Bobbi Kristina was seen in a full-on lip-lock with 22-year-old Nick Gordon during a lunch run in Atlanta Tuesday ... confirming suspicions the two are romantically involved.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick GordonAs we previously reported, Nick and Bobbi go way back ... when Whitney unofficially "adopted" Nick into the family roughly 10 years ago after learning Nick was having problems at home. He's been living with the Houstons ever since.

Again, Bobbi and Nick share no blood relation ... but we still gotta ask ...


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Katherine Mason    

OMG....You all have got to be kiddin what is there to expalin to their kids if they have any. Did you all read the lines he was un...officially adopted so that means he was not offically adopted...hinz meaning in stupid people terms she allowed him to move in because he had nowhere to go....duahhhhhh!!! Am I missing something here...There's no blood relation or legal relation here.

948 days ago


This poor child. She don't have a snowball's chance in hell. With her mother gone, and it's obvious she won't listen to her grandmother and all of the money she is to inherit she will be a mess like the other hollywood kids

948 days ago

robert xtravaganza    

how can some one sleep with a brother it so wrong if you are brought up as brother and sister why mess around so wrong now i have a sister my mom took in her best friend daughter as hers and she hot but she is my sister that how i see her and love her till this day people know us as that we dont say to people that my mom took her in we say we are brother and sister so bk and nick dont see that

947 days ago


I think they have been dating all along. Whitney just put it out there saying she adopted this this boy to keep confusion down because she was allowing a boy to stay in her home with her daughter knowing that Cissy was NOT going to approve of this!!!

947 days ago

Tony the Giant    

You know what, at first, I was beginning to think that Kristina was confused. But now I am beginning to see that this girl is gonna what she pleases, no matter what. Cause that's her prerogative. Just like her father. Even her mother said so. Then Whitney pops-up dead. Well check this out, you little Miss Bad Seed. I believe in Philosophy. And what goes around comes around.

946 days ago

Tony the Giant    

And for the ones who feel like they are right for doing as they please, eventhough they are not related. I hope the next time, one of your brothers or sisters lover breaks-up, I hope he starts going with one of your family members, right in your face. They're not related either. Sitting right at the same dinner table with you. You dirty sex loving freaks. I hope this happens to you for real.

946 days ago

Tony the Giant    

The main reason why Kristina likes Nick Gordon so much, is because he's her male lesbian. (involving men and women)

946 days ago


They weren't kissing *kiss teeth*

944 days ago


I would be more leary of his true intentions and feelings towards Bobbi. This may have stemmed from sharing their grief, as they can only understand each other's grief.

930 days ago


whitney was nice enough to take the boy in when he had family issues, sure he was like a son to her, but since there is no relation/adoption it's not a big deal

Read more:

796 days ago


Whitney never legally adopted him. she took him in so their not blood related or legally related. let them be nothing is wrong with it.

753 days ago
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